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From temporary homelessness to building the best West African & Caribbean fast food business in America… Meet Kwame Sarfo

Kwame Sarfo, a Ghanaian-born American in New Jersey, made the headlines for his philanthropy, kick-ass workout routines, and the inspiring story of paying back his $60,000 college debt by age 23. Sarfo, whose parents own ‘Original Kaneshie Market’, the biggest West African and Caribbean retailer in Central Jersey, shared on The Steve Harvey show, how […]



Kwame Sarfo, a Ghanaian-born American in New Jersey, made the headlines for his philanthropy, kick-ass workout routines, and the inspiring story of paying back his $60,000 college debt by age 23.

From temporary homelessness to building the best West African & Caribbean fast food business in America… Meet Kwame Sarfo
From temporary homelessness to building the best West African & Caribbean fast food business in America… Meet Kwame Sarfo

Sarfo, whose parents own ‘Original Kaneshie Market’, the biggest West African and Caribbean retailer in Central Jersey, shared on The Steve Harvey show, how he resorted to sleeping in his car because he had no place to call a home, after all his monies had been used to pay debtors.

Sarfo said on the show: “My parents bought a small business when I was 12, since then, I’ve been working all throughout college. When I was 23, a week after I graduated with my masters, I wrote a check of 60,000 dollars, paid off all my loans”.

“After I graduated with the first masters and paid off the loan completely, I went through a little rough spot. For some weeks I was living in and out of my car, hotels sometimes. It was a tough time but that’s when I realized that God puts us in situations that he knows we can overcome”.

I caught up with Sarfo at the New Jersey Innovation Institute for him to shed light on the homelessness situation he had mentioned on the Steve Harvey Show.  “It was a temporary situation, “ he explained. 

Even when my story went on the Steve Harvey Show, they projected it in manner so it would resonate with a lot more people. It was a temporary homelessness because I was too prideful. 

“Around 23, after I had paid off my debt, I went to Philadelphia to try and either get a fulltime job or pursue something better. It didn’t work out so I had to settle for an internship. And during that time, that was when I started to take my modeling seriously. The agency that I was talking to said they liked that I had the skills and look but I had to invest more money into building my brand.

“So in a sense, I took all the money in my bank account to push it towards a modeling career because I really felt that I would be fruitful in that field. Unfortunately the company went under and it didn’t work out.; and my money was basically gone! And my pride really wouldn’t let me go back home, I couldn’t ask for help.” 

Sarfo has strong business acumen and with his dedication and hard working nature, he is surely destined for greatness. One of the great ideas he has, is his vision to build on his family business legacy that was established in 2005, with the goal of being a premier business that services the needs of West African and Caribbean customers in New Jersey and outer-lying states.

​He shared the idea for his new business, Kaneshie Foods:

“ I am starting my next business called Kaneshie Food; separate from his family business. It will still cater to the West African and Caribbean market, but in the area cooked foods or fast food business. I have noticed that is something that is buzzing in America; people in my generation don’t cook as much. We want everything fast. I have noticed, that is a market that has not been touched for the West African and Caribbean community.

“I want to do a Kaneshie chain the same way that Patel Brothers have managed to do with the Indian or Asian market. So if there is anyone out there who wants to partner up with the funds or Knowledge, let’s link up.”

Watch the full inspiring interview with Kwame Sarfo below


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Life in a boarding school



There are times in our lives when we crave independence, perhaps not totally but just to be able to feel a bit responsible for ourselves or maybe our parents want us to be responsible. For some adolescents and adults, it takes being quite rebellious and leaving their homes to gain this freedom that they so strongly desire but for others it is the wish that they would after a long period of time commuting from home to school every day for years, have the chance to be in the boarding house. It doesn’t matter even if the school is built with the best of Brock White materials, living in a boarding school can be a little stressful and it is not quite like home.

The boarding house, in the minds of students living outside of it may be a place of total freedom where one gets to take absolute control over their lives with the periodic guidance of teachers. The irony is that those living within the walls wished they had the freedom those living outside of the walls had. Nevertheless, living in the boarding house could be the definitive stage in the life of adolescents and sometimes adults. It could become a life shaping, self-discovering, and highly possible, a stage where one could develop bad habits.

Living in the boarding house can be overwhelming given the fact that students come from different backgrounds, but it could be less of a problem because one cannot live a life, they find congenial to their believes as there are codes of conducts making sure no one steps on the other’s toes. Life in the boarding house is almost the same as living in our own homes, just that in the former, we may be living with a huge number of people and one needs self- monitoring and managerial skills in carrying out daily activities. Though it is a place where students lose themselves to various bad habits, it comes with a lot of benefits. This article seeks to talk about two of them in the next paragraphs.


