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Jumia, Africa’s leading e-commerce platform has announced the launch of the “Ghana Shopping Festival” campaign. This campaign is poised to support consumers in Ghana get the best deals on quality and affordable essential products while supporting online shops to grow their businesses by accessing millions of consumers online.

The campaign which starts on Friday,  March 17th will run until Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 enabling Ghanaians to celebrate Ghana Month with big discounts. The shopping festival is in partnership with local and international brands such as Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, Nivea, Oriamo, Bruhm, Pernod Ricard, and many others.

Speaking about this campaign, the CEO of Jumia Ghana, Sunil Natraj, said ‘’It’s been a difficult few years for everyone in Ghana and we believe that this is the perfect time to support our consumers by giving them easier access to all the quality products on our platform as we celebrate Ghana month. This shopping festival also gives us a great opportunity to support our vendors and partners as they seek to reach more consumers and scale their businesses. We are committed to ensuring that we provide quality and affordable products all year round’’.


In addition to the great discounts and buying directly from top brands, customers have a large pool of benefits lined up during this campaign. Daily flash sales will be live on specific days with 3 major flash sales on the ‘’Explosion Days’’ (every Friday throughout the campaign).


Nana Abena Amrado, Public Relations Officer for Infinix Ghana also said ‘’ Our partnership with Jumia has been a game changer in the smartphone industry for a while now and the impact is there for all to see. Providing quality and affordable products for the Ghanaian market has helped increase the number of smartphone users in Ghana thereby contributing greatly to the growth of e-commerce. This Ghana shopping festival gives our consumers the opportunity to get their smartphones at even bigger discounts on Jumia’’.


There will also be brand days where specific brands will have products available at exclusively low rates during the campaign. Customers who order can pay cash on delivery or pay via mobile money to the delivery agent. Orders can also be picked up at the nearest pick-up stations at reduced shipping fees. To discover the different products available for the Ghana Shopping Festival, simply download the Jumia application or visit

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AirtelTigo empowers students of Presbyterian Senior High and Technical School to Maximize educational potential



AirtelTigo Presents GHS 15000 to SRC of PSHTS

As part of its activities for the month of March in honor of International Women’s Day, staff of AirtelTigo interacted and donated to students of the Presbyterian Senior High and Technical School, Larteh in the Eastern Region during their Student Representative Council week.

During the day-long event, staff spent the day interacting with the students on various topics including embracing equity, Goal setting and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The students – comprising 70% females and 30% males were encouraged to explore various career paths and not restrict themselves only to what they learn in senior high school.

Presenting a cheque of GHS 15,000 and books to the students, Atul Narain Singh, Chief Marketing Officer at AirtelTigo, encouraged them to focused on their education and continue to do their best in their various courses. “He spoke about the vast opportunity available to them in a telecommunication company like AirtelTigo and expressed the willingness to have some of them intern or work with AirtelTigo after school in future.

AirtelTigo empowers students of PSHTS

Nancy Assor Asiedu-Amrado, Head of Brands and Communication at AirtelTigo, in her interaction with the students, highlighted the importance of maintaining balance in their academic life and gave them some goal-setting tips as well as she encouraged the students to learn how to say no to sexual advances and to stand up for themselves, if they find themselves in similar circumstances. She also cautioned the teachers not to entertain any form of bias in teaching the young girls and boys, but embrace equity.

Alex Offei-Lartey, AirtelTigo Head of Digital Marketing and New Product, also discussed the importance of attaining equity. He spoke on the topic “Boys are not left out: gender equity.” He spoke with the male students, who shared instances of how they supported and helped the female students.

The Director of Due Diligence and Planning, Esther Gyamfi, also shared a personal experience of how she leveraged on technology to advance in her career. Her life story provided inspiration for the students.

Sarah Odei-Amoani, GMB 22 representative for Eastern Region and Ghana’s STEM Ambassador was also present to grace the occasion. she urged the students to explore the many possibilities open to them in STEM education.

In her closing remarks, the headmistress of the school, Gladys Oforiwaa Okyere Otu, expressed gratitude to AirtelTigo saying. “On behalf of the staff and students of Presbyterian Senior High and Technical School, we are extremely grateful for your time and donation. For busy professionals like you to take time off your schedules on a weekday to travel and spend the whole day with us, it makes us feel special.”

Staff of AirtelTigo also toured the school facilities and had informal one-on-one sessions with the students.

