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Slutty nuns & vicious vixens… Juliet Ibrahim holds Halloween Party to save kidney patient



Actress Juliet Ibrahim and her Juliet Ibrahim Foundation for kidney related diseases, has held the annual Halloween party for charity in Accra. The event which was held this year at the Onyx Nightclub, over the weekend, was organized to raise funds for Duke, who is in need of kidney transplant costing 35,000 dollars.

Please donate to help Duke get an urgent kidney transplant.

Juliet Ibrahim foundation  Ghana GT bank 2041074939110 #helpsaveduke

Mobile money 0242645060

  Use hashtag #letssaveduke

To donate in Nigeria

Zenith bank Nigeria Juliet Ibrahim foundation 1014682224 Naira account and 5070540805 Dorm account

Meanwhile, in a related development, the actress has revealed that one of the beneficiaries of her foundation had lost his life after a short illness.




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