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How I lost my Freedom on Independence Day



So as Ghana celebrates 61 years of Independence, I have decided to lose my Freedom by taking the bold step of marriage . It has been a long time coming but I have found the right woman who completes me in all kinds of ways. My darling Darkoa, mother of my son Nathan and the woman who challenges me to be better in many ways. So yes I can say I’ve lost my independence but it’s only the beginning of a journey that can only be a blessing, a blessing to me, and a blessing to our families. Daddy I wish you were here to see your son grown into a ‘man’ (like Society would say). Although you are not here to perform your father duties on this day, your brothers and family performed it beautifully on your behalf. I wore one of your favourite cufflinks in your memory. Finally, I want to thank those who came to support me on our day, and to the Yobo family for allowing me to be part of your family and you a part of mine. Thank you Almighty…we will need you throughout this journey.  ]]>