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Letter: Mistreatment of Africans living in Indonesia Jakarta by the immigration Service


on has received the following email about the maltreatment of Africans living in Indonesia Jakarta by the immigration Service:

In recent times, our world has changed tremendously as we are faced with the sad news of death and fear of the coronavirus pandemic. The world as we know it has changed financially as the market share has been plunged due to the crisis we face. Despite the rough nature of this crisis we face globally, certain individuals within certain nations, particularly Indonesia Jarkata have sworn to make life practically impossible for foreigners, especially Africans to live peacefully whiles they fight the deadly virus; COVID 19 virus. How can we yield ourselves to this wickedness in times as this and these acts are barbaric and of no honor?

Africans living in foreign lands especially in Asian Countries specifically Indonesia Jakarta are being treated very badly even though this has been something that has been going on for some time now. Sources reveal that these individuals who are victims of these incidents in these areas for fear of the authorities and their lives have kept mute for some time now. It is believed that people should be allowed to dream and dream big whether in their own country or another man’s country. It has become a fact that individuals living within this jurisdiction aren’t allowed to make decisions and enjoy the rights thereof in the land they find themselves and hence live in fear.

In recent times (particularly this year), despite these hardships they face, many migrant individuals in Indonesia Jakarta have been trodden down by the same authorities who have sworn to protect human lives by their ill-treatment and inhuman acts. In around last week, sources indicate with pictorial evidence that certain individuals have been arrested, beaten, and treated as animals around the provinces of Pramuka Apartments, Klapa garden apartment, and many more for offenses that don’t correspond to the crime they claim to have committed.

Most victims say that these immigration officers arrest some of them for charges based on their law. These immigration officers extort money from these victims who are particularly Africans. Sources indicate that certain victims die due to the harsh nature of the immigration personnel who handle them after their arrest. After interviewing certain individuals who were victims of this inhumane acts explained that the immigration officers usually stop them and demand for huge sums of money .i.e $2000 and above although their documentation is accurate and up to date and if they are unable to meet their demands arrest them on no charge and scourge them till they provide that money. Sources show that some are even starved in their custody for months and some eventually die as a result of these vigorous tortures they go through. Most Africans within this province have their visa and resident permits documentation accurate and with evidence.

These acts are unaccepted in our societies and we seek to address the issue at hand. Certain individuals who were once victims have sworn to fight back in case of another scenario. Citizens of Indonesia Jarkata have sworn to testify of the wrong actions by their people and seek to bring justice to these actions.

We seek to draw the attention of international bodies within the provinces of Indonesia Jarkata to review the incidents happening in these areas to ensure the safety of their citizens whether they are foreigners or indigenes of the nation.