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Joe Mettle delivers spiritually-charged ministration at sold-out Kadosh Concert in London



Internationally acclaimed gospel musician, Joe Mettle headlined London’s prestigious Dominion Centre for the UK edition of The Kadosh concert, delivering an electrifying and spiritually-charged ministration to a sold-out audience.

This extraordinary event, held on Saturday night, September 9th, was a significant component of the esteemed worship leader’s campaign to promote his latest masterpiece, “The Kadosh” album. It also marked a momentous celebration of the album’s profound spiritual impact to date. Joe Mettle, an illustrious figure in the gospel music realm, has achieved global acclaim for his transcendental vocal prowess and spiritually enriching compositions. His music serves as a unifying bridge, connecting people from diverse backgrounds in worship and praise.

On the night, Joe Mettle took center stage with a radiant smile and an aura of divinity that instantly captivated the audience. He performed a powerful ministration of his chart-topping favorites and spiritually uplifting new music from his groundbreaking project “The Kadosh”.

Among the standout performances were moving renditions of “Kadosh,” “Great Jehovah,” “Ye Obua Mi,” and more. Each song, from powerful worship ballads to lively anthems of praise, carried a profound message and purpose. Mettle effortlessly guided the audience on a spiritual odyssey, inviting them to partake in a collective expression of faith.


Prior to Jeo Mettle’s set, attendees were treated to inspirational performances by the star-studded roster of featured artistes, such as Diana Hamilton, Luigi Maclean, Onos Arino, Shekinah, and Tab Worship. These performers performed a wide range of outstanding songs that had a profound spiritual impact on the audience.

Released in 2022 as Joe Mettle’s seventh studio album, “The Kadosh” aims to uplift and inspire Christians worldwide to recognize the Holiness of God, the trustworthy solution to today’s troubled world. The album also proclaims God’s Holiness and lordship over all life’s situations and circumstances.

The album, consisting of 11 tracks, includes songs of meditation like “No Other God” and the contemplative “I Trust In You.” While each song varies in tone, rhythm, and tempo, they all converge on a universal theme: “The Holiness of God.” It serves as a collective reminder of the sanctity of the secret place, the pursuit of purity, and a life filled with gratitude. The album features “Woye Mame,” an Akan lullaby penned by Joe Mettle as he recounts and acknowledges God’s goodness in his life, family, and ministry. It also includes “I Can’t Stop Praising,” featuring the incredible Eben from Nigeria, and “Great Jehovah,” the album’s first single, alongside a collection of other spiritually-charged songs.

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