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Introducing Ghanaian music gem, Fatau Keita



Fatau Keita is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter, guitarist and percussionist who blends traditional Dagamba music like “Simpaa” with highlife and takes inspiration from musical legends like Salif Keita, YoussouN’Dour, Angelique Kidjo and FelaKuti.

Fatau Keita known in normal life as Fatawu Abdul latif, originally hails from Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana.As a young Tennis player with great skills, music had always been a deeper passion and

lurking talent waiting to explode. Fatau Keita discovered his musical genius at an early age of 16 when he wrote his first song. With his Dagamba(also often referred to as Dagomba) roots and deep passion for acoustic music and string melodies, he started practicing his guitar skills and perfecting his vocal abilities.

Through the changing seasons of life, Fatau Keita has had to struggle most of the time on his own just to make his music career a dream come true. The experiences has inspired and motivated him to write amazing songs


Fatau Keita is what we call an “African Pop Musician” or even “African World Musician”: an inheritor, creator and young exponent of a kind of African popular music that transcends the conventional boundaries of popular music at least as far as the West of Africa is concerned.

Fatau’sworld music genre portraysan alternative route of musical inspiration and appropriation exclusive from those ofHighlife, Afrobeat, Funk, Soul, Reggae and Hip Hop elements in popular music most musicians embrace.

Fatau Keita music style can be attributed to the traditional Dagamba music he grew up with that seems to resonate in the Mandingo-Pop of Salif Keita and the Wolof-Mbalax from YoussouN’Dour.The timbre of his voice makes is reminiscent of Senegalese BaabaMaal’s virtuosic singing. Some of Fatau’s acoustic recordings are also resonate with Mandingo musical personalities like KanteManfila and/or the huge musical legacy of Guinea’s Bembeya Jazz of the 1970s/1980s, although they are Fatau’s original compositions.

Fatau Keita creates a strong, idiosyncratic style that is both; steeped in trans-regional/trans- national/panAfrican modernity as well as Ghanaian cultural tradition .All in all, his style shows a special interaction of local and trans-local musical sources to craftily fashion a new form of musical expressionmusic rooted in his outstanding musicality, contemporary Dagamba culture, pan-west African world music, Accra and Ghana’s modern popular music, as well as Twi and Hausa “lingua franca popular music & culture” – all make up the special texture of his music.

Curated by Dr. Markus Coester of World Music, his maiden album (SELINA-2015) with nine tracks was recorded in Ghana and digitally mastered in Germany. His songs are available in most digital music services online like iTunes, MSN Music, and others.

Fatau Keita and his NaawuniBei band have performed in various music festivals across West Africa notably: GMWF-Ghana Music week festival 2017 edition, SICA festival – Benin (2016) where the artiste was awarded best African drummer,Tuumutu Festival – Accra (2016), MIA Festival – Benin (2016) emerged as the second best African male vocalist, Radio Music Festival – Ghana (2014), MIA Festival – Benin (2017) and MASA Festival (2018). Fatau Keita won the best wind instrumentalist of the year award, third best vocalist and second best performing band. His amazing musical expression and intense stage performance with his young, dedicated Naawuni Bie Band’s live concerts are breathtaking.

Fatau Keita’s music style is a superb example of “young pan-African pop music” that promisingly binds tradition in modernity. The future looks very bright for this young talent.


Consultant: Dr. Markus Coester (Germany) Promoter: Diagne Oumar

My Baby: Fatau Keita with Noella Wiyaala (Release Date : 10th June 2017) Fefeefe: Fatau Keita (Release Date: 21st December 2017)

Album- SELINA (Recorded in 2015)


  1. Africa
  2. Ma Cheri
  3. Act As A Woman
  4. Selina
  5. Sumia Aduwa
  6. Simpaa
  7. Asem Ben Nie
  8. TieKumm
  9. Won Boraa

Álbum Distributor: PAM
Bookings: Speech Productions +233 24 3436 198 / +233 24 9557 527


  1. Asem Ben Nie –
  2. Act As A Woman –
  3. My Baby –
  4. Fefeefe –
  5. Fatau Keita & The Naawuni Bie Band Performance @ Ebo Taylor Concert –
  6. Fatau Keita performing at 2017 Ghana Music Week launch –





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