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Ghana to join 200 countries to celebrate 13th Global Entrepreneurship Week from Nov 8-14, 2021



Stephen Gyasi-Kwaw, Country Founder, MD GEN-Ghana
Stephen Gyasi-Kwaw, Country Founder, MD GEN-Ghana

Global Entrepreneurship Network-Ghana (GEN-Ghana), official host of Global Entrepreneurship Week-Ghana (GEW-Ghana), has announced that Ghana will join over 200 countries to celebrate the 13th Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) slated for November 8-14, 2021.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a massive campaign to celebrate and empower entrepreneurs in every country and community around the world – especially those individuals who face structural barriers or may have never considered the idea of launching their own startup.

In November each year, about 10 million people take part in tens of thousands of activities, competitions and events focusing on entrepreneurship that inspire them to act and provide them with the knowledge, experience and connections they need to succeed.

Over 20, 000 partner organisations are planning more than 40, 000 entrepreneurial activities that directly engage more than 7 million people worldwide. GEW connects entrepreneurs, students, educators, aspiring entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations, development agencies, government officials, etc. to participate in a range of activities which will be conducted by partner organizations to harness the spirit of entrepreneurship culture.

“The closing of so many businesses and loss of jobs brought on by COVID-19 has been a wake-up call. One year later, nations are rallying to reboot our economies for a better, more sustainable and equitable post-pandemic world,” Stephen Gyasi-Kwaw, Country Founder/MD, GEN-Ghana.


Meanwhile, they also are rethinking approaches to build back stronger and regenerate growth. GEN –Ghana invites government organizations, non-profit organizations, private sector companies, senior and junior secondary schools,tertiary institutions, media organisations, religious organizations, and entrepreneurship support organisations to get involved in the celebration Global Entrepreneurship Week in Ghana.

“As a partner, all you need to do is to organize at least one activity around entrepreneurship or align your upcoming entrepreneurial activity as part of the GEW celebration. It does not cost any fee to become a partner of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Your activity can be big or small, a workshop or seminar, competition, debates, TV and radio discussions on various aspects of entrepreneurship etc. It is only limited by your imagination! Register your event or activity at so your event can be officially part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

As a partner you have the opportunity to be a part of a global movement, connecting millions of people from all backgrounds with a common agenda –making a difference through the power of entrepreneurship.”

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a massive campaign to celebrate and empower entrepreneurs in every country and community around the world – especially those individuals who face structural barriers or may have never considered the idea of launching their own startup. Each November 10 million people take part in tens of thousands of activities, competitions and events that inspire them to act and provide them with the knowledge, experience and connections they need to succeed.


Global Entrepreneurship Network – Ghana (GEN-Ghana) is an entrepreneurship and innovation advancement organization that provides and promotes a platform of local, international programs and activities aimed at making it easier for anyone to start and scale a sustainable business.

We work by fostering deeper cross border collaboration and initiatives between entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and entrepreneurial support organizations. We work with government, corporations, NGO’s, development agencies to fuel healthier start and scale ecosystems that create more jobs, wealth, educate individuals, accelerate innovations for sustainable social and economic impact.

GEN-Ghana is part of Global Entrepreneurship Network which operates in over 160 countries independently, working to build one entrepreneurial ecosystem around the world.


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Is Nighttime Skincare Different From Your Daytime Routine?



best skincare routine for 40s 2000

Most of us know that we need to wash our face at least once a day and apply some moisturizer in the morning. If you want truly ageless, beautiful skin, you need to do a bit more than that. Both daytime and nighttime skincare routines are a crucial part of maintaining healthy skin.

Importance Of Nighttime Skincare

Why does nighttime skincare matter? When you are asleep, the repair systems of your body go to work. Your skin gets more blood flow. DNA helps to repair cells. Collagen increases. By adding a nighttime skincare routine, you assist your body in its rebuilding job. Here are some basic steps you can adapt and adjust for your evening skincare regimen:

  1. Remove makeup.
  2. Gently clean your skin.
  3. Exfoliate two or three nights per week.
  4. Apply a serum.
  5. Moisturize.
  6. Apply eye cream.

Look for products that work with your skin type, such as the best night moisturizer for oily skin. You can also choose serums that target specific problem areas. Worried about your neck? There’s a serum for that.

Differences Between Day And Night Skincare

Your morning skincare routine should be all about protecting the skin. You need to get it ready for the day ahead. First, you will cleanse it. Then think about what your skin will face that day. Sun? You need a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Pollutants? You need a protective serum. Overly dry indoor air? You need a strong moisturizer.


At night your skincare should help calm and heal your skin. Skin rollers are good for soothing and increasing blood flow. Masks remove impurities. Nighttime serums should heal and rebuild.

