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“Slayers will always slay! Yvonne Nelson is totally wrong and she misunderstood the Era we are now! The Era of showbiz glamour sparkling across the Oscar’s, Grammy, Golden Globes, BAFTA, Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film festival, Berlin Film festival, AMVCA, etc. The sum total of everything that’s wrong with the Ghana film industry presently can be found in this quote above. I’d like to start by asking, which Ghanaian films, or films by Ghanaians have made it to Globes, Oscars, Cannes and the Venice film festivals? Unfortunately, the answer is none. Sinking Sands played at Marche Du Film at Cannes, but Marche due Film is a market where you screen for potential buyers. It’s not official. We wore jeans and T-shirts. The Oscars and Cannes have earned the right to honor glamour. Ghana film industry has not. Cannes and Venice film festivals have become avenues for companies; automobile companies, event companies, fashion houses and brands to advertise their products. That is why Gucci will dress an actor on the red carpet. That is why Audi will chauffeur Sophia Coppla at Cannes. The glamour and fashion at these high profile events are all enshrined in advertising, product placement. If my memory serves me right, the Ghanaian filmmakers and filmmakers of Ghanaian descent, who have been blessed to officially walk red carpets at industry recognized film festivals did so in clothes sewn by their seamstresses in Ghana. It did not diminish them in anyway. This is how I presented Like Cotton Twines at the Bentonville film Festival. The Ghana film industry does not need financial injection; neither does it need slayers, neither is it dead. Ghana filmmakers have money. I say that because I see their lifestyles. Affluent lifestyles. If you are able to purchase and drive a range rover, you should also be able to finance a film because Ghana is cash and carry and that’s a 70,000 dollar car. I think. The problem is not money, the problem is distribution. Ghana has a mere 6 -10 screens at the cinema level. You are competing with foreign films for those few screens. You are also dealing with biased cinema bookers. Producers are negotiating the screens themselves, not through a distributor. The share is 70/30 in favor of the cinema after 2 weeks. Nigeria currently has 60 plus screens if I am not wrong, and they use distributors to aggregate their films to the cinemas. It’s not a walk in the park. It has its pros and cons. The dividends are shared from the top and the producer is at the bottom. But, it saves the filmmaker some hustle. Nigeria has the population to back it up. You’ll fit Ghana into Nigeria 6 times and there’ll be overflow. But filmmakers from both countries make films on comparable budgets and Ghana has less distribution. It’s not easy when they take their films to Nigeria either because publicity becomes another cost they have to incur. Nigerians are very good at investing and supporting each other. Ghana is not the same. If Bank A sponsors a Nigerian filmmaker, he tells his friends and they all go to bank A for sponsorship. If Bank A sponsors a Ghanaian filmmaker, he hides that information from all his colleagues. He doesn’t want anyone to know bank A sponsored otherwise bank A will sponsor others and maybe leave him out. Trust and insecurity. That’s the crabs in a bucket mentality. The mentality you have when you have very little and you’re afraid to share. Ghana needs distribution structures. Opera square works for opera square. Opera Square cannot accommodate or does not want to accommodate evolving markets and forms. They are used to a certain way that guarantees them profit and some under the table gains from government, levies and bully taxes. They are not going to change. Opera Square is bread. Asking them to conform is taking away that bread. Distributors do not pay well. Ghana and Nigerian filmmakers will have an advantage if they start looking into sales agencies. It doesn’t matter what part of the world they’re in. Do not worry about sharing your sale. It’s the nature of the business. Film festivals are not for recognition. Sales agents are there. Seek them out. Whether your film is selected or not, you should go and look for buyers and reps.   THE SLAYERS Yvonne Nelson has a point. An actor is called to play someone who grew up in small town Volta Region. The actor wants to wear designer shoes, change them often, speak with an American accent, and behave as someone exposed to the elite of the world. The character calls for the exact opposite of what this person wants to do. What then happens to the film? It fails to have soul. It’s all about the red carpet. It’s all about the delusions of grandeur. The fear of playing something that is not grand. The fear of connecting to ones core because that is not the ‘slayer” image. The fear of connecting to a real human being because that is not the instagram persona created. I once had an actress tell me the make-up used on her was too dark, that people knew her to be light