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Peace FM’s Odi Ahenkan Kwame Yeboah reveals how he attended 3 senior high schools but still failed



Odi Ahenkan Kwame Yeboah

Many young men and women waste their time in life because they think it is only formal education which can help them make it in life.

Many are those who spend between 3 to 6years in their quest to gain Shs certification.

Is that the only option to help you become an achiever in life?

Odi Ahenkan Kwame Yeboah, Host of Drive Time on Peacefm has shared an emotional and motivational message to the youth on how to ignore difficult hurdles and focus on where their strengths are if they want to make it in life.

Speaking on one of the empowerment edition of talklife TV show with Nana Yaa Konadu, He narrated how it all started.

Explaining further, he mentioned financial challenge as the first hurdle he had to cross, which made school authorities to repeat him in class.

He refused to be repeated and convinced his father to enroll him in a new school.

However, school fees became a challenge again at the second school so they failed to register him and as a result, he sought help to register which made his SHS headmistress come to his rescue.

Today, he is the CEO of a Community Hospital, a Community Radio, a block factory to mention but a few.



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