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Key Steps To Take When You Are Made Redundant



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Being made redundant can be incredibly frustrating, upsetting, and worrying. You will be losing your job but through no control of your own – while this can make it easier to secure a new job, it still is a major disruption in your life and leads to an uncertain future. It is easy to panic in this situation, but it is important that you know how to act so that you can get the most out of your redundancy and put yourself in a position to secure a new job sooner rather than later. Here are a few tips which should help you to cope during this challenging time.

Try Not To Take It Personally

When you are being made redundant, it is very easy to get upset and to take it personally. You must remember that it is not personal, but instead, it is a circumstantial decision that has been made by the business. You do not want to burn bridges when you leave because you will want a good reference and you may be able to benefit from a recommendation or networking through the company.

Find Legal Support

Next, you should find legal support in the form of settlement agreement solicitors. You will be offered a settlement agreement (a legally binding agreement) which outlines what you will get out of the redundancy. Your lawyer will be able to go through this with you to determine whether or not it is fair, if you can negotiate better terms and if you need to make an employment tribunal claim.


Get Your Finances In Order

Although you will be offered a settlement and you may be entitled to benefits while you search for a job, it is also a good idea to get your finances in order and tighten the purse strings to manage through this challenging period. Create a budget which cuts back on unnecessary spending for now just so that you can tide yourself over until you find a new job.

Use Your Network

It can be daunting to enter the job market again particularly if you have been employed for a number of years. You are likely to have developed a professional network in this time, so do not shy away from reaching out to see if there are any opportunities available.

Do Not Rush Into A New Role


When you are out of work, it is easy to take the first job that is offered to you, but you do not want to rush into a position if it is not right for you (it will not look good on your resume to quit after a short period too). Instead, take your time and weigh up your options – you may even want to earn a qualification, work as self-employed or take some time off.

Hopefully the information in this post will help you to manage during this challenging time. Being made redundant will always be an upsetting, stressful, and worrying time, but when you know how to act and get the most out of your redundancy it can make it much easier to manage.


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Sza and The Killers to Headline Inaugural Sudden Little Thrills Music Festival



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SZA and The Killers are set to headline the inaugural edition of Sudden Little Thrills Music Festival, a new two-day music festival taking place September 7-8 at Hazelwood Green in Pittsburgh, PA. The star-studded lineup also features Melanie Martinez, Wiz Khalifa (the Pittsburgh native will be celebrating his birthday on the festival weekend), St. Vincent, Omar Apollo, Fletcher, Yung Gravy, hometown hero Girl Talk, and many more performing over two days across three stages. Fans can sign up to receive a presale passcode now exclusively at to guarantee access to the lowest possible price for 2-Day General Admission Tickets. The presale takes place Thursday, April 18 from 10:00 am-11:00 am (ET). Prices will increase when the public on-sale begins Thursday, April 18 at 11:00 am (ET).

Sudden Little Thrills Music Festival will also put a spotlight on Pittsburgh’s local culture, including performances from Pittsburgh artists Feeble Little Horse, Corook, Fedd the God and Krunk and the Center of Life Band, as well as curated local cuisine and spirits offerings.  As part of its commitment to the community, a portion of every ticket for Sudden Little Thrills will benefit nonprofit and grassroots organizations within the Hazelwood Community, providing lasting economic impact beyond the two-day event.

GA+ Tickets provide access to the GA+Lounge with relaxed seating, air-conditioned restrooms, a private bar with drinks for purchase and complimentary water and a dedicated GA+ Concierge to assist with your festival needs. VIP Tickets include unlimited access to the VIP Lounge with relaxed seating, air-conditioned restrooms, private bar with drinks for purchase, dedicated on-field viewing areas at two main stages and more. Platinum Tickets include all VIP amenities plus unlimited access to the Platinum Lounge with a complimentary full-service bar and all-day complimentary dining, exclusive front-of-stage viewing at two main stages and much more.  For the full list of available tickets and amenities, visit  Children 8 and under are free with a ticketed adult.

Inspired by Pittsburgh’s arts and culture legacy, the name Sudden Little Thrills embodies the ethos of the festival – to be present and open to sudden moments of fun, joy, and inspiration, and selecting Hazelwood Green as the festival’s home expands on that philosophy. The 178-acre vibrant hub is redefining Pittsburgh’s riverfront as a beacon of innovation, creativity, and wellbeing. Hazelwood Green is transforming from a historic industrial brownfield site into a sustainable, equitable, and inclusive new model for urban development with community events and programming, an abundance of green spaces, and miles of publicly accessible bike trails. In partnership with Tishman Speyer, Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotic Innovation Center, University of Pittsburgh’s BioForge, and the Steelers Community Field will reinforce the site as a destination for the future of technology and community engagement.

Festival organizers have been working closely with city and community leaders to develop plans for traffic and transportation options to minimize the impact on the surrounding neighborhood.  More information will be shared closer to the event.


Sudden Little Thrills is produced by the team behind world-class festivals including Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits Music Festival, Sea.Hear.Now, Oceans Calling Festival, Railbird, and many more.

Sign up for the official Sudden Little Thrills SMS and email lists to be the first to receive new information and follow along on social media to stay in the loop for all festival announcements.

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The Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Sydney



social media in 2017 enx2 marketing

No matter what type of enterprise you run, having a competitive online presence is crucial in modern-day dealings. If you’ve been in business for decades, you might be familiar with more traditional types of marketing newspaper ads, billboards, mailbox drops but what’s your grasp of digital marketing? Digital marketing’s core purpose is about maximising your online presence, capturing leads and converting them into sales. A digital marketing consultant can lend expertise in this realm and really elevate your digital marketing strategy. So, what do digital marketing consultants actually do? Let’s take a look.

What exactly is digital marketing?
Digital marketing is a collection of tactics to boost your online presence and also increase leads and create conversions. It includes tactics such as email marketing campaigns like eDMs; processes for search engine optimisation (SEO), social media campaigns and posts; content marketing such as blogs; digital advertising such as banners and of course detailed research and ongoing analytics.

Digital marketing versus traditional marketing
Traditional marketing has incredible reach you can get a message out to a broad range of people and build brand awareness. But you’re also at risk of people missing your huge marketing efforts. Did they even notice the billboard on the way to the airport? 

On the other hand, digital marketing is trackable and precise. One of the huge differences between digital marketing and traditional forms of mass marketing is that digital marketing is so targeted and measurable. With sophisticated platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook, digital marketing channels can drill down on your target market where they live, and their interests. 

In Facebook ads alone, you can focus on a particular location, or a certain age, and only target those in that group who’ve purchased a certain product in the last month. It’s incredibly precise. The other advantage of digital marketing is you can do A/B testing and see what’s working and what’s not, and constantly adjust your approach. 


The role of a digital marketing consultant
So, what does a digital marketer’s day look like? A digital marketing consultant uses various digital platforms and channels to advertise or market a product or service. They are usually experts at everything from digital strategy to data analytics, and finding opportunities to increase customer engagement through various digital marketing techniques. Blurn, a Sydney-based digital marketing consultant, pride itself on getting results through customised digital solutions. They’ve been in the game for more than 15 years and helped hundreds of brands across the globe, including Domain, Revel and Fairfax.

7 Tasks a Digital Marketing Consultant Can Do For You

  • Perform digital marketing demographic research
  • Create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy
  • Build a social media campaign
  • Design an SEO strategy
  • Monitor analytics of all digital channels
  • Design eye-catching digital banners 
  • Build landing pages to capture leads and drive conversion.

Read More about Blurn, a top-tier Sydney-based digital marketing consultant.

Call Us: +61 (0) 2 8005 8005

Email Us: 

Visit Us: Level 15, Unit 1504, 50 Murray St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia.

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How to Start DJing With Beginner DJ Equipment



DJ Vyrusky presents 'Baby' featuring Kuami Eugene, KiDi & Shatta Wale

DJing can be a fantastic way to have fun while making money, whether it’s your full-time job, a way to put yourself through college, or just a way to earn some extra spending money on the weekends. To get started, you don’t need a lot. Beginner equipment is perfect for those who are just starting out, and you can do a lot with it as you learn how to be a DJ.