skinned. I said, “You’re not playing yourself though”. She was not happy! Another time I had another actress give me a hard time with her performance. I got tired and decided to move on. With the close ups, she did great! When I asked her why, she said “I saved my best performance for my close up”. I stammered, “What about continuity in the edit? Did you consider that? On big screen, everything is close”. Then you have the actor whose rendition of a Ghanaian accent was to speak like a toddler. But yet she was born, raised and lives in Ghana. I use these examples to say these actors were all thinking about one thing: Others. The fans. The slayer worshipers. The Instagram followers. The social media persona they needed to abide by. The focus on slaying takes away from delving deep and becoming someone else. Unless of course that someone embodies Olivia Pope. Those are the roles slayers like. Range rover driving, high heels wearing, Gucci purse carrying. Rich girl. Those are the roles slayers like to play. When you ask them to do what Ama K Abebrese did with Pabi, or Adepero Oduye in Pariah, you’ve asked them to find someone too close to who they really are. It’s too much work, too much sacrifice. There is nothing wrong with slaying. But earn it. Earn it by doing amazing work so Cannes will INVITE you. VENICE will INVITE you. Oscars will INVITE you. Buying your own ticket and renting cars and clothes to go slay, there’s no reason in that. What are you seeking the attention for? Is it because you have no love? Trust me, someone loves you. That’s why you are here. The last thing you want to become is a narcissist and this industry easily turns us into that. “Narcissists are consumed with maintaining a shallow false self to others. They’re emotionally crippled souls that are addicted to attention. Because of this they use a multitude of games, in order to receive adoration”. Sharon Alder Remember, there is danger in overexposure. You lose interest. IS IT DEAD? Not exactly. The Ghana film industry is going through a phase. It’s looking for itself. People are looking for the best way to survive. There’s hate, there rancor, there’s jealousy, there’s lies, there is sabotage, there’s fabricating stories to ruin anyone doing well, there’s greed. Till date it baffles me that someone spent time, called studios to ask whether Ties That Bind was a Hollywood film. The sabotage. But, in all of these, there is hope. Ghanaians abroad are coming home to work from outside in. Ghanaians within are looking for lucrative forms.   I believe if the distribution issue can be solved, things will get much better. Netflix opening up in Africa offered hope, but there seems to a buying bias and some deception. Which is why sales agents will be a way out. Keep your budgets low enough to recoup, remember, the distributors need your content. Don’t settle for 5000 dollars for your brand new film from any of them. Push them. They have more. If filmmakers have to unite and come up with a rate card, so should it be. I know, some will go behind the united front and take the 5000. You always have those. Here is a link to some film sales agents: Reach out to them. PIRACY. You can’t close this out without talking about piracy. The youth own computers not for their assignments, but for pirating films. They own hard drives for storing pirated films. The internet is for torrent, facebook, etc. TV stations show pirated films with impunity. No one holds anyone accountable. You can’t ask filmmakers to make better films when in the end you will not buy but pirate the film. You can’t ask for films about Kwame Nkrumah and Yaa Asantwaa when you will not buy but rather pirate. Then you have the “Ghana films lack creativity” people. What does that phrase even mean? If I paint rainbow colors on my nails, that’s being creative. You can never, ever accuse Ghanaian filmmakers of that. Ghana has been making films since 1967. Ghanaian filmmakers have been creating since that time. If you mean the films are not ‘good”. That’s a better word, and your opinion. Good is relative. If we continue to lump all films as one and brand them as not good, we’ll have the lemon problem. So much goes into making good films. It’s teamwork. You need financial resources, human resources, and emotional resources. What the industry needs for making good films is training and watching good films. Our francophone neighbors make the best films out of Africa. Those are the type of films we need to consume. Above all, art is life, if your motives are not right, it will not breathe for you. Your motives behind the story you’re telling need to be pure. It should not be abut the money and the praise you stand to gain. Tell an honest story. The crew needs to be committed to the project, not jump on because it’s a red camera. Respect the project and it will reciprocate. The industry is not dead. It needs reform. It needs people like Yvonne Nelson and Juliet Ibrahim talking and engaging folks on twitter. It needs a lot more people talking, because I kid you not, we are all listening!]]>


