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John Dumelo reveals how fraudsters use his dulplicated passport to scam people



johnn John “Please be advised there are importers online posing to be me and asking for money through western union to support my foundation and also telling ladies they love them and will marry them. I’m not in Nigeria and I don’t have a Nigerian number! This is really getting out of hand. Don’t send any money,” he posted on his official Facebook page. “I don’t have a Facebook page of my foundation neither do I have a Facebook page of my clothing line. Even though I have Skype I don’t Skype at all. Whenever I post a picture on my page these scammers copy the picture and paste the exact thing. “They usually ask for money and tell u to send it to Nigeria using someone else’s name. They will say it’s my manager or personal assistants name. I don’t have a manger in Nigeria and I don’t have a personal assistant in Nigeria.” john2 “The scammers are not only in Nigeria. They operate from Ghana and other African countries. They will usually say send money for the John Dumelo charity or a relative is sick and needs money for hospital. Don’t send any money.” John7   Dumelo isn’t the only Ghanaian public figure whose social media account or image has been used for dubious purposes. Colleague actor Van Vicker has had his Facebook account completely taken over by hackers, and is now being used to promote pages, websites and discounted merchandised deals. Actress Yvonne Nelson also had her Twitter account hacked weeks ago, where the hackers took over for few minutes and posted very damaging updates, which she later had to deny as not coming from her.]]>

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