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Blacvolta Talent Management Signs Rising Star DJ ChiChi, Bringing Fresh Energy to Male-Dominated Industry



DJ chichi

Blacvolta Talent Management is proud to announce the signing of ChiChi, a rising star in the world of DJing. (more…)

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Creative Ways to Show Gratitude to Your Mentor



mentor traits 1

Whether it’s making a thoughtful gift, penning them an uplifting letter, or arranging a social gathering to celebrate them, displaying your appreciation is sure to leave your mentor feeling both honored and humbled.

If you prefer the DIY route, white card stock can be used to produce eye-catching cards that express sincere gratitude in the most memorable way – perfect for handing out during special occasions such as graduations! Read on to discover some of our favorite ideas.

Create a personalized thank-you card using white card stock

Giving thanks never goes out of style, and there’s no better way to express gratitude than with a personalized thank-you card. Using white card stock, you can create a unique card that speaks directly to the recipient.

Whether it’s for a friend who helped you move or a colleague who went above and beyond on a project, your card will not only show your appreciation but also demonstrate your creativity. With endless design possibilities, the result will be a heartfelt gesture that’s sure to brighten someone’s day.

Include a few photos of you and your mentor together

Mentorship can be an incredibly rewarding experience, and having a few photos to commemorate the journey can make it even more memorable. Whether it was your first meeting over coffee or a celebratory dinner after a major accomplishment, capturing those moments with your mentor can remind you of how far you’ve come and the impact they’ve had on your growth.

Not only do the photos serve as a visual reminder of the relationship you’ve built but they can also be shared with others as a testament to the power of mentorship.

Add meaningful quotes or lyrics that remind you of your mentor

There’s nothing quite like the guidance and wisdom of a trusted mentor. Whether they’re a friend, family member, or professional acquaintance, they can have an incredible impact on our lives. Sometimes, when I think of my own mentor, certain quotes or lyrics come to mind.

They may not have been specifically written about our relationship, but they speak to the kind of person they are and the lessons they’ve taught me. For example, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” by Gandhi is a quote that reminds me of my mentor’s altruistic spirit and dedication to making a difference.

Similarly, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” is a proverb that perfectly captures my mentor’s belief in teamwork, collaboration, and mutual support.

These quotes and many others like them may seem simple, but they hold a lot of meaning and relevance for those of us lucky enough to have a mentor in our lives.

Share your story of how you’ve grown with the help of your mentor

Sharing the story of how you’ve grown with the help of your mentor is a personal reflection that deserves to be shared with others. Mentors play a significant role in guiding their mentees towards growth, and it’s only fair to acknowledge their contribution. A mentor not only helps you achieve your goals but is also there to support you throughout the journey.

Offer to serve as a reference or write a recommendation letter for them if needed

When someone has done an outstanding job, it’s only natural that you want to help them advance in their career. Offering to serve as a reference or write a recommendation letter for them can be a great way to do this. Not only does it show that you appreciate their hard work, but it also speaks to their character and capabilities. By providing a glowing recommendation, you can give them an edge in the job market and help them achieve their professional goals. So don’t hesitate to offer your support – it could make all the difference in someone’s career.

A personalized thank you card is an excellent way to express your appreciation for the guidance and support you have received from your mentor. By creating this personalized card with white card stock, you can guarantee that it will live up to the meaningfulness of your gratitude for all that your mentor has done for you. Showing your gratitude in such an elegant and thoughtful way will be sure to light up their face when they receive it!

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Navigating The Roads Of Real Estate: A Beginner’s Guide To Driving For Deals



The Manor House boutique hotel, known as the crown of the Fancourt estate.

Real estate can be an excellent investment opportunity, but it can also be overwhelming for beginners. With so many different types of properties and investment strategies to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the process. One strategy that many successful investors use is “driving for dollars,” which involves driving around specific neighborhoods to find potential investment properties.

To help navigate this fast-paced world, this guide will explore the different types of real estate investments and the best ways to make a profit in real estate including different factors. So if you’re a first-time investor, this guide to driving for dollars will be going to help you navigate the roads of real estate.

What Is Real Estate?

Real estate is a term used to describe a type of property that consists of land and any buildings or other improvements on that land. It can also include natural resources found on the land, such as minerals, water, and timber.

Its primary use is as a form of investment, with many investors buying and selling properties to generate income or profit.

Its value is influenced by a variety of factors, such as location, market trends, and economic conditions. Financing options for investments include mortgages, loans, and partnerships. Hence, this investment can be a lucrative opportunity for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to research and make informed decisions.

What Are The Kinds Of Real Estate?

It encompasses a broad category of properties that can be classified into different types based on their intended use. The most common types include residential, commercial, industrial, land, and special properties.

