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Hottest Africans on Instagram part 2



Yes, Africans come in all shades, shapes and sizes and in part two of ‘Hottest Africans on Instagram’ we are focusing some of the hottest guys and ladies on the ‘gram’! The list does not include celebrities, basically Africans causing traffic with their good looks on the social media platform. No celebrities or famous people allowed!!! The list was compiled by asking Instagram users to tag people the think fit the ‘hottest Africans’ tag. So check out the list and share your views. Your can also vote for those you agree with!!!.

Titus Unlimited (Ghanaian Roots)

Am_n.1 -Ghana

Donkingpedro- Nigeria

OhemaaGhana -Ghana

Cold_Chills – Ghana

Imani Ayew – Ghana

MatthewRFranklin – South Africa

Jessica Jarrell – South Africa

KenyasLittleMonster – Kenya

Lesch_hlony_Creflo – South Africa

Abiixo -Ghana

Areethaa – Ghana

Ladygretta_xx – Gabon

Akua Gifty – Ghana

Iamluxemesse – Gabon

Foriwaa_adepa – Ghana

Onehock – South Africa

MMdkayson -Nigeria

Kennii_a -Nigeria

Bami-delee – Nigeria

Truepro- Ghana