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Majority of my fans are probably Nigerians – Jackie Appiah hints of a possible book on her life



Jackie Appiah hints of a possible book on her life

Actress Jackie Appiah, who received a Walk of Fame honours at the 2019 Golden Movie Awards has revealed that most of her fans are possibly from Nigeria.

She made the comment in an interview with Ameyaw TV host, JQ. Jackie was asked about comments from Ghanaians that suggest that she was ‘betraying Ghanaian movies’ by filming more often in Nigeria or Nollywood.

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She answered “Not at all. We are Africans. We are one people. I just wish that we can even do more collaborations with Uