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What kind of boss is Ameyaw Debrah? WATCH my ‘Under 40 CEOs’ interview

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What kind of boss is Ameyaw Debrah? WATCH my ‘Under 40 CEOs’ interview

So yes when it comes to my work I do a lot by myself. But the last 2-3 years, I have worked in leadership positions in two  multinational media companies and in my recent interview on ‘Under 40 CEOs’ I talked about my success story as Ghana’s leading celebrity and lifestyle blogger, as well as my leadership style!

Check out my interview  with Mr. FAB on Under 40 CEOs.

Under 40 CEOs is a 30-minute television series that tells the stories of these CEOs, in a bid to showcase the sheer amount of resourcefulness of the individuals. When the stories are told, some will term them superheroes, but we attempt to demystify them by digging deep to discover what makes them tick, they are a new breed that must not be threatened by extinction. They are an inspirational bunch and the goal is to replicate them. They are the new school heroes to many, however we choose to call them our Under 40 CEOs.


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