Life in a boarding house provides students with the opportunity to develop their character usually according to the values emphasized by the school community within which they live. Traits such as honesty, respect, hardworking, and integrity usually are the most emphasized. Subsequently, this provides students with the requisite skills in interacting with their colleagues both in classrooms and in the dormitories. Unlike in the homes, life in the boarding house latently shapes you to even ask your colleague in the dormitory to pick up his or her dirty socks from the floor without one sounding rude or impolite. Grooming is high amongst students, and in some boarding facilities you are required to carry along a professional stainless steel nail file for use in keeping fingernails clean at all times.

Routines such as making sure academic assignments are done, waking up every day early in the morning to perform assigned duties within the premises of the various halls and getting oneself prepared for the day are a way of becoming responsible individuals in life. The fact that there are no distractors such as TV, radio and phones makes it easy for students in the boarding house to concentrate on their development though the schools have ICT laboratories where students may have the chance to do some research.

Moreover, taking up leadership positions in school is one sure way students turn to shape their lives for the future. It is noted that the day students hardly take up positions because they may be living far from the school premises, hence preventing their effectiveness. Many leadership roles in boarding schools are taken up by boarders because at least they are spared the hardship of having to commute from home to school every day, sometimes at the mercy of huge traffics. In this space provided, students have much time to work on their communication skills, temperament, and critical thinking skills.


The boarding house is a space of multicultural living. Boarders live and attend classes with colleagues with different cultural background and with the space provided within a span of usually six or three years according to the kind of boarding school, students get to appreciate and respect the differences in one another. This is where some learn the basics of another language due to the friendships they may form. Typically, in the Ghanaian setting of boarding house where there are many different ethnic groups hence many different languages, there is only a lot the students in the boarding house can learn from one another, not to mention the availability of international students who as well come with different cultural backgrounds. You can click here to find out how to learn other languages in under a month.

Furthermore, the boarding house provides students with the chance of becoming bilinguals with a fusion of international languages such as French, English, Spanish and others which could become the second language of some boarders. In the space of a multicultural living, boarding house offer the boarders the opportunity to form long lasting friendships regardless of color or ethnic groups.

Generally, life in the boarding house is a life changing stage. Many parents have spoken well of it in terms of how their children return home during vacations and display responsible attitudes. It can be argued that, for one’s children to develop a sense of responsibility and to be prepared for the future, life in the boarding house would be one of the fastest ways in achieving such aim.

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These Bra & Panty Sets That Will Make You Feel Sexier Than Ever



‘This the season for bra and panty sets. You are stocked up with chocolates, teddy bears, and wine for your “bae” on any of your favorite occasions; but, lingerie may still be on your list of to-dos. Not to worry: whether your lingerie style is lacy and romantic, classic and gender-neutral, or minimal and sweet, there is something that’ll catch your eye on this list of lingerie pieces. 


The concept of lingerie is constantly evolving. Now, fashion neurotics incorporate sheer and lacy underpinnings into their everyday wear. It’s no longer just under your clothes. And gone are the days when lingerie used to be gendered. Everything from bras to garter belts to harnesses is loved and worn by everyone despite gender identity.


Lingerie is a wardrobe staple all year round, but retailers tend to offer their best selection at some times of the year (like Valentine’s Day). Brands like Playful Promises, Savage X Fenty, Clovia, and Tomboy X boast a vast offering of stylish and comprehensive styles, from camo print boxer briefs to white panty sets adorned with red bows.


If one wants to add to their lingerie collection, take a peek at some of the best lingerie for every type of panty lover.

Lace it up with Clovia

Your search for a sexy pair of bra and bikini ends here. This set has a non-padded and underwired bra which provides a perfect look. This set is made with a premium lace fabric. This bra feels soft in touch, and the coated tips give a comfortable lift. The demi cups make it an excellent option to wear under a low-neckline dress. The medium coverage bikini is made up of soft lace with elaborated designs. And the criss-cross straps on the sides give it a contemporary look. Get your hands on the stylish bra & panty set from Clovia.



For the understated and sweet lingerie lovers, Anthropologie’s got the goods. You can find a basic bra and panty sets with whimsical, romantic silhouettes. And if you like this panty set, it comes in six colorways.


TomboyX prides itself on making gender-neutral and size-inclusive intimates with styles ranging from boxer briefs to bralettes. Their size range prolongs to a 4X, making it one of the most inclusive brands in the lingerie space. 

Read also: Upclose with Lunga Shabalala, new SA rep of Calvin Klein underwear

Savage X Fenty

Aunty RiRi plays no games when it comes to delivering sexy, bold lingerie pieces. If one is in the market for something eye-catching this year, Savage X is their go-to.


Aerie’s line of panties blends comfort and style seamlessly. The brand offers lingerie that includes lacy and padded bralettes, seamless panties, and polka dot lace boy shorts. Plus, bra and panty sizes go up to an XXL.



