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How To Put Embroidered Patches On Custom Hats



If you want to get some custom hats for yourself or your brand, then using embroidered patches is one of the best methods of accomplishing this. They are very popular for many reasons. However, the main reason is because of the durability and uniqueness that they offer. They allow any brand to promote their logo or message but also differentiate themselves from the competition.

This is why they tend to be used as a placeholder on many sports teams’ uniforms or even military clothes. Some of the most popular types of hats that utilize such patches are; trucker hats, custom baseball hats, snapbacks, and dad hats. Furthermore, the process of placing embroidered patches on any blank hats that you may own is simple. There are three main methods by which you can accomplish this and when it comes to durability, each method below is successively better than the previous.


So, without further ado, let’s quickly dive in, shall we?!

1. Using Glue

Let’s begin with the simplest method of the three, which is to glue the embroidered patch to your hat. You simply have to acquire fabric glue online or from your local convenience store and apply a layer of it at the back of the embroidery patch. After which, you should gently press the patch firmly onto your custom hat and hold for at least thirty seconds. And just like that you’ve got yourself a DIY custom embroidered hat!

However, this method should come with a huge amount of caution. While it may be tempting to use any random adhesive to place your embroidered patch, its not always good to choose the fast and easy route. After all, using glue is not a very good long-term solution. Moreover, there is a chance that the adhesive can end up ripping the fabric of the hat later on. And while fabric glue prevents this sort of thing, the problem is that it doesnt apply to all types of materials. For example, if you own some custom bucket hats, it will depend on the fabric they were made from. Furthermore, after a few washing cycles, its only a matter of time before the glue fades as well.

2. Use The Ironing Method

The ironing method is a bit trickier and time-consuming, compared to gluing on the patch. However, the benefit of this method is that your patch is more likely to last in comparison. But first, when using an iron, you need to always be careful that you don’t end up damaging the hat’s fabric in the process. This means checking the warning label to ensure that the fabric is not elastic or heat-sensitive.

Once you are confident that this is not the case, you should first place the hat in question on a flat surface. You can then place the patch on the desired part of your hat and heat your iron. You should also ensure that the iron isnt releasing excess stream and that it isnt full of water. Once the iron is hot enough, press it on the patch and hold it there for at least 20 seconds. After that, remove the iron and let the patch cool off. it is a very similar process to using glue and it is also not guaranteed to stick over the longterm, especially if you intend to be washing it frequently. However, there is a risk of spoiling the fabric with this method, so keep that in mind. As such, a better option would be to simply order some custom wholesale snapback hats with embroidered patches for example.

3. Use The Sewing Method

This method is the best solution if you are looking to place custom patches that will be guaranteed to last for several years. In this case, there are two methods that you can use to sew a patch onto your hat. You can either do it by hand or use a sewing machine. However, we recommend the second option as it will be able to withstand the rigors of constant washing without the risk of the threads pulling out. But either way, you will still need to secure the patch in the right position before you start sewing. In this regard, you can place some pins in the center of the patch to lock it in place and keep it from interfering with your sewing.

If you decide to do the job by hand, make sure to use a matching color for the thread and then work your way around the patch, until you are back to where you started. If you end up using a sewing machine instead, then utilize a zig-zag stitch pattern. This will ensure that the patch is fully locked in place and secure. Also, do make sure that you use narrow margins, as the wider the pattern is the more noticeable it will be. This in turn can compromise the overall look of the patch.


There you have it, a thorough DIY article that details all the various methods to sew an embroidered patch onto your favorite hat. And if you follow all the steps weve outlined above, then you should be able to craft your custom hat in no time. However, as we stated earlier, its always best to simply make a custom hat order and purchase some trucker hat wholesale instead, for example. This is much easier and you will be confident that the job will be done without any faults.


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