Sleep is an important part of your skincare. Lack of good sleep contributes to stress which manifests itself in your skin. Failure to sleep prevents your body from performing the rebuilding process.

When sleep proves to be allusive, try the following:

  • Calming herbal teas, like chamomile, before bedtime
  • Yoga or other meditative practices
  • Avoiding all electronic devices an hour before bedtime
  • Natural sleep aids, such as melatonin strips
  • Reducing the temperature of your bedroom

A healthy nighttime skincare regimen can be a part of your day’s winding down and prepare you for a good sleep.

Anti-Aging Skincare

Skin showing signs of aging also benefits from day and night routines. If your skin is thinning, wrinkling in excess, developing age spots, or becoming abnormally dry, it’s time to use skincare products specifically for aging.


The best skin care for aging skin will include moisturizers that improve collagen synthesis and serums with hyaluronic acid. Check for ingredients that lessen sun spots and fine lines around the eyes. An evening mask can deliver an extra-potent shot of moisture.

Are you ready to improve your skincare routine? Visit local retailers to try out product samples. Search online brands for a wider variety of specialty skincare options. Whichever products you choose, create morning and evening regimens that work with your schedule and your body. If it’s too difficult, you won’t maintain it. Simplicity is key to success.


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MTN Climax Eidul Fitr with Cultral Day Celebration



Salihu Abu of MTN Senior Manager for Customer Relations and Credit Management presenting the items to Alhaj Latif PRO of the National Chief Imam

MTN Ghana concluded this year’s Eidul Fitr celebrations with cultural events in Accra Newtown and Kumasi. The cultural events brought together various ethnic groups in the communities to showcase their rich culture in vibrant durbars.

Leaders of the ethnic groups led their delegations with traditional performances. The event featured live performances from dance groups and artists during the durbars. The cultural day platforms were used to share goodwill messages and to address community issues. In Kumasi, chiefs paraded from the central Mosque through Manhyia, Allabar, and ended at Kumasi Zongo. Health screening exercises were also included in the activities. Residents were screened for Hepatitis B, Blood Pressure, HIV, Malaria, and had their sugar levels checked.

In addition to these activities, the CEO of MTN Ghana, Stephen Blewett, in solidarity, celebrated with Muslim employees at MTN House. MTN Regional leadership also held similar engagements with Muslim employees in all 16 regions.

Before the cultural day, MTN Ghana presented food items and cash to the National Chief Imam, His Eminence Dr. Sheikh Usmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, and Regional Chief Imams in Ashanti, Western, and Northern regions. This year, a total of GHS100,000 was committed to the purchase of items for the celebration of Eidul Fitr in the three regions. The items presented included rice, cartons of vegetable oil, packs of mineral water, soft drinks, rams, and cash.

In Accra, Salihu Abu, Senior Manager for Customer Relations and Credit Management, led the delegation to the National Chief Imam and expressed his appreciation on behalf of MTN for the support, patronage, and loyalty of MTN’s customers across the country. He expressed gratitude for their continued support of MTN’s activities and the warm reception the company has received over the years.


The National Chief Imam, Dr. Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, received the items and thanked MTN for its continuous support. He also prayed for the company’s success, saying, “We are grateful for this gesture that you have done. May Allah increase your business and activities.”

The donations in the Ashanti, Western, and Northern regions were led by Mr. Simon Amoh, Senior Manager Regional Sales, Prince Owusu Nyarko, Senior Manager Southwest, and Kwame Aseye Akude, Manager Retail Experience Northern Business District.

MTN has been supporting the Muslim Community for 16 years during Eid-ul Fitr celebrations through donations and the organization of events in Nima, Accra New Town, Kumasi, Kasoa, and Tamale. The company also supports the National Hajj Board annually in the organization of the pilgrimage to Mecca.

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Gavi and UNICEF welcome approval of new oral cholera vaccine



malaria vaccine scaled

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and UNICEF welcome the news that a new oral cholera vaccine (OCV), Euvichol-S, has now received WHO prequalification and can be made available to countries around the world. The prequalification of this new product will help EuBiologics, the manufacturer, produce more volumes of vaccine, faster, and at a lower cost – a key step to expanding supply amidst the ongoing acute global upsurge of cholera outbreaks.

Today’s approval will help increase the overall supply of OCV available in 2024, with approximately 50 million doses now forecasted to be available to the global stockpile this year, compared to 38 million in 2023. Euvichol-S is an important product innovation: a simplified formulation of Euvichol-Plus that reduces the number of vaccine components – delivering a vaccine that studies have shown remains equally effective against key cholera serogroups while lowering production cost and complexity – thus allowing for larger volumes to be produced faster.

