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Lifestyle tips: Body hair removal techniques for every circumstance



Depending on your circumstances, you may not care if your unwanted body hair grows back quickly. After all, you can just shave or wax it away again. But understanding the hair removal options available to you can help you to adjust your hair removal routine accordingly when you need or want to. Some of those techniques can even keep hair from regrowing as quickly as it would after options like shaving.  If you want to get rid of acne marks or wrinkles, you can consider going for Microneedling in Somerset.

Why Shaving is the Most Temporary Option for Hair Removal

Shaving is one of the most convenient ways to get rid of body hair you don’t want, but it is also the most temporary. You might start seeing the hairs come back within as little as a day or two, and surely by day three. The reason for that is that each hair has follicle, which is the root the hair grows out of. The follicle is deep below your skin’s outer layer. The hair has to grow up through multiple layers of skin before it pokes through to where you can see it. When you shave a hair you don’t remove the parts of it that exist in those deeper layers of skin. The follicle still keeps helping it grow until it pokes back through again. The use of wax beans could be ideal in most cases.

Why Waxing is Not Always Much More Helpful


You might think waxing would be better than shaving unwanted hair because it rips hairs out, including a lot of the hidden portions, and you would be right. The waxing process can remove hair for up to a couple weeks in some cases. But it still isn’t that helpful compared to clinical hair removal methods, especially since the technique of the person doing the waxing can result in some hairs only being partially removed or being missed entirely.

How Laser Procedures Work Better Than Both Shaving and Waxing

If you want a method for removing body hair that is completely accurate and reliable then one of your best options is to trust laser hair removal tools to remove that unwanted hair for you. Technicians with the proper training can use lasers for hair removal on various body parts with ease. The best part is that each hair can be “tracked” by the laser, and the light and heat from that laser can destroy the hair down to the follicle. In some cases the follicles themselves can also be damaged. Such accuracy guarantees that not only will every hair you can see be removed, but also the hairs may take weeks to regrow. In fact, repeated laser hair removal treatments have been known in some cases to prevent hairs from ever coming back in the treated areas, or at least thin out the hairs that do grow back. 

Other Hair Removal Options That Can Work Well Also


You should be aware that shaving, waxing, and laser treatments are not the only ways to remove body hairs. Electrolysis is another option, as is the use of epilators. Although both techniques are usually done on single hairs or small areas. There are also special lotions known as depilatory creams that are particularly formulated to remove hair, but they don’t do so instantly. If you choose to use them then you will need to be prepared to apply them to your skin regularly until the offending hairs fall out. So, as you can see, you will need to pick the hair removal method or combination of treatments that fits your schedule, budget, and desires.

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