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Enjoy Exciting Deals and Offers this October from HUAWEI



Huawei is offering you amazing deals when you buy any of these Huawei products. Buy a Y5p, Band 6, Freebuds 4i or a Watch Fit and enjoy instant gifts ranging from Mini Portable fans, Huawei Pens, Stainless Steel Bottles and Gift Boxes.

Buy Y5p and Get a beautiful customized Huawei Pen


With a 5.45-inch HD bezel-less FullView Display, HUAWEI Y5p offers an immersive viewing experience. Its compact body is ideal for single-hand operation, allowing you to grab the splendid enjoyment in your hand and discover more wonders, all wrapped in one wide screen. Get the Huawei Y5p now for GHS 599

Buy Band 6 and Get a mini portable fan


Keeping track of your heart rate is one of the best things you can do for your fitness and health as you go by your daily activities. The TruSeen™ 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology on the Huawei Band 6 uses an optical lens and AI-based data processing to accurately monitor your heart rate 24 hours a day. Be alerted instantly when your heart rate drops below or rises above safe levels. With just GHS 359 you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle on a budget with Huawei Band 6.

Buy  Freebuds 4i and Get a stainless steel bottle


You don’t have to take off your earbuds to let in the ambient sound and communicate with others easily. With Huawei Freebuds 4i, just press the earbud and hold down to switch to Awareness Mode. The sensors in HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i actively detect and reduce ambient noise.

HUAWEI FreeBuds 4i also has remarkable endurance. It can play music for 10 hours continuously on a full charge and also gives you 4 hours’ audio enjoyment from a 10-minute charge – perfect when you’re in a hurry. For only GHS 429 you can grab yourself a Freebuds 4i.

Buy Huawei Watch Fit and get a gift box


Going about our daily activities at our various workplaces can be stressful. HUAWEI TruRelax™ technology and all-day stress tracking algorithm can effectively monitor your stress levels to see if you are feeling tense. Try to follow the suggested guided breathing exercises to release your stress when you are stressed out.

HUAWEI WATCH FIT is also the perfect smartwatch that blends technology with fashion.  With just GHS 569 you can match your fashion style whilst keeping fit with this smart watch.


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How a young, underprivileged boy from Asamankese is changing the narrative with Electric Cars in Ghana



From the humble streets of Asamankese in the Eastern region of Ghana, not many would have predicted that George (Jorge) Appiah will one day grow to become a colossus in engineering in Africa to the extent of creating significant change not only in the lives of family members, but also several others through job creation.

The story of the technopreneur, as he chooses to call himself, is one of determination, perseverance and hope.

“I didn’t get the best of privileges in terms of access to necessities like electricity. I had to grow up without electricity. Had to learn with candles and lanterns to study …My first encounter with a computer was at Pope Johns and it was quite an experience. At the end though I ended up being one of the top IT guys even though I had never seen a computer before,” he said to Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng on the business edition of 21 minutes with KKB.

After enduring several years of hardship, including a lack of access to electricity for a significant part of his childhood, Jorge decided to pursue a career in engineering, all in a bid to provide electricity for his grandmother.

“I was committed to being an electrical engineer because of my experience – I was committed in finding a sustainable solution that one day I will be providing electricity to my grandmum, because of that I felt like the field of engineering would give me that better opportunity to do so,” he said.

In following that passion and commitment, Jorge and some colleagues of his at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology ended up piloting a number of ideas including the building of space balloons, drones, etc. at a time when many were grappling with the transition from black and white televisions to colour televisions in the West African country, Ghana.

“We built some space balloons to fly satellites into space taking data, we built our first drone in 2013 when people in Ghana didn’t even know what a drone was. We were just innovating for fun. It got to a point we realized that we had to take the innovations to the market because anytime we went for exhibitions, we were only taking fans [and no money]. It had gotten to the point where people from the community were graduating and needed jobs and other things so we started Kumasi Hive.”

