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Know all about an infusion pump



Infusion pumps are actively used in resuscitation practice, analgesia and anaesthesiology. With the advent of infusion pumps, intravenous administration of drugs has become more flexible, individual; the frequency of complications and overdoses has decreased. Veterinary Infusion Pump is a chemical pump that is indispensable in aesthesia, surgery, therapy. The device allows you to accurately inject drugs into the body, ensuring patient safety. With the help of electronics, a medical worker monitors the rate of infusion, the volume of supplied solutions.

Ways of infusion:

  • Intravenous
  • Epidural (into the spine)
  • Arterial
  • Methods for supplying solutions
  • Bolus (rapid infusion into a vein)
  • Volumetric
  • Drip (slow injection)

With the help of infusomats, the doctor can set the regimen for the delivery of drugs to the patient. Modern technologies allow the device to independently calculate the dosage, based on the parameters of the patient (body weight, disease). Advantages over conventional droppers are determined by the ability to conduct a comprehensive procedure for the introduction of drugs: sequential or simultaneous delivery of several drugs at different speeds. Infusion pumps are equipped with a special warning system in case of unplanned situations (incorrect position of the syringe, disconnecting the needle, power failure) or at the end of the procedure. The infusion pump is a device for conducting infusion therapy and parenteral nutrition (bypassing the digestive tract).

The devices are used:

  • In surgery during operations (aesthesia) and in the postoperative period
  • In intensive care units, ambulance stations
  • In oncology with chemotherapy and aesthesia
  • In neonatology when nursing premature babies
  • In drug treatment departments when removing patients from severe intoxication
  • In veterinary medicine while saving animals

The appearance of infusomats marked a new stage in the development of medicine. With the help of equipment, the following tasks are achieved:

  • Reduction of side effects and complications in patients after operations and intensive care
  • Medical staff independently regulates the regimen for the delivery of medicinal solutions
  • Accurate dosing
  • Possibility of programming the treatment process
  • Protection against force majeure situations, and complete safety of patients are guaranteed

The main advantages of infusion pump

  • The device makes an infusion regardless of the position of the patient, does not require monitoring of the infusion process.
  • Contains a filter that guarantees complete infertility of the injected solution.
  • The uniformity of the flow of the solution allows for a comfortable infusion of the drug, creates concentration stability when the drug is administered.
  • The built-in accumulator (batteries) eliminates the risk of interruption of the procedure.
  • Using electronics, you can configure all the basic parameters of infusion: speed, dose and time of administration of the drug.
  • Has a signal that warns of the end of the procedure or the occurrence of a dangerous situation. The occurrence of such situations is monitored by sensors.
  • The device is equipped with mechanisms to prevent uncontrolled flow of the drug.
  • The infusomat has a housing that can be cleaned well and is protected from moisture inside. The device can be used in obstetrics for labour pain relief, in oncology, neurology and cardiology.

Features of infusomats
Infusomat is used in intensive care and aesthesia. High precision electronics creates complete safety for the patient. Using the program, the doctor sets certain parameters: the dose of the drug, the speed of its administration, the time of the infusion. Using the infusomat program, it is possible to infuse several drugs at once; a given electronic program will turn on the device in a timely manner. Such infusions can be carried out at any time of the day according to the parameters set by the electronic system. In resuscitation, special infusomats are used, which can be installed on the headboard or bedside table, gurney.