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How Hajia4Real's ex, Everstone Adams turned his disappointment into a business empire in New York



In January 2015 a man reached out to to share his story of how Mona Montrage, popularly known as Hajia4Real on Instagram, used him to travel to America as his wife, only to cheat on him and break his heart. (Read here). Today, Everstone Salifu Adams shares a different story with us, one of happiness, success and inspiration from his office in New York. Thank you for receiving us into your gorgeous office here at the World Trade Center. This place as I understand is one of the most expensive office buildings in New York City…. Oh yes, it is but as you know in the corporate world especially here in the United States, most businesses are defined by their location and products they offer so there is the need for such an office especially when you are a young black entrepreneur like me. Before we start could you tell us a bit about yourself? Where do you come from? My name is Everstone Salifu Adams. I was born in the Northern Region of Ghana, a beautiful and magnificent city called Tamale. It’s about 500 miles or 800 kilometers from Accra. I am a product of NYU (New York University). Before then I completed by Senior High School in the Northern Region. What business do you do now? How do you make your wealth? Well I started as a software consultant shortly after I moved from my base in France to the United States. I launched my first company in 2009 developing computer software applications for small businesses in New York City. But our main focus is acquisition and business development in information technology. Over the years we bought companies, restructured them and sold them for profit so you could say we flip companies for profits. I was also a co-founder of Automated Vehicle Recall Center an award winning software that help Auto Manufacturers like GM, TOYOTA etc to track down and recall defective vehicles that has been sold to the market. So in general you could consider me as a serial entrepreneur who identifies and seizes viable opportunities for expansion and innovation; and grows them into profitable and valued enterprises with loyal customers. When did you leave Ghana, what were you doing in Ghana before leaving? I left Ghana in 1996, if I am not mistaking, fresh out of high school. Growing up in Ghana prepared me for this position, as you know Ghanaians and all Africans are the hardest workers here in the United States. What was the impact Mona’s breakup on your life? This is something I do not like to talk about but for the sake of encouraging young men like me to take a lesson from me, I would say that my best success comes after my greatest disappointments. And what I mean by that is throughout my life, I have learned to do my best in terms of my lowest point in life. I learned how to channel disappointment and anger into something positive. As I always say, I am not going to blame Mona for what happened. See, we were both young, naive and fell into wrong hands. People that we thought were out to help us put our fragile relationship together were the very people who destroyed us for their own selfish gains. Nevertheless, it’s been a smooth ride to success for me so I can’t complain. Finally what do you think about Ghana and do you have any plans to invest in Ghana or in Africa? Ghana is my mother country. Ghana is where I feel at home and for that matter where I belong. In terms of business I have been thinking of setting up a company in Ghana since last year and this year I have assembled a business exploratory team to look into areas of investment in Ghana. I have an energy drink company that I was thinking of introducing in Ghana but I have not made any move on that yet, since I am still waiting to see the feasibility studies that I commissioned. But like I said I am a Ghanaian and for that matter an African.]]>

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