With a background in wind energy, biofuel and biogas, it wouldn’t be long for Jorge to get the needed funding from the mastercard foundation to start an assembly plant in Ghana. The focus was to assemble bicycles, motorbikes and even cars powered by electricity – and he’s doing this with a workforce of which 90% are women.

Watch the full story of Jorge Appiah in this interview with Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng on 21 minutes with KKB.

The Business edition of 21 minutes with KKB is produced in partnership with MTN Business and First National Bank Ghana and aims to tell the inspiring stories of agents of change in Ghana today.

Source: Kwabena Kyenkyenhene Boateng | 21 minutes with KKB

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How Long Is A Football Pitch – 7 Interesting Facts About Pitches



You play the beautiful game, you watch the beautiful game, you bet on the beautiful game, but do you know the ins and outs of the pitch of the beautiful game? Listen, there’s no shame in not knowing. We spent many years, none the wiser to the specifics and quirky facts surrounding the playing surface of football. We are here to give you 7 interesting facts about pitches and find out burning questions like just how long is a football pitch?


Fact 1 – How long is a football pitch?

Let’s start off with something more people should know but something a lot of people do not. The dimensions of the pitch. FIFA allows different sizes with touchlines to be within 90-120m long and goal lines to be within 45-90m wide. The different size can be used by teams to play varying styles of the game and is an interesting tactical advantage for some teams, something to consider when you are sticking a wager on Betfair’s latest offer.


Fact 2 – You don’t have to play on grass

Whilst traditionally football is played on grass, a lot of lower level teams are now adopting the use of highly technological artificial grass to save the groundskeeper bill. Artificial grass is also used in climates where it can be really hard to maintain grass. The things that are necessary are for the grass, real or artificial, to be green and to comply with the FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf.


Fact 3 – Penalty box ‘D’

Whilst many know that the penalty box in football is for the designated area of where a goalkeeper can handle the ball and where if a foul occurs, the team gets a penalty, but what is the ‘D’ attached to the box for? This addition to the box is actually an extension to the exclusion zone of opposition players when one team is taking a penalty kick.


4- Goal dimensions – ideal for next time you are utilising some BTTS betting tips

Whilst the pitch sizes can differ from arena to arena, the goal dimensions must be the same wherever you go. This means the goal posts must be 8 yards apart and the crossbar must be 8ft from the ground. This standardised size is necessary but a net at the back of the goal is not.


Fact 5 – There hasn’t always been crossbars

Since the start of the game and from its humble roots, there has always been goalposts to signify where the goals were. But it wasn’t until 1875 that crossbars were added to the game. Before this a string was tied between the goalposts!


6- Field or pitch?

We are talking about football pitches. Sometimes, they can get referred to as fields (Americans, raise your hands). This is plainly wrong and when it comes to football the playing arenas are almost always known as pitches.


7- Sandygate

The oldest known actual football pitch and ground is found in Northern England in Sheffield. Built and opened in 1806, the Sandygate hosted the world’s first inter-club match inj 1860 between Hallam Fc and Sheffield FC. An unsuspecting home of football, admittedly.

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Glitz Africa’s Beauty Forum ’21 discusses beauty aesthetics, influencers & production



Glitz Africa organized the second edition of the Beauty Forum, a side event of the annual Glitz Africa Fashion Week; a platform to engage beauty experts, entrepreneurs, influencers and enthusiasts to discuss all things beauty. It took place on Wednesday, October 20 at The Underbridge, East Legon.

It took off with a message from the keynote speaker, Ms Dzigbordi Dosoo, the certified high-performance coach.

The first panel was moderated by the forum host, Miss Gina Nipah, a plus size model and owner of Hapin Hair Lounge. The speakers on the panel discussing ‘The crave for beauty aesthetics, does it really work?’ included Trudy Arnold (CEO, Studio 7 Beauty Lounge), Jahara M Osman (Founder, Premier Aesthetic Clinic), Siran Mahama (CEO, Reviv Ghana), Emily Bodom (CEO, Enhance by EB) and Tish Tagoe (CEO, Luxury Beauty Spa).

