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George Britton Questions the Relevance of TikTok In Digital Music Marketing



Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GBInteractive and Media Maven, George Britton, has questioned the relevance of one of the most used social media platforms (TikTok) in the promotion of digital Music Marketing in Ghana.


In a facebook post, the CEO, who doubles as the Manager of the ‘sugarcane’ hitmaker, Rapheal Kofi Attachie popularly known as Camidoh, asked if the dynamics of music promotion in the country was changing.


According to George, about two years ago, the platform was hailed as a new music marketing phenomenon and due to that, most musician collaborated with TikTok influencers to engineer a trend that would turn a song into a global hit and also make an independent artist a star overnight.

 ‘‘We would agree that Artists have soared to the top of the charts because of trends on Tik Tok, confusing the music industry’s business model. But is that the case now? Or is TikTok losing its place in music promotion in Ghana?’’

Per the Artist Manager, the Ghana music industry is yet to record any massive hit songs in the past few months. He divulged that with the ever-growing popularity on the platform, many musicians have sorted to it to aid them generate hit song, however, none has been successful in the country’s music space.

George concluded by asking, ‘is tiktok still relevant in music promotion?’


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