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Jesse Meru, Moutabwoy & Big Stavv link up in visuals for debut single ‘Trust & Pain’



Mulaway Records presents the much-awaited debut single of the super-talented, Jesse Meru, ‘Trust & Pain,’ with renowned artists Moutabwoy and Big Stavv’ in the cut to help deliver an experience bursting with emotion, style, and authenticity. The track drops alongside wavy visuals directed by Sjakeem Seedo. Listen here:

Recorded over mellow tunes and heartfelt verses, Jesse Meru’s ground-breaking first attempt at music pays homage to all the homies he and his collaborators have lost. The striking track validates the hype surrounding the rising star and highlights his synergy with fellow rappers, Moutabwoy and Big Stavv on an uncanny level. This results in the distinct styles of the three combining into a potent mix of vocals that will captivate listeners from start to finish, just as their time on-screen will. Director Sjakeem Seedo captures the chill vibe at a house party where the three artists join to toast their fallen comrades. Watch here:

Mulaway Records, a leading independent label has always been committed to promoting pure talent and industry-shaping music. ‘Trust & Pain,’ the latest from their flagship star, Jesse Meru, is another testament to the label’s dedication to fostering the next generation of superstars! The 3-minute track explores themes of trust, love and the complexities of human emotions, presenting a message that will deeply resonate with audiences worldwide.

Mulaway Records invites all to experience the magic of this introductory release and join them in celebrating the brilliance of Jesse Meru, Moutabwoy and Big Stavv. What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the soul-stirring sounds crafted by these talented artists now!


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