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Lyrical Wars Presents Body Bag Auction V



Bbav still poster

After a hiatus, largely owing to the recent pandemic, Lyrical Wars (LW) is back again with an auction! The question for all is, “Who is getting bodied and bagged for that?” To find out, we have to convene at Serallio on 11th June for the bloody lyrical rap affair. Ready?


The pent up excitement continues to build on socials with the reveal of these contenders for Body Bag Auction (BBA) V:

Amakye the Rapper seems to be the people’s favourite with the most BBA appearances. He steps into the ring with years of experience under his belt. He’s been in one of the fiercest bouts in BBA history. His versatile yet so mysterious flow, a lyrical cross of English and Twi has earned him a repute that any rapper he faces will definitely call a honour. You can never be too sure if you’re getting the gun bar king or Mr Aburokyireaba Ghana.

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Aluter, is the not-so-new kid on the block, (Rookie of the year). He made his LW debut in his battle in an all Kumerica clash. He went up against fellow Kumasi rapper, Kizadrip. They both really showed off with many giving the edging win to Aluter. I’ll say Aluter’s forte and bars are slick and witty. Like the true Kumerican spirit, Aluter doesn’t hesitate to school his opponents on street credibility. He just can’t be bullied.

Incase you hadn’t noticed, J Nol has been talking smack for a while and Dabu simply wants to shut him up. It’s undeniable that J Nol has been one of the fastest rises in the LW battle league. With the 2 BBA caps under his belt, he comes into the ring with home turf advantage and definitely some gun bars. One thing that makes J Nol deadly in his impressive stagecraft, the passionate performance in his delivery that always riles up the crowd- something almost all his opponents will definitely dread. Will Mr. Facts Nigga be able to defend his honour against Dabu the Gemini? We’ll have to wait and see.

Nigeria’s own Dabu the Gemini was noticed  after his One Rounder with A-Clipse during the quarantine period and damn, the boy is fire! Some felt A-Clipse edged that battle but yo, Dabu didn’t seem to have brought his all yet. He really gave A-Clipse a run for his money. He’s good with relatable punches and has that right amount of attitude and wordplay. Watching his battle against Dejinious on Battle Rap Naija sent a few chills down spines. He’s a monster on the Nigerian battle rap scene and J-Nol may need to pull out all his guns for this one!

 It is expected that this will be another fun Lyrical Wars event. We all anticipate the debates, the crowd reactions, the spontaneous moments and the signature lapin barbecue. Word on the streets is this years BBA would have other rap displays on the stage aside the battles. There will be a cypher so let’s find out what else they have up their sleeves on 11th June, at Serallio. Follow @lyricalwarsgh on socials for more updates and bants.

N.B. And please, if you don’t catch the bars stop jumping and screaming just because OheneKofi shouted “BARS”



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Encourage Decentralization to Accelerate Development – Okyenhene



Screenshot 2024 04 16 at 19.57.43

Okyenhene Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin II has encouraged governments and business leaders to decentralise their operations to accelerate development. He said this when the senior management team of Telecel Ghana, a leading telecommunications company in Ghana, paid a courtesy call on him.

The visit was aimed at advancing a stronger relationship between Telecel Ghana and Okyenhene as well as seeking his blessings and guidance in the company’s new journey as Telecel Ghana. In March 2024, Telecel Ghana officially unveiled its brand to Ghanaians in a spectacular event in Accra.

Led by Ing. Patricia Obo-Nai, CEO of Telecel Ghana, the delegation expressed their gratitude to the Okyenhene for his warm reception and unwavering support towards businesses operating within his jurisdiction. They also highlighted Telecel Ghana’s commitment to contributing to the socio-economic development of Ghana through its innovative telecommunications solutions and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

She reiterated the company’s dedication to ensuring seamless connectivity and digital inclusion for Ghanaians and affirmed Telecel Ghana’s readiness to partner with the Okyenhene ahead of his 25th anniversary celebration.  She added, “we will continue to work with other stakeholders to explore opportunities for expanding telecommunications infrastructure and enhancing access to digital technologies in Ghana.”

The Okyenhene commended Telecel Ghana for its efforts in providing reliable and affordable telecommunications services to the people of Ghana. He emphasized the importance of promoting decentralisation by key government agencies and business operations across the country to accelerate development, citing the vast land space in his kingdom which he is willing to release for development. He also threw a broader challenge to Ghanaian entrepreneurs to venture into setting up indigenous telecommunication businesses in Ghana.


The visit concluded with an exchange of gifts and pleasantries, symbolizing the mutual respect and goodwill between Telecel Ghana and the Okyenhene.

Telecel Ghana remains committed to building strong partnerships with traditional authorities, government institutions, and other stakeholders to drive sustainable development and create shared value for the people of Ghana.