Cholera has been surging globally since 2021, with high case fatality rates despite availability of simple, effective and affordable treatment. The large number of outbreaks has led to unprecedented demand for vaccines from impacted countries. While global OCV supply has increased eighteen-fold between 2013 and 2023, the large and sustained spike in demand has put a strain on the global stockpile of OCV. Partners and countries are working urgently on cholera response, prevention and control measures in the face of this crisis, and have called on countries, manufacturers and others to support. Most recently, Gavi, UNICEF and partners announced the largest ever global deployment of cholera diagnostics to support surveillance and response.

“Prequalification of Euvichol-S represents a lifeline for vulnerable communities around the world,” said Dr Derrick Sim, Managing Director of Vaccine Markets & Health Security at Gavi. “Every vaccine dose delivered through Gavi programmes today represents years of planning and investment to shape the market so supply matches countries’ needs. The approval of this new product could not have come at a more important time given the acute upsurge of cholera outbreaks we are seeing worldwide. We commend EuBiologics for their role in ensuring countries around the world have access to cholera vaccine as part of their response toolkit.”

EuBiologics is currently the only supplier of OCV to the global stockpile, although other manufacturers are expected to have products available in the coming years. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance works to shape the OCV market, and funds the global stockpile of OCV doses, along with transport and vaccination activities in lower-income countries. UNICEF leads on procurement and delivery of doses to countries. Use of the stockpile for emergency response is overseen by the International Coordinating Group for Vaccine Provision (ICG), led by WHO.


“Despite cholera being preventable and easily treatable, children continue to suffer from this potentially fatal disease. UNICEF has already secured access to all the available doses of the just-approved vaccine and will deliver these to the countries at the highest possible speed,” said Leila Pakkala, Director of UNICEF Supply Division. “The approval means that UNICEF can increase the procurement and delivery of cholera vaccines by more than 25%, pushing back harder on deadly cholera outbreaks.”

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Isap Music Drops ‘Naomi’ As First Single of The Year



isap press pic 1

Ghanaian Hip-Life/Hip-Hop artiste, Isap Music has today officially released his premiere single of the year, “Naomi” on all digital streaming platforms.

The new single is an Afrobeats record that boarders on the thin line between love and obsession.

Isap Music opens with a reassurance for that special someone as he plans to put a ring on her finger soon. His sweet-singing voice together with the charming lyrics not only wins the heart of “Naomi,” but the listener as well.

On the DCM Records produced track, Isap Music brings a different energy to his first single of 2024, building a strong anticipation for subsequent releases as the year progresses.

However, until then, “Naomi” is simply one of the best Ghanaian Afrobeats songs released so far this year.


Isap Music’s spectacular performance on the two minutes 27 seconds track has everything; vocals, lyrics, storytelling and ad-libs, all on point.

It’s hard to believe such a good song was produced from another person’s experience but that is exactly how the song came to life.

In an online interview with Amplify Ghana, Isap Music disclosed that “Naomi” was inspired by a friend.

“The love song was actually inspired by a friend who was so much into his girl that he couldn’t stay a day without hearing her voice,” he said.

The latest single comes after his collaboration with 2022 VGMA Best Rap Performance award winner Lyrical Joe, Suuparstar TZ and Siicie on “Yesu Frɛwo” released last year.


Isap Music is one of the exciting new voices in the music scene. This new release, “Naomi” continues his streak of superb releases. Gaining recognition as one of the few street preachers, Isap Music’s versatility as an artist is of no doubt. He continues to share different messages and produce bangers in many genres.

“Naomi” by Isap Music is currently available on all digital streaming platforms.

Listen to “Naomi”

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Immediate Nexus: Your Gateway to Free Investment Education in 2024



Immediate Nexus

Within the ever-changing financial environment, it’s an issue of immense importance that an investor remains at the forefront. Immediate Nexus is a beacon that avails the indispensable resources and insight to navigate an investor through manning the complexities in investment come 2024 and thereafter. Let’s delve into why is your ultimate gateway to free investment education in 2024.

Understanding Immediate Nexus: Your Gateway to Free Investment Education in 2024

It is nothing less than a whole ecosystem to be built with the idea of allowing investors at different levels of experience to obtain the knowledge and tools needed to gain a foothold in this business. Whether you are a seasoned investor or one learning the ropes of how to dabble in the finance world, the Immediate Nexus has got your back.

The Evolution of Investment Education

Traditional teachings of investment have a very short shelf life due to the fast pace with which technology and the trend of the global markets move. Immediate Nexus fills that need by providing modern investors with current, readily accessible, practical information.


Free Resources for All

But what really strikes the most is the kind of free education toward all people without having any expense of seminars or the elite high-cost memberships. Truly, Immediate Nexus advocates that financial literacy should be made available to all, no matter where you come from or belong in terms of background or current financial status.