Get the Right Equipment

Getting the right equipment is crucial, but you don’t have to spend a ton on expert equipment to get started. Beginner equipment from places like Hollywood DJ is perfect and can help you save money as you learn how to do it and what you like or don’t like. When you start making money, you can then upgrade, and you’ll have a better idea of what to look for in expert equipment so you spend the money on something that fits your needs perfectly.

Learn the Basics

Take a little bit of time to learn the basics. Then start practicing. It’s going to take a lot of practice for you to learn how to do it well, so make sure you put in the time. Anyone can learn how to DJ, but those who do well at it are those who are willing to put the time in to learn, not only when they’re just starting, but as they go, too. Keep practicing every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes, to continue to improve.


Build Your Music Library

Building a music library can be expensive, so start slowly and add to it when you can. Start with the most popular songs in your chosen genre and then move on from there. You don’t need to spend a lot on music when you’re just getting started, but you will want to have plenty to practice with and will want to continue to grow your collection as you get better. By the time you’re ready to DJ for others, you’ll have a lot of music to choose from.

Create Your Brand

Think about the type of music you want to play and what you want for your brand. What will others think of when they think about you? What is going to help you stand out from the competition and get others talking about you? Building a brand takes work and it may take some time to figure out exactly what you want to do or what you like. Keep in mind that this can change and expand as you grow.

Start Promoting Yourself Online


Once you’ve got a little bit of experience, it’s time to start promoting yourself online. This will help you bring in customers and start being able to DJ at events. Make sure you’re prepared for the first event, then post on local social media groups, talk with friends and family, and ask around to see if there are any events that need a DJ. By learning how to promote yourself, you can get more bookings and start to expand your new venture.

If you’ve dreamed of being a DJ or it sounds like something you’d be good at, now’s a great time to start. It doesn’t take a ton of money or an expert setup, and you could start learning how to do everything in a short amount of time. Follow the tips here to get started.

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The Journey of Jackpot Games



buffalo blitz playtech slot

Jackpot games have taken an interesting path from the mechanical clicks of fruit machines to the virtual worlds of VR slots. It is a transformation not only in technology but also in terms of gaming culture and player expectations. And it is such that expertise like 50Casino’s, which offers guidance about growth trajectory as well as future possibilities, will help us understand finer details about jackpot themes.


The Era of Fruit Machines


Jackpot themes came into being from humble beginnings, evolving from simple fruit machines that were placed at local pubs and gaming halls. These are just some of the many different types of slot machines available online today, and they all function the same way. Moreover, their creation was a simple affair, while playing them was even simpler to win; players just had to match three like symbols. 



The fruit machine era set the ground for the diverse world of gaming as we know it today. This led to prizes whose sizes would certainly be described as meager nowadays, paving the way for more advanced, lucrative options in the future. The legacy left by these fruits is one that has persevered until now, meaning easy accessibility and having fun directly belong to this sector.


The Digital Revolution and Online Slots


Online platforms brought new life to these themes through the internet and digital technology switches, ushering in an entirely new era. Transitioning from physical cabinets to online interfaces revolutionized how players could experience the best options in the slot market, allowing unprecedented levels of creativity and innovation. Themed machines started appearing where players could find themselves in Ancient Egypt, outer space, mythical lands, or just anywhere else imaginable, going around spinning reels but rather creating stories with narratives and engaging characters that became even more famous than the game itself.



They also brought in various features. Free spins, bonus rounds, multipliers and wild symbols made the game more vibrant, dynamic and potentially more profitable. Progressive jackpots were introduced, raising stakes by offering sums that can be life-changing, amounting to single-spin wins. This marked a period of unprecedented juxtaposition of gambling with technology, making every player’s experience both new and amazing.


