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How Vocal Coach, Tristan Paredes Turned Reaction Videos Into A Career



Tristan Paredes is no stranger to the YouTube trending page. His “Vocal Coach Reacts” series has earned him more than two million subscribers, and his videos get hundreds of thousands of views on average.

Here’s how this vocal coach turned reaction videos into a career.

He found a unique niche within a popular form of content.

Reaction videos are incredibly popular on YouTube. Millions of viewers love to watch their favorite vloggers react to music videos, movie trailers, and other major pop culture moments. While reaction videos are something any vlogger can easily create, Tristan set himself apart by adding a unique spin.


As a professional vocal coach, Tristan has a different perspective on music videos and live performances than most other reaction video creators do. Instead of just sharing what he thinks of a video, he also offers tips that would help the performer improve.

He uses the names of popular YouTubers and celebrities in his titles.

Tristan’s most popular videos include successful YouTubers or celebrities in some way. The bigger the name, the more viewers the video draws in. The simple format of his titles, which are most often written as “Vocal Coach Reacts To This Celebrity Singing,” makes his videos appeal to a wide audience.

Adding celebrity names in his titles also makes Tristan’s videos extremely searchable. For example, his most watched video is titled “Vocal Coach Reaction to YouTubers Singing (Liza Koshy, Logan Paul, Shane Dawson, Tana Mongeau etc.)” Adding the names of the popular YouTubers he reacted to helped more viewers find his video when searching for those creators.

He makes use of his unique skills in collab videos.

Tristan isn’t all talk. Whenever the YouTubers he’s made videos about reply, he’s ready and willing to help them improve their singing. These collabs have helped Tristan reach a lot of new viewers. Most notably, he’s worked with Gabbie Hanna and James Charles.


After his videos attracted attention from Gabbie Hanna, she hired him as her personal vocal coach. Together, they created a video for Gabbie’s channel to promote her new single.

Tristan Parades didn’t build his career on clickbait. Rather, he puts his skills as a vocal coach to use by creating videos that are as educational as they are entertaining.

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