Expert Insights and Analysis

Investment can be cumbersome to wade through, especially for beginners. Immediate Nexus makes it easier with an expert insight and analysis curated from none but the best sources. Be it market trends or effective investment strategies, everything is there to make your decision wise.

Harnessing the Power of Community


It doesn’t need to be a lonely journey. Immediate Nexus is a dynamic, live community where investors network, share ideas, and draw wisdom from one another. That interactive approach makes it conducive to learning at the same time, availing valuable networking opportunities.

Why Choose Immediate Nexus?

While Immediate Nexus may be a new kind of educational platform, in many ways, it is poised to soon become the go-to solution for those seeking to grow and succeed in the world of investing. Here are ten great reasons why you need to make it your go-to resource this year.

  • Holistic Content: From the guidelines of a beginner investor to the strategies which are to be followed at an advanced level, Immediate Nexus encompasses and provides information relevant to every single stage an investor might be in.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform friendliness comes with ease of navigating through the site, intuitive design, and a friendly interface.
  • Timely Updates:** Actual happenings in the capital and financial markets, economic development, and investment opportunities.
  • Interactive Learning: Engjson Quizzes, Interactive Tutorials, and Live Webinars assist learners in polishing skills and strengthening their learning.
  • Community of Trust: Be a part of an elite community of like-minded investors, share knowledge and support each other in growth.


Your Gateway to Free Investment Education in 2024 is not a platform—it’s a revolution, an immediate nexus revolutionizing ways people think about investment education. Equip your financial future with all the expert insights and resources that you would have needed, including a lively community. Join the movement today and take your first steps toward financial freedom.

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Mastering Bitcoin Trading: The BitLQ Matrix Advantage: A Path to Financial Freedom



Bitcoin Cash Casinos

The financial opportunities, though, in mastering the trading Bitcoin are huge in this dynamic world of cryptocurrency. BitLQ Matrix strategy stands like a beacon of assurance and profitability among the myriad strategies available. This paper, therefore, seeks to detail the encapsulated greater benefits within the Matrix and illustrate how one could optimize his trading to achieve financial freedom.

Understanding Bitcoin Trading

Bitcoins are the first and leading cryptocurrency ever to evolve, and it altered the thinking of how the world used to look at finances. Bitcoin trading is a process through which one can speculate on the price movements of them and, in turn, takes home profits by analyzing the markets and makes a deciding move. Trading in bitcoins is very demanding in nature since it is very unpredictable. Good knowledge and strategic acumen are expected to surge through the market fluctuations victoriously.

Embracing the BitLQ Matrix Advantage

Mastering Bitcoin Trading: The BitLQ Matrix Advantage


The BitLQ Matrix is not some trading strategy but a whole, complete framework aiming to trade optimal results while controlling risks most efficiently. This revolutionarily uses LQ to guide traders through informed considerations in making decisions for the best possible profits with the least possible vulnerability to market volatility.

Liquidity: The Backbone of Trading Success

Liquidity is the base that underlies any trading pursuit to support transactional ease and participation in the market. Priority to the BitLQ Matrix trade is given, executed seamlessly without slippage, or at least at the most minimal level, for the efficient trade execution at the best entry and exit levels.

Quantity: Balancing Risk and Reward

In this respect, good risk management becomes highly imperative while trading in Bitcoins, and with the BitLQ Matrix, there is a good balance since traders can put in the emphasis on the importance of trade quantity. By doing so, the traders will accurately calibrate the position sizes to market conditions and the risk-taker’s risk-bearing ability to ensure they make a better risk-reward ratio and protect the capital from likely losses.


Quality: Elevating Trading Standards

Quality, in this case, regards the level of trades executed within BitLQ Matrix. This gives traders the opportunity to spike up their trading standards further, promoting the desired consistency and profitability from their undertakings.

Unveiling the Benefits

The BitLQ Matrix offers a plethora of benefits to traders seeking to master Bitcoin trading:

  • Increased Precision: With these details of liquidity, quantity, and quality at disposal, traders can be able to execute their trades with pinpoint accuracy, zero error tolerance, and hence reap all the profitability possible in their trades.
  • Risk Mitigation: The strategy of risk management integrated into BitLQ Matrix enables traders to be in a position where they could avert their possible losses and preserve capital in times of market downturn.
  • Consistent Profjson: The BitLQ Matrix principles will assure that you profit on a consistent basis, fostering sustainability for long-time success in trade.


This exciting journey into Bitcoin trading within the BitLQ Matrix soon turns into an adventure of financial independence and prosperity in one of the most lively and fast-changing cryptocurrency markets. You apply liquidity, quantity, and quality principles toward revealing limitless opportunities for profit multiplication and growth sustainability. Seize the advantage today and embark on your path to financial freedom with the BitLQ Matrix.

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