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She quit her job at the bank to start Ghana’s most-loved spicy meat snack



One of my biggest discoveries this COVID-19 period has been C-Touch spicy meats, a tasty snack made from chicken or beef.

I first chanced upon C-Touch spicy meats during one quick dash into a Shell-Shop to stock up some snacks for staying home. I found two packs casually on the desk of the teller and I decided to give it a try. Since then, it has become a weekly ritual to get some at home.

But with it’s short shelf life (7-days), C-Touch spicy meats usually run out quick at the shops.  So you must know the days on which they are delivered at a shop near you, so that you don’t miss out on its goodness!

Ameyaw TV caught up with Mrs Charity Akligo, the woman behind what has arguably become Ghana’s most-loved spicy meat snack!

Watch video below to find the story behind C-Touch spicy meats.


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