They discussed both surgical and non-surgical beauty procedures, the likely complications and safety measures they take.

The second panel discussed the topic, ‘Building brand relationships with influencer marketing’ with Founder of LXHR Solutions, Lexy O. Boahene as moderator. The speakers included; Chris Kata (TV host/Entrepreneur), Larley Lartey (Digital Creator/Creative Director) and Maame Gyamfua Yeboah (Co-founder, Oh My Hair).

The ladies discussed the era of influencer marketing, what they consider before coming on board as influencers and brands look out for in choosing influencers among other issues.

The last panel was moderated by the Co-founder of Polish’d Nails and Beauty Bar, Nana Amobi Chambers on the topic, ‘From sourcing to distribution – Exploring the process of beauty production’ with Akosua Opoku (Owner, Beautymarked – a skincare and makeup retail) and Ernest Ekuma (Managing Director, Tree of Life).

Adeline Asante Antwi, a manager at Garnier did a short presentation on some of their products and offered some freebies to the guests. Zeepay also did a presentation on their products.

Some of the guests included Sacha Okoh (CEO, SO Aesthetics), Vanessa Gyan (media personality and entrepreneur), Ramona McDermott (fashion influencer) among others.

Partners of the Forum included MAC Cosmetics, Zeepay and Garnier.

Food partners which included The Salad Bar, Omama Chocolate, Sunny Snacks and Lizgyei Drinks provided refreshment to the guests.

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Full Winners Ghana Events Awards2021: Outstanding stakeholders awarded to boost morale in creative industry



Full Winners Ghana Events Awards2021

Ghana Events Awards(GEA), a creative industry player has awarded over 20 of its members in the creative art sector to boost their morale and encourage them work assiduously to make the industry a lucrative job for the upcoming artists.


The host and co-host, Jay foley and Roselyn Felli both of Joy Prime television at multimedia were very magnificent and hilarious as they are on top of the game throughout the ceremony giving the audience and invited guests the pleasure needed to enjoy the awards night at Movenpic Hotel in Accra.

Also at the 4th GEA night, citations and plaques were presented to winners in various categories like Best MC of the year, Best Disc Jockey (DJ) player of the year, Best Event Planner of the year, Best Event of the year among others.


Speaking to journalists, the Chief Executive of GEA, Kelvin Kenneth was delighted and expressed his appreciation to the Board of Directors and all stakeholders who were involved in making the event possible and successful.


He explained that the nomination and selection of winners in the various categories is based on lots of considerations from the public, Board members and the economy which includes good lightening system, sound system, stage and the environment in which the event was held or occasioned.

” the public, Board members and other economic issues were considered and other issues factored in during the nomination and selection of Best possible winners in the various categories”, he said.


Mr. Kenneth added that his next option is to focus on how to improve and extend the awards ceremony to other African countries, adding that, this will even place Ghana on the limelight and also enhance the creative industry across the African continent.


He therefore called for unity among the industry players in the creative arts in order to fight a common course or agenda for the benefit of the upcoming artists.

The founder of Jandel Limited who own the overall Best award in the creative industry, Afia Moro advised her colleagues to have a passionate feeling for the creative art rather than seeking for money, stating that, your passion for the job will let you earn good money at the end.


She tasked all stakeholders in the creative art industry to be innovative and creative through learning in order to enable them reinvent new things and bring new ideas to the table which can be a tool to remain in business even in this era of the pandemic.


“try to be driven by passion whiles you try to earn good money and also educate yourselve and be in track by using the advance technologies like the internet and social media that will make us in the creative industry be at par with our competitors in the outside world”, she added.


She further outlined some challenges like failure to recognize the industry by government, division among members, failure to be paid the right amount among others that are facing the industry and wished they can be addressed as soon as possible to drive them forward.


” we lack so many things and when it comes to certain things, government fail to recognize us like the sharing of the stimulus packages during the COVID-19 era, most of our members who also placed in their request were sidelined and never get anything”, she said.

