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That could be a long wait! Efya says she is not ready to marry until she wins a Grammy Award



efya1All you guys dreaming of ever snatching and dragging Efya to the altar to say “I do” better forget it, for she is not interested in marriage, at least not in the near future. Ghana’s best and reigning Female Vocalist of the Year in an interview revealed that marriage is out of the question until she wins a Grammy award. According to her, she doesn’t want to be known only in Ghana but trans-continents. “Whatever needs to be done in making the dream a reality is underway and until death do us part, it is achievable. Unless I die in the process, it is something I want and until I get it, I am not going off the road,” she stated. Efya has released a mixtape ahead of her album launch which will take a form of tour both locally and internationally. Despite her intentions to hold off marriage for the time being, she still wants to be a mother someday when the opportunity presents itself. “Love is real but self love is better. I only want to have one kid who will come at the right time and not now.”
Culled fro Ghanaian Times ]]>