1.   Residential

Residential real estate is the type of property that is used for housing purposes. This can include single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. It is typically purchased by individual homeowners, although it can also be owned and managed by real estate investment trusts (REITs) or other investment companies.

2.   Commercial

Commercial real estate refers to properties used for business purposes, such as office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and restaurants. These properties are typically owned by corporations, partnerships, or other entities, rather than individual owners.

3.   Industrial

Industrial real estate is used for manufacturing, production, and storage facilities. These properties are often located near transportation hubs, such as airports, seaports, or rail yards, to facilitate the movement of goods and materials.

4.   Land

The land is a type of real estate that includes undeveloped or agricultural properties. These properties can be used for farming, hunting, conservation, or development.

5.   Special Properties

Special properties include unique or specialized types of real estates, such as healthcare facilities, educational institutions, government buildings, and religious institutions.

Best Ways Make Profit In Real Estate:  A Step By Step Guide

Making a profit in this field requires careful planning as well as good execution. This step-by-step guide can help investors maximize their returns. Let’s find out how!

●     Research: Understanding The Market And Identifying Trends

Research is a critical component of making a profit. To be successful, investors must understand the market and identify trends. One way to do this is by analyzing data on transactions, such as sales prices and rental rates. Many online tools allow them to quickly and easily access this information, helping them to make informed decisions about which properties to invest in.

They also emphasize the importance of understanding macroeconomic trends, such as population growth, job growth, and infrastructure development, as these can all impact the real estate market. By staying informed about these trends, they can make strategic investments that are likely to yield higher returns.

●     Identifying The Right Location For Investment

Location is one of the most important factors that determine a property’s value, rental income, and potential for appreciation. Therefore, identifying the right location for investment is crucial for real estate investors. This can be done by considering macroeconomic trends to make informed decisions that maximize their potential for profit.

As such, they must carefully consider factors such as proximity to transportation, amenities, and job centers when choosing a location for investment.

Also, when intend to identify a location, you may use data-driven tools, which provide comprehensive data on rental rates, occupancy rates, and other key metrics for different neighborhoods and cities. In this way, you can use this information to compare different locations and identify areas that offer the best potential for return on investment.

●     Identifying The Type Of Property That Meets Your Investment Goals

Different types of properties offer different advantages and disadvantages, and property holders must carefully consider their goals and resources when choosing a property type.

For example, residential properties may require more management and maintenance than other types of properties, which can be a challenge for some investors.

On the other hand, commercial properties may be more sensitive to economic fluctuations and require more specialized knowledge to manage effectively.

And, industrial properties such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities may be less accessible to individual investors and require more capital to purchase and maintain.

Ultimately, the type of property that meets an investor’s goals depends on a variety of factors, including investment goals, resources, and level of experience.

●     Building And Maintaining Relationships With Property Owners

For both selling and buying properties, strong relationships can lead to new investment opportunities and ensure that properties are well-maintained and profitable over the long term.

One way is to network with other professionals, such as brokers, attorneys, and property managers. These professionals can introduce buyers to property owners and help to establish a rapport that can lead to future investment opportunities.

Another important factor in building relationships is communication. You should be proactive in reaching out to property owners and keeping them informed about the status of their properties. This can include providing regular updates on maintenance and repairs, as well as notifying them of any market changes that may impact the property’s value.

Additionally, you should strive to be responsive to the needs of property owners, addressing any concerns or issues promptly and professionally.


Real estate investing is a dynamic field that requires ongoing learning and exploration. As the market and industry continue to evolve, investors must remain open to new ideas and strategies that can help them stay ahead of the curve. With dedication, hard work, and a commitment to lifelong learning, they can navigate the roads of real estate and achieve success in their investments.

Moreover, It’s important to understand the different types of real estate, identify the right location and property type, conduct thorough research, and build strong relationships with property owners. So that investors can continue to grow their knowledge and expertise, and identify new opportunities for investment.

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IWD Women’s Profile – Nancy Assor Asiedu-Amrado (DipM ACIM)



Nancy Assor Asiedu Amrado Head of Brands and Regulatory

In a field dominated by men, many women have been excelling in their various roles. AirtelTigo, one of the leading telecommunications companies, recognizes and values the contributions of women to its business. In a move to embrace equity, the company is highlighting some women whose impact on the organization has been significant.

In this week’s profile, Nancy Assor Asiedu-Amrado shares her achievements within the company, the influence of mentorship on her career, and her commitment to helping other women thrive.