With AdoreMe, one can find unlined bras, deep-V teddies, and corsets. This brand offers a plethora of bras with just the right amount of under-boob exposure. And if one wants to go ham on lingerie shopping, they can use their shopping service to choose their favorite pieces.

Le Petit Trou

Suppose you want to splurge this Valentine’s Day (and Galentine’s Day), fall in love with this luxe set from Le Petit Trou. Not only is it made of the softest sheer stretch-tulle, but it’s embroidered with tiny, delicate hearts.

Addition Elle

Besides, Elle is an exclusive plus-size brand offering runway-inspired lingerie to its stylish customers. This dreamy mesh set features elaborate lace in a comfortable boy shorts design.

Cacique Intimates

Lane Bryant’s lingerie brand Cacique is one of the people’s favorites for fashion-forward, plus-size lingerie options. One can take their pick from sheer onesies, briefs with backside cutouts, and lacy playsuits that can be worn in the bedroom and beyond.


ASOS is our one-stop-shop for lingerie that’s trendy and budget-conscious. You can surely opt for this brand for bolder, edgier options, like a lace-trimmed star-printed bralette.



It’s where one can find their prom dress, and it’s also where they can still find a great set of lace. You can try Macy’s for silk robes and negligees, lace bodysuits, and even bridal-specific lingerie if you’re celebrating weddings this year.

Calvin Klein

For that casual day lounging at home with your significant other, Calvin Klein is the perfect pick. The iconic logo-heavy briefs and bras are sexy without trying too hard. And bonus: One can also wear the bra with a pair of high-rise shorts once summer rolls around.


So, here were some of the bra & panty sets that will surely make you feel sexier than ever. You ought to buy these. So, hurry and get your hands on these!


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Philipa Baafi Drops Another Mighty Song “Privilege”



Ace Ghanaian gospel musician, Philipa Baafi, has released yet another hit single, dubbed, ‘Privilege’, which has already started enjoying airplay on radio stations nationwide.

The song with easy lyrics begins with a powerful instrumentation followed by a strong vocal delivery.

Moment after the instrumental and deep vocals come the main lyrics which seek to preach gratefulness to the ‘Giver of Life’.
The song reminds everyone that waking up every morning is not by our own might and strength, but by the sheer benevolence of the Almighty God who is the giver of Life.

The single seeks to reiterate the fact that each year begins with millions of people having dreams, visions and activities they want to accomplish but sadly the year ends with most of them (siblings, neighbours, friends, loved ones) who are not counted among the living. Philipa therefore concludes that it is a privilege to be counted among the living.

Philipa, who is also a Physician Assistant (PA), posits that this song was inspired by an emotional experience she witnessed during her clinicals as part of her program. She tells a story of how a neonate (less than a month-old baby) was presented with a respiratory distress. As a result, the baby was gasping for breath, foaming, poo pooing and wee weeing on herself. It was only after oxygen was administered that she was stabilized.

“The look on the mothers’ face when her baby was stabilized and could finally sleep was so refreshing and humbling. After this experience, I came to the realisation that the oxygen we take for granted is not our RIGHT but just a PRIVILEGE”. Philipa concludes.

The ace is known for her style of blending the pidgin with Twi but this time, it was the British English which took portions of the song making it unique.

Privilege is one of the gospel songs that would encourage every soul to praise his or her maker.

Philipa Baafi is married to Kwame with whom she has two kids, Adom and Sika. The family worships at Pentecost International Worship Centre (PIWC) West Hills, Accra.



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Erykah Badu, Nas, The Roots, Miguel, Jhene Aiko, and More Headlining Smokin Grooves Festival In Los Angeles On March 19, 2022



Today Smokin Grooves Festival announced the fest will take place at LA State Historic Park next year, on Saturday, March 19, 2022.  The festival will embody a timeless Neo-Soul experience with a modern twist, with appearances by Erykah Badu, Nas, The Roots, Miguel, Jhené Aiko and many others, including twist acts like Flying Lotus and Thundercat, as well as contemporaries like Angie Stone and Leela James.


The full festival lineup includes Erykah Badu, Nas, The Roots, Miguel, Jhené Aiko, The internet, Flying Lotus, Kamasi Washington, Thundercat, Smino, Hiatus Kaiyote, Sir, Little Dragon, Toro y Moi, Musiq Soulchild, India.Arie, Macy Gray, Angie Stone, Leela James, Talib Kweli, Roy Ayers, Dead Prez, Slum Village, Dwele Joe Kay, Ravyn Lenae, Phony Ppl, Bilal, Goapele, Fousheé, Free Nationals, Yussef Dayes, Charlotte Day Wilson, Domi & JD Beck, Unusual Demont, Daydream Masi, Blu & Exile and Jelani Aryeh.

