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Happy FM’s Lunch Box invites listeners to co-host new segment



Happy FM has proven its dynamism yet again with the introduction of a new segment on their famous afternoon show, Lunchbox. Culled from the show’s title, Lunch Word is a brand new segment introduced this week to reward loyal listeners with a 360 experience inside a radio station. Each week, one lucky winner will be chosen to not only tour the Happy Studio and offices but to co-host the LunchBox with celebrated presenter Kwabena Boafo.   Speaking excitedly about this segment, Host Kwabena Boafo explained that “its always humbling to know that the things we take for granted are often the ones others desire.  We have been getting a lot of requests from listeners about visiting the studio and learning about how radio broadcasting works.  I was surprised but it has taught me to appreciate what I do more and to help make people’s dreams come true. We knew that this would be the best way to interact with our loyal listeners and also give those who dream about being in the industry a chance to experience it firsthand. Lunch Word is our way of showing listeners that we care and appreciate their support.”   Listeners can participate in the new segment by texting the ‘Mystery Word’ mentioned by the host to the shortcode 1723 everyday. The chosen winner will receive freebies from MTN and a free lunch voucher from Sizzler Restaurant in addition to their co-hosting and touring session at Happy FM.   In its 6th year, Happy FM’s LunchBox is a flagship program that has become synonymous with unrivalled entertainment for radio listeners. As one of the longest running shows on the station and in the country at large, Lunch Box has garnered a lot of attention as an informative, educative and entertaining platform with its exciting line-up of interactive segments and contemporary music mix.]]>