Mrs. Nancy Assor Asiedu-Amrado, is a marketing professional and the Head of Brands and Communications at AirtelTigo. She was born at Atibie-Kwahu in the Eastern Region and is a native of Akyem Hemang in the Fanteakwa South District. She is married to Surv. Alex Asiedu Amrado and has three children.


Assor started her basic school education at CKC Baptist International School at Mpraeso Kwahu and later continued at Nana Kwaku Boateng Experimental school in Koforidua (a school that has produced many distinguished personalities in Ghana including our eminent NSMQ Quiz Mistress, Professor Effah Haufman, Sammy Awuku, Abeiku Santana, just to mention a few). Growing up, she had a dream to pursue General Science at Aburi Girls to become a pharmacist, but before her BECE results were released, Assor had a change of mind to pursue Business instead.

Except for her brother Jones who understood her strong conviction and the burning desire to switch subjects, no one else in the family was convinced. It took a lot of persuasion for her dad to come to terms with her new interest despite having the good grades, to pursue General Science. Her dad had to now find a school in the Eastern Region that offered Business since her preferred choice, Aburi Girls did not offer the program. He successfully found one school on top of the cool mountain, Okuapeman Secondary School and that propelled her to pursue Bachelor of Education (Social Sciences, Accounting and Management) at the University of Cape Coast.

  1. How did you end up in your role as a Head of Brand?

My first job experience was in ‘Marketing’ during my National Service at Vanguard Assurance Company Ltd. My second job was also in ‘Marketing’ at L’Oreal West Africa and I honesty loved the job! I fell in love with marketing, abandoned my ACCA professional courses, enrolled in an MBA Marketing program with Central University College which was then affiliated to the University of Cape Coast, and later upgraded to even have a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK.  My mantra in life is ‘passion drives purpose’ hence, I gravitate towards my passion and endeavour to stay focused to achieve my goals.

I was employed as a Brand and Marketing Communications specialist at Vodafone for nearly five years. I progressed to the position of Brand Segment Manager for Vodafone Business Solutions, and later became the Brand Segment Manager for Youth, HVC & Progressives. During my time there, I successfully executed several brand campaigns, including “The Future is Exciting. Ready?”. It came as no surprise when I received a call from AirtelTigo, inviting me to submit my CV for the Head of Brand Management position. I was keenly interested and promptly applied. The recruitment process involved exams, presentations, and multiple interviews. I emerged successful and was offered the role with a strong recommendation from Gifty Bingley.

  1. What is the most important message you want to send to young women thinking about their careers?

I agree that the path ahead can often be uncertain and challenging. It may involve twists and turns, but it’s essential to be perceptive and intuitive in finding your true purpose. It’s important to keep learning and approach situations in a practical way, while being open to new experiences and not fixating on one unattainable goal. Avoid blindly following the masses, and instead, pursue your passion. Most importantly, pray without ceasing and let the good Lord direct your path.

  1. At your level, what actions do you take towards gender equality in your workplace?

As the only female on the Marketing leadership team at my workplace, I make it a priority to mentor and empower the females who join my team. I encourage them to work hard, stay focused, remain organized, and pursue their careers relentlessly, while also reminding them of the importance of being well organized and speaking up when necessary.

  1. On the backdrop of 2023’s International Women’s Day theme “Embrace Equity”, do you think society is embracing equity? In your line of work, is equity something we are inching closer to?

In the past, women did not have as much empowerment in society, but this narrative is slowly changing among the elites. Despite there appearing to be equal opportunities for everyone, men still seem to be favored for certain key positions over women. Women often limit themselves to lower-tier roles, such as deputy, vice, assistant, etc., which in my opinion is not enough. Why can’t a woman with the necessary qualifications become the President, Chairperson, CEO, Moderator of a church, or General Overseer? We need to embrace equity and allow equal opportunities for both genders. There should not be any restrictions, or we risk suppressing the talents and innovations that women possess, which can contribute to making society or the world a better place for humankind. I motivate the women on my team to excel in their areas of expertise and encourage them to speak up and provide valuable input in their line of duty.

  1. What advice will you give women struggling in a male-dominated industry?

Women should be aware that passion is what motivates purpose. If women remain focused and chase their objectives without fear of failure, they will achieve success. It requires a high level of skill, confidence, endurance, good health, and a stable mental state to excel. Therefore, no matter how difficult the journey may be, women should maintain psychologically fortitude, seek assistance when necessary, and persistently pursue their aspirations.