There will be a special presale beginning Friday, Dec. 3 at 10 a.m. PT for guests who sign up for early access to passes online at Following the presale, any remaining tickets still available will go on sale to the general public beginning Friday, Dec. 3 at 2 p.m. PT at GA tickets start at $184.99 and VIP tickets (only available for guests 21 years of age and older) start at $399.99.


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Silver Fox officially opens in Ghana, with a subsidiary, Tunnel Lounge Restaurant



Known as the biggest and most successful Nite Club and Nightlife hub in Africa, Silver Fox opens in Ghana this Friday, December 3, 2021.
Silver Fox Nigeria has for the past years proved itself as a platinum destination for Club life and Nightlife. Having pulled so much success in the giant West African country, the Owner — Big Slim — further moved into Ghana to open another branch which officially opens this weekend with a mega launch.
Few days ago, on Friday, November 26th, Tunnel Lounge, an extravagant restaurant in the heart of Accra officially began its operations. Tunnel Lounge Ghana is tipped to redefine cuisine and beverage service in Ghana. Both Silver Fox Ghana and Tunnel Lounge Ghana are located within the same premises, located at Kofi Atta Annan Street 53, close to Nyaho Clinic at Airport Residential Area.
About Tunnel Lounge:
The restaurant is split into two (2) mains — the outdoor space for regular eatery with the second part, a VIP area known as ‘Tunnel Lounge Plus’ is a lead Tunnel way with a cozy ambience that leads you in.
A walkthrough into Tunnel Lounge Plus is an experience worth satisfying with an exquisitely designed Tunnel that befits a tourist edifice; while walking through the Tunnel into the ‘Plus’ area you’re likely to get lost for a while in a world of fantasy and oblivion until another ambience welcomes you into that VIP lounge with top class dining area with the finest settees to make you extra comfortable as if you’re at home. Tunnel Lounge could hold about an audience of 200 within its space. It will operate all week from 11:00am to 11:00pm each day.
About Silver Fox Ghana:
“A gentleman’s club and the ladies’ entertainment destination”, as the General Manager describes it is a well serviced facility which will operate as a Club to a modern audience taste. It is a one-storey building with well secured and well stuffed with the latest equipment and restroom facilities. Has a Regular, VIP and VVIP sections.
Kindly follow their pages on Instagram below:
(Story: Elorm Beenie)
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Jacob Beckley’s dream: a charitable stairway to decentralized finance



In an age where decentralized finance (DeFi) is seemingly the future of the world economy, there have been no shortage of cryptocurrencies and the visionaries behind their making. But of the over thousand forms that exist today, none better embody the spirit of altruism than Jacob Beckley’s CURE Token.


A new arrival to the world of cryptocurrency, the CURE Token is a blockchain extension of Jacob Beckley’s esteemed non-profit organization, the Beckley Foundation and was made available on September 16, 2020 to aid in accelerating pediatric cancer research and awareness. Now an enormous success, the DeFi project now boasts over thousand transactions among its current 7,974 holders, having hit the 10 million USD mark on October 9, 2020 right in time for its all-time-high market cap of 51 million USD just 14 days later.


‘’The Covid-19 pandemic and its social implications made it hard for us to assemble people and raise money the way we were accustomed to. During this period, we noticed the cryptocurrency market was gaining good traction, and with crowdfunding through blockchain technology already an established concept, it was the best time to usher in a cryptocurrency evolution of the Beckley Foundation. CURE Token was born and our dream to help combat the menace of pediatric cancer lives on into the future of global healthcare’’, Jacob Beckley shared.


The CURE Token is based on the Binance Smart Chain network and has seen two iterations released so far; V1 and V2 — the former taken down in the wake of its June 18 release following the discovery of a bug typical of DeFi scams. According to the American philanthropist and Solidity Developer, the vision is to partner with research organizations across the globe and draw from the wealth of experience available in the fields of innovation, technology and charity, in order to discharge finances in an equitable manner and save as many lives as possible.


On the technical end, Jacob’s charity inclined token is modeled on a Deflationary Contract Protocol meant to check curb inflation in the community and steadily increase the CURE Token’s market value as transactions pile on. Also, it is worth highlighting that the token incorporates a 10% transaction tax which factors in the following components:


  • 4% Reflections; to reward long-term members of the community. 
  • 3% Charity Wallet; with donations delivered to the custodial non-profit focused on childhood cancer awareness, support and research, aside future causes. 
  • 3% Marketing; to keep the project growing.


In the end, Jacob’s dream of providing a charitable stairway to DeFi through his decentralized CURE Token is well on course. It is set to herald a new age of scientific research funding, one that has easy access, equity and above all, the bright smiles of countless children and families worldwide at its heart.


Join the fight to revolutionize global healthcare today and get your CURE here:


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