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Mike pleinAnother rising artist trying to take Gh and Africa music  to another level is on the surge and can’t be stopped –  at least for now.  LA music producer Adrian Swish. whose on this mixtape and also produced many artist in the states such as Kid Ink , Ty Dolla $ign and etc said the tracks are simply off the chain and it’s one of the best productions to come from Ghanaian Philly rapper, Mike Plein and co. Tymer.

The initiated mixtape involves nothing but exceptional flows from these two musicians , their is dynamism is unbeatable and just when you thought you could predict them , they beat the odds . This is one of the best projects in recent years to happen to Ghana’s hiphop industry after Hammer groomed the likes of Edem, Sarkodie and Kwaw Kesse into stardom.

According  to Mike Plein, he chose the name “Initiated” because this is just the start of something great that is going to happen to the Ghana music industry and the world. Listen and download ‘Initiated’ and hear how awesome and versatile Mike Plein and Tymer are.

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