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Keeping hope alive! Meet the 94-year-old breast cancer survivor in Ghana



Meet Mrs Florence Mends, the 94 years old  woman who has survived breast cancer for 38 years. Yes!! From 1979 to 2017 and still counting.

Treasure Motherhood Foundation (BcaTeamGh) and The Breasted One Foundation paid her a visit in a her at home at OSU on our annual Pink Christmas event.

To our surprise, she was eating herself. And we waited to hear her encouraging story. She had a lump in her breast when she was 56 years old. That is somewhere in 1979. She took it to the hospital early and necessary diagnosis were made.

The lump found was cancerous, hence the need for surgery and chemotherapy. As we listened to her, we were just wondering the kind of drugs and methods used in 70’s for surgery and chemotherapy.

Mrs Mends is so strong even at the age of 94 so you can imagine the kind of energy she had at 56.


She told us seeking early treatment was key to her survival. She fought breast cancer with strength and faith.

She encouraged the team to spread the word of seeking early treatment. Most Ghanaians, think everyone who gets breast cancer dies but that is not the case.

If she survived breast cancer in 1979 and still alive, why should we allow this terrible disease to kill us in 2017. In this era, the drugs and methods has been modernized which has even made it more effective to treat breast cancer.

We as a team were  happy to meet a living testimony. Together we can make a difference. Share to make people know breast cancer can be survived and early treatment saves lives.