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Guest blog: Celebrate the living



Sometimes speaking out becomes very difficult for introverts like us but its high time we also join the train of truthfulness and say what is right. Am still wondering why we wait for people to die before we try to show them some kind of extraordinary love. If there is the need then why not those who are alive. After he or she dies, the most annoying part is when the government starts to make donations as if the deceased person’s family is seeking for loan. After the death of our former President John Evans Atta Mills, I thought that was the end of such bad acts since we didn’t praise but rather rained insults on him. Not knowing we were rather preparing for another one. ALIU MAHAMA SPORTS STADIUM. I can’t stop crying because we have really betrayed Abedi Pele, Tony Yeboah, Stephen Appiah and other great football legends who have done something great for this country and still alive. Maybe since it has become a norm, we are waiting for them to also die before we name a stadium after them. Amakye Dede, Daddy Lumba, Nana Ampadu and all the old folks in music, I say you have done enough for this country but now you know the anthem: “die before we celebrate you”. Maybe after you have passed away, we will try and change MUSIGA to AMAKYE DEDEGA or LUMBAGA and don’t worry about your family because as usual government will do the donations. Your effort is not in vain, but as Kofi Kinaata said in his song , Time no dey, “even if your track is recorded in heaven, supported by Angels, mixed by God and mastered by Jesus, that track will be the most boring track for somebody. Andy Carroll Allinfo]]>

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