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Guest Blog: Officially Invite Pain #Lifekeepscomingback



Annie Joy Annie Joy[/caption] Pain! Pain!! Pain!!! has become a devilish word and a feeling to many which you are inclusive. It tends to come from so many angles. Anything that breaks you is known as pain. According to google search: ” The international Association for the study of Pain’s widely used definition states: “Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage”. Meaning it comes with strong affection which ends up in making rational decisions and comments. Because of its damage, the beautiful side of it is mostly unidentified. It is being disguised forgetting that an interesting life story is collected out of its occurrence. Until you utilize it, you might not know the importance of it in a journey. Aside it being unpleasant, Pain can make you lost and dumb. It can make you bitter and resentful. It happens to be the petal in a flower which attract insects only if you value it. There are no new stories somewhere that motivate us but rather the stories are made out of our painful journey. For you to get people to be interested in your journey’s story, you have to get a petal in it and that is, the pain. Without pain your success story would not be complete. Have you ever wondered why most great people like Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Bola Ray, etc to become the main speakers for seminars? It is because they are with the experience. They embraced the petal in their flower. They valued the pain in their journeys and utilized it to form a success story. They are the people you would want to listen to. They are the people you are interested in because they know the content they are holding and know how best to deliver it. The one who does not have pain in his or her journey hardly gives interesting stories but the one who knows pain knows what he or she is made off. That person is able to be in any shoe at all and give out the best at seminars You want to be heard. You want to be wanted. You want to be invited. You want be honoured. You want the voice and you want people to listen to the voice when you talk yet you disgust PAIN. It is painful when the sun is scotching and you disgust being under it forgetting that some other creatures are benefiting from it. Did you forget that photosynthesis is taking place somewhere which is very essential to plants? You are going through pain for yourself but the most important aspect of it is, you are going through it for a certain person somewhere to whom your story will be told to. Your story does not determine your journey instead your journey determines your story. You need to understand that or you need to come into understanding that pain is part of your journey. So you have to stop avoiding it, accept it and value it. Pain is the access for the autograph. Pain is the voice you develop and people would want to listen to. What you speak to have in life comes along with your amount of pain. Therefore embrace it. Mind you, the pain of yesterday is making you that better person today. The pain of you being rejected yesterday is causing you to work so hard to be needed tomorrow. I want you to know the essence of pain in your life. Without water photosynthesis cannot be complete. Therefore know that without pain your story would not cause someone to go extra miles in his or her journey. You might know but your pain of today is someone’s source of motivation someday Embrace it, appreciate it and value it. Pain cannot cease in your life but sometimes when you feel it has ceased officially invite it. The pain of Caroline Sampson caused her to become very determined and worked so hard which today, it is her source of joy. We live in the presence and we dwell in it. Therefore during that period when the unexpected baby sign was thrown. She might have said so many awful things but her today is enough of the pain. The pain of Bola Ray which could have made him despise life some years ago but rather served as a motivation for him to go beyond boundaries has become the motivational story you want to listen to. Now, ask yourself this; Is pain really unpleasant? Doesn’t it make a story interesting? What is your pain? What is journey? And how do you want your story to be like? Before you avoid pain, ask yourself which type of audience you want to voice it out to? Is the pain too much for you? GOD doesn’t give big fights to little soldiers. Is that pain something you do not want to make a motivation? I want you to officially invite pain because that is the petal in your flowers. The world is going to know how strong you are if you could value your pain. Do not die in your pain. Make a great history out of your pain. Bill Gates once said: “if you were born poor it is not your mistake, but, if you die poor, it is your mistake”. Your pain can only become unpleasant as Google said only if you do not make it a motivation. Value your pain. #Getinspired#Getmotivated #Lifekeepscomingback   Writer: Annie-Joy]]>



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