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Get it Hot: Nigerian rap pioneer, K16 returns on new single, ‘Wetin You Dey Talk’

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Get it Hot: Nigerian rap pioneer, K16 returns on new single, ‘Wetin You Dey Talk’

Veteran Nigerian rapper, MC Mouth now known as K16 is back with a new single, his first in over a year. This new record, ‘Wetin You Dey Talk’ which is off his ‘Killer16bars: The Producer EP’. As the album title suggests, it will showcase his skills as a producer. “Wetin You Dey Talk’ is produced by K16 for Ara-na-agbam Productions.

K16 is a veteran in every sense of the word; he was a part of the trio who released “Which One You Dey” in 1991. They were called ‘Emphasis’ — a trio composed of rappers Terry and Mouth MC and singer Junior. They represented homegrown Nigerian hip-hop . Unlike most of their predecessors, Emphasis didn’t rely on barely-rhymed doggerel aping the rhythms and cadences of American old-school rap records, but instead presented a lucid narrative complete with plot, characterization and humor, delivered with a relaxed flow in pidgin English—the true language of Nigeria’s streets.

After his tertiary education in Nigeria, Mouth MC returned to home to London, where he was born. He made a comeback as a solo rap artist under the new pseudonym of ‘K16′ and in 2008; he got signed to Ikuku records. “Wetin You Dey Talk’ is a centered on love and an affair, precisely heartbreak over a cheating partner. His debut album as a rapper would be released in April, 2012.

Download >>>Wetin You Dey Talk’, “Wetin You Dey Talk (Remix)’

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Ameyaw Kissi Debrah, known professionally as Ameyaw Debrah, is a Ghanaian celebrity blogger, freelance journalist, and reporter.

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