Venturing into Virtual Reality 


The future of jackpot themes is in virtual reality games, which would be all about moving from playing to experiencing them. VR technologies are set to remove boundaries between players and their gaming environment, leading to a truly immersive experience. One could enter very detailed casino settings or other game-related worlds where switches felt tangible when you pulled levers or pressed buttons. The sensory feedback delivered through advanced graphics and soundscapes makes the gaming experience highly involving.



To this point, VR reels represent the farthest jackpot games that have evolved up to now. Consequently, they don’t only offer opportunities for winning but also, at least, provide rich environments that appeal to a wide range of senses. Although yet to be fully adopted by the majority, this development has to comply with regulatory bodies to be included in the list of authorized casino venues.


Tracking the Change of Jackpot Slots


The development of these games, from fruit machines to VR slots, exemplifies human ingenuity and a relentless quest for entertainment. Every stage of this evolution has opened up new perspectives as far as mechanics and overall experience are concerned. The simplicity of fruit machines, creativity in online slots, and immersion in virtual reality all contribute to the story.



Looking forward, technology and imagination limit the future of such games, making them practically boundless. However, as technology progresses, players can expect even more immersive, interactive and ground-breaking games. The concept behind fruit machines’ appeal—the thrill of possibly winning—has always been integral to its core, and remains so as we proceed into uncharted territories.

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Explore the Latest Titles at Bitcoin Casino – New Games Added



bitcoin buy sell logo wo

As the entire globe continues to transform its operations to align with the ever-changing digital space, the realm of online casinos has followed suit. Bitcoin casinos, for instance, have emerged as an appealing avenue for global gamblers. A leading host in this new digital arena is Bitcoin Casino US, which has begun to explore various payment options with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Casino US continues to flex its user-related features and benefits, pioneering in providing the opportunity to gamble with an array of cryptocurrencies.

This article seeks to delve into the depths of different strategies of cryptocurrency payments, focusing on the facilities offered at this highly sought-after bitcoin casino. The element of optimal user convenience is essential. Therefore, an innovative platform like Bitcoin Casino US ensures a hassle-free and comprehensive cryptocurrency experience to its users by smoothly integrating multiple options in their systems.

Crypto online casinos, like Bitcoin Casino US, provide users the luxury of experiencing an ideal blend of classic betting games and an innovative method of online transactions. The unique features make it an appealing offer for anyone willing to shake up their gambling experience. Bitcoin Casino US focuses on facilitating its users with cutting-edge technology and diverse cryptocurrency options to enhance the online gaming experience.

In this digital era, these platforms accentuate the significance of online safety, especially when monetary transactions are involved. Thus, Bitcoin Casino US has ventured to introduce reliable cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others as payment options. The primary objective is to provide customers the most secure and hassles-free gambling experience.

Let’s start with Bitcoin, the pioneering digital currency that brought the concept of blockchain technology to life. It is prominently accepted worldwide and is becoming potentially more mainstream by the day. Second on the list is Ethereum which, although relatively new in the cryptocurrency world, has been rapidly gaining popularity. Ethereum has managed to establish itself as a strong contender in the digital currency realm. Following Ethereum, other widely accepted cryptocurrencies at the crypto online casino include Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. With these diverse options available for customers, Bitcoin Casino US addresses the preferences of a broad spectrum of gamblers.


Furthermore, additional layers of security are integrated into the performance of the payment system through an adept technical infrastructure. The transactions are conducted over an encrypted channel, ensuring users”>financial safety, transaction integrity, and personal details. Contrary to traditional casinos where large cash payouts heights the risk of theft or fraud, the crypto methods safeguard users from such threats.

Bitcoin casinos, specifically Bitcoin Casino US, have taken into consideration user interface design to ensure transactions can be easily carried out. With the advent of digitalization, the need for simple and effortless navigation through websites has become the norm. Bitcoin Casino US has dedicated a considerable amount of resources to make the transaction processes as easy as possible. Not only are the payments quicker due to the absence of an intermediary, but the process is also simple, taking less than ten minutes in most cases.

