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Ghanaian Gospel Music Continues to Surge in Popularity, Inspiring Young Ghanaians



As Easter approaches, the soul-stirring sounds of Ghanaian Gospel music are resonating with listeners more than ever. Whether it’s the powerful lyrics that evoke deep emotions, or the uplifting melodies that set the perfect tone for a day of reflection and celebration, the surge in streaming on Spotify is a testament to the genre’s enduring popularity.

From the soaring vocals of renowned artists to the rich harmonies of Gospel choirs, Ghanaian Gospel musicians are reaching new heights and their music continues to capture the hearts of Ghanaians.


It’s no surprise to see some of the industry’s biggest names seeing some increase in their songs around Easter. Yaw Sarpong’s Oko Yi sits proudly at the top of the list – a powerful testament to the artist’s enduring popularity and the song’s timeless message of hope and faith. Meanwhile, Ohemaa Mercy’s Ote Me Mu is another firm favourite, with its uplifting lyrics and soaring vocals capturing the hearts of listeners across the country. The list is further enriched by the music of Joe Mettle, Diana Hamilton, Obaapa Christi, and Koda.


Among 18-35-year-old Ghanaians, certain songs have risen to particular prominence, becoming some of the most added songs on playlists. Leading the way is MOG’s Be Lifted, an anthem of praise and worship. When it comes to playlist additions, Joe Mettle’s songs are on everyone’s lips, with five songs in the top ten: My Everything, Bo No Nie, Turning Around, Yesu Mo, and Ga Praise. Celestine Donkor’s Agbelolo, a call to worship that showcases the artist’s incredible vocal talents, also made the cut.


Below is a breakdown of Ghanaians favourite gospel songs;



Biggest track listenership increases this Easter

  1. Oko Yi – Yaw Sarpong

  2. Ote Me Mu – MOG, Ohemaa Mercy

  3. Enyo (He Is Good) – Bethel Revival Choir, Joe Mettle

  4. Hosanna – KODA

  5. W’ agye Me – Obaapa Christy

  6. Nsenkyerene Nyankopon – Diana Hamilton

  7. Meda Wase – Hannah Marfo

  8. W’asem – Diana Hamilton

  9. Nkwa Abodoo – KODA, Nacy (feat. Nacy)

  10. Tenabea Foforo – Yaw Sarpong


Playlisted tracks by 18-35 year old Ghanaians during Easter

  1. Be Lifted (Live) – MOGmusic

  2. My Everything – Joe Mettle

  3. You Covered Me – Dr. R. A. Vernon & “The Word” Church Praise Team

  4. Bo No Nie – Joe Mettle, (feat. Luigi Maclean)

  5. Elohim (Live) – MOGmusic

  6. Turning Around(Live) – Joe Mettle

  7. Hallelujah – MOGmusic

  8. Agbelolo – Celestine Donkor

  9. Yesu Mo – Joe Mettle

  10. Ayeyi Ndowm – DSP Kofi Sarpong



“The Ghanaian Gospel genre is experiencing a surge in popularity, with listeners responding to its powerful messages of faith, hope, and inspiration. With young listeners showing a particular affinity for certain songs and artists, it’s clear that this vibrant genre has a bright future ahead,” says Spotify’s head of music for Sub-Saharan Africa, Phiona Okumu.

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