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Sister Deborah - never leave youUncle Obama and Ghana Jollof hits maker, Sister Deborah a.k.a The African Mermaid, called Sister Derby by her fans (her dolphins), celebrated her 33rd birthday this past Friday August 25, 2017. And as a gift to her dolphins, released a new track with a love theme called ‘Never Leave You’ (‘she always go dey for them’). We hear more of her vocal ability through this new single of hers and on it she sings and raps in Ghanaian languages like Twi, Ga and Pidgin. In it Sister Derby says how this sweet love will give her cavities, how she can die for her loved one, how she wouldn’t eat if her loved one is hungry, how her loved one shouldn’t fear as their enemies have no chance and so on… in fact, this tune can make you fall in love! Produced by Wanlov Kubolor and Unkle Beatz, ‘Never Leave You’ will definitely get you on your dancing feet whether at a wedding, in the club, at a party or even at home! Enjoy! ]]>