  1. What do you think helped you get so far in your career?

Getting to where I am now required continuous learning, following my passion/burning desire to achieve my personal goals, building self-confidence, being receptive to feedback from line managers, colleagues, and parents, and most importantly, prayer. My favorite Bible verse is Matthew 6:33, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things would be added onto you”.

  1. Do you feel you have achieved what you wanted to?

Even though I have seen astronomical growth in my career, won many enviable marketing and corporate awards for all the telecommunication companies I have worked with, I still see myself to be on a journey to achieving my goals. May God be my help as I keep moving.

  1. What positive changes have you seen regarding women in the workplace since you started your career?

I was fortunate to have my first boss as a woman, Afua Korang, and she was a great source of inspiration to work with. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with several other women in leadership roles, such as Akua Nyantakyi, Uche Ofodile, Akisi Ackah, Ethel Anamoo, Angela Mensah-Poku, Mitwa Ng’ambi, Evelyn Sam, and other amazing women in the workplace who have made a significant impact not only on my career but also on the careers of others. I have great admiration for women in the workplace because they are dedicated to working hard to contribute to the development of Ghana while also earning a living to support their families. Additionally, they actively mentor and support younger colleagues, creating a supportive community of growth and development.

  1. What three values that govern the way you live your life?

I am governed by being disciplined, well organized, staying focused, pursuing excellence, and seeking God’s divine direction to excel.

  1. Has mentorship played a role in your career? How important is it for women to lift each other up?

Certainly, mentorship has been instrumental in my career development. When I first started in the telecommunications industry, I was fortunate to work closely with experienced marketing professionals such as Uche Ofodile, Georgina Mensah and Akisi Ackah who provided me with invaluable guidance and support, allowing me to gain confidence in my role. I am profoundly grateful for their mentorship.

  1. What do you see as the biggest barrier to embracing equity of women in the economy, especially in Technology/STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and what more needs to be done?

Fear is a significant barrier that hinders women from pursuing careers in STEM. Overcoming this barrier requires having the right conversations to encourage and empower young women. Women who have made significant strides in STEM can play a vital role in mentoring and inspiring the next generation to embrace STEM with confidence and pursue it relentlessly. It’s crucial that we support determined women who lack the resources to pursue STEM through government and corporate organizations. For it is said that ‘If you educate a man, you educated one person but if you educate a woman, you educated the whole nation.

The AirtelTigo International Women’s Day Profiling campaign spans over a month and is aimed at celebrating women in their respective workplaces. The campaign is designed to recognize and highlight the significant contributions made by women to the growth and success of the company. Through this campaign, AirtelTigo aims to promote gender equity and encourage women to strive for excellence in their careers. Overall, the campaign seeks to promote gender diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

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Celebrity Lips: A Look at Melbourne’s Favorite Lip Filler Trends Among the Stars



"Kylie Jenner effect

Full, plump lips have become a popular beauty trend in recent years, and many celebrities have turned to lip fillers to achieve this look. In Melbourne, lip fillers are also a popular cosmetic procedure, with many individuals seeking to enhance their lips for a more youthful and attractive appearance. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of Melbourne’s favorite lip filler trends among the stars.

The Kylie Jenner Effect

There’s no denying that Kylie Jenner has had a significant impact on the lip filler trend. Her famous pout has inspired countless individuals to seek out lip filler treatments in the hopes of achieving a similar look. In Melbourne, the “Kylie Jenner effect” is also evident, with many individuals requesting a more dramatic, voluminous look for their lips.

The Natural Look

While some individuals may opt for a more dramatic lip enhancement, others prefer a more subtle, natural look. Celebrities such as Emma Stone and Margot Robbie have been praised for their natural-looking lips, which enhance their features without appearing overdone. In Melbourne, natural-looking lip fillers are also a popular trend, with many individuals seeking a more subtle enhancement that still looks beautiful and natural.

The Power of Lip Contouring

In addition to adding volume to the lips, lip contouring is also becoming a popular trend among celebrities and everyday individuals alike. By strategically placing filler in certain areas of the lips, a skilled injector can create the illusion of a more defined, contoured lip shape. In Melbourne, lip contouring is a popular trend among those seeking a more sculpted and defined look for their lips.

Overall, lip fillers Melbourne are a popular trend, and many celebrities have embraced this cosmetic procedure to enhance their features. Whether you prefer a dramatic, voluminous look or a more natural enhancement, there are plenty of lip filler trends to choose from. If you’re considering lip fillers, it’s important to work with a skilled injector who can help you achieve the look you desire while ensuring a safe and effective treatment.

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