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I am extra careful with what I do and what I put out publicly because of my family – Edem



Award-winning Ghanaian rapper, Edem has revealed that becoming a father and a husband has put him in a position where he is extremely careful with his actions publicly.

In a recent appearance on MX24gh, ‘MXLive’, the ‘Over Again’ rapper said his kids are now grown and have a lot of exposure especially when they are in school, and they sometimes tell him about a few trends and news they hear about him.

“Having kids at an early stage is a different conversation but when they’re getting older, when they’re beginning to know the world around them, one funny incident when I traveled and came back and my son asked me ‘daddy who is that on the TV talking about the fact that you deserve to go to Grammys, his beard is ugly.”


He continued; “My son is nine so I was like, what’s going on and he said he went to school and some was talking about his daddy and I showed him a video of the guy, so now he is nine and he is more aware so it’s more of just trying to be practical, leaving what I want them to learn”, he said.

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According to Edem, he is teaching his children through his actions and daily activities, making sure they understand what he is into and the impact he is trying to achieve.

“So working hard, being honest with them, getting them to understand through what I do that you have to be determined, diligent and at this point they are not babies so it’s more of what you do instead of what you say most of the time so that’s basically it.


“Family life has been great, amazing kids,” he added.

Edem and his longtime girlfriend, Stacy Osekyere tied the knot in 2014 and have been blessed with three children; Khloe Selikem, Hotor and Jonathan Edem.

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