Additionally, the transactions costs of cryptocurrencies are relatively low compared to traditional online payment platforms which often carry hidden fees. Bitcoin Casino US ensures that the transparency and affordability of the crypto payment method offers a solid competitive edge to its users, saying goodbye to exorbitant transaction costs.

The users of Bitcoin Casino US are also invited to explore a vast range of bitcoin games that this crypto casino hosts. This bitcoin casino offers an alluring array of options, including slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, and many more. The link to Bitcoin Casino US’s online games page provides an opportunity to learn more about the activity variety available on the platform.

Numerous online casinos have begun accepting crypto payments due to the escalating popularity of these digital currencies. However, Bitcoin Casino US, as one of the thought leaders in this niche, comprehends the need for expanding the options. It continues to strengthen its grasp by exploring other viable forms of cryptocurrencies with optimum transaction efficiency. The efforts made by this bitcoin casino are indeed praiseworthy and will potentially set a benchmark for other online platforms spiraling in the same arena.


The move to adopt crypto payments at this premier bitcoin gambling website signals an important turning point – broadening the online casinos horizon. Being a pioneer of Bitcoin gambling in the States, Bitcoin Casino US continues to demonstrate the potential of cryptocurrencies as a game-changer in the domain of online gaming. With its innovative techniques, future-directed strategies, and a thriving gaming experience, it opens doors to a new, fun-filled gambling universe.

As cryptocurrencies continue to evolve, it won’t be long before we see an even wider variety of payment options being used. This adoption will only enhance the perks that Bitcoin Casino’s gambler community is already enjoying. There is no denying the fact that Bitcoin Casino US has injected a healthy dose of innovation and scalability into this sphere. The groundbreaking way it’s exploring payment options with cryptocurrencies can be an exceptional model for many up-and-coming online casinos.

As we delve deeper into the digital era, Bitcoin Casino US continues to inspire by leading the way. Surely, it’s an exciting time to be a part of this digital revolution. Exploring the multifaceted world of Bitcoin Casino US is an adventurous journey, unraveling a new chapter in online gambling with each passing day.

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U.S. Economy: Domestic and Global Influences



US economy

The state of the US economy is influenced by multiple domestic and international factors, including:

  • foreign debt;
  • dollar strength;
  • social stability;
  • global relations;
  • geopolitical tensions;
  • trade dynamics with China;
  • Europe’s economic health;
  • performance of major corporations;
  • political environment. 

Let’s examine them closer.


One major concern is the growing US foreign debt, which, while initially demonstrating confidence in the economy (and its ability to meet obligations), can eventually affect borrowing costs and creditor confidence. The performance of the US dollar index, which reflects the dollar’s value against a basket of foreign currencies, impacts US export opportunities and trade imbalances. 


Social issues like labor market instability, income inequality, and healthcare access can hinder economic growth and fuel political discontent. US international relations, including trade negotiations and conflicts, sanctions, and military interventions, directly impact the economy. For instance, instability in energy supplies due to conflicts in regions like the Middle East and Ukraine can influence global oil and gas prices.

China stands as one of the United States’ most significant trading allies. Trade balances, tariffs, and concerns over intellectual property rights between these nations carry both risks and potential benefits for the American economy. The state of affairs in Europe is equally critical, given the European Union’s status as another vital trading partner and a significant source of investment for the United States.


In addition, US elections consistently influence economic policy. Alterations in taxation, government expenditure, and regulatory frameworks can profoundly impact economic dynamics and the investment environment.

The modern US economy heavily relies on tech giants like Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) and Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA). These companies not only drive innovation but also shape the country’s economic landscape, contributing significantly to the gross domestic product (GDP), job creation, and international trade. They also make substantial tax contributions despite ongoing debates about their tax practices.

For those considering investment opportunities in the United States, exploring a free market replay simulation could prove beneficial. Such simulations accurately mirror price fluctuations in real-time, offering inexperienced investors a risk-free environment to learn and practice trading strategies.

Investing in the US economy presents both significant opportunities and risks. Diversification, market research, and economic policy analysis can mitigate potential downsides. Despite challenges, the American economy has historically shown resilience and long-term growth potential.

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