But she was grateful and optimistic that the challenges will be addressed due to government’s establishment of the creative art alongside the tourism sector, adding, we can voice out our grievances at that department to be addressed by the appropriate authorities.


Also, the Best Master of Ceremony (MC) winner from multimedia, Andy Dosty appealed to government to include the industry in the distribution of the stimulus package or offer some of the members some loans that will cushion them since the pandemic have already caused a huge damage to the industry and things are difficult for most of the members in the industry in Ghana.


He also praised the award planners and stakeholders for making the event successful because according to him, there has been an improvement in this year’s ceremony and very optimistic the previous award ceremonies will be greater.


” am considering and wished stakeholders will come together and put their resources together to ensure a massive awards ceremony in the next occasion “, he noted.


The winners of the various categories are as follows:



























Adonko next level energy drink.

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5 Ways To Increase Watch Time on Your YouTube Channel



kofi tv

One of the key players in the YouTube Algorithm is watch time. When you increase your average watch time, YouTube will reward you by promoting your channel through both natural search and in recommended videos. This ultimately leads to more exposure for your channel. This article will dive into 5 different ways you can get more watch time on your video.

1. Start a Youtube Series Playlist

A series playlist allows you to compile similar videos into one convenient location. This tool not only makes your channel more user friendly and easier to navigate, but by placing similar videos into one convenient location, you are encouraging users to continue watching.

This is the age of binge watching and if people see one video they enjoy, they’re likely to stick around and watch the next. Organizing your videos into a series playlist puts them into a loop where one video plays automatically after another, thus having your viewer hooked and reaching for the popcorn while they spend more time watching your videos.

You can create a playlist from existing videos on your channel or create videos specifically for a series or themed playlist. Aim for quality over quantity and don’t upload more than 10 videos in a series. This is a win-win as your watch time increases and your viewers get to see more of what they love from your channel.

2. Incorporate Youtube Chapters in Your Videos

Youtube Chapters allows you to add descriptions to individual segments of your video and break it up into more digestible pieces. The more information you can provide to the viewer, the better. This helps users find exactly what they’re looking for in your content and they’ll be more likely to watch the entirety of your video since they can clearly read what each segment contains.

Chapters can be automatically or custom created. We recommend custom creating your video chapters so you have more control over how the titles read for each segment and use keywords to further optimize your content. If you choose to use automatic chapters, always read over them to make sure they are relevant and complimentary to your video.

3. Choose an Engaging Title

Your video title should accurately reflect what a viewer will expect from your video. This is important to build trust with your viewers and prevent drop-off. Summing up your video into one irresistibly enticing line may seem a bit challenging but follow these tips help you out:


  • Keep it under 70 characters
  • Include keywords that match your topic and will naturally increase your search rank
  • Use all caps on certain buzz words within your title and add a call to action
  • Write your title in the same tone and voice you use in your videos


4. Create A Complimentary Thumbnail to Support Your Title

A good title deserves an equally good thumbnail to go with it. Youtube will help you choose one out of a variety of shots, but we recommend making your own for an extra personalized touch. There are tons of professional design softwares you can use that are free, our most recent favorites are Snappa and Canva.

To create a good thumbnail, stick to your branding. This includes everything from font, colors, tone of voice in text and everything in between that defines who you are as a brand. Make sure your branding shines in a clean and simple design that doesn’t overwhelm the viewer. Find a relevant and eye-catching photo that will stop users in their tracks as they scroll. A good thumbnail makes the viewer excited for what they’re about to watch!

5. Track Your Progress Using Youtube Analytics

Tracking your progress on Youtube Analytics helps you gain insights about what is working to increase watch time and also what isn’t. Try new things to see what works. Learning what doesn’t work is just as important as learning what does. Be diligent and create a system for tracking your analytics and how you will use that information on your channel.

To access your insights, log in to Youtube Studio and click on “analytics.” Once you’re in, you can view everything from your watch time of subscribers vs non-subscribers to how certain impressions led to more watch time.

Watch time is an important element of the YouTube algorithm and influences how your video will be listed. Use these tips to get more watch time and have more of your content appreciated!

We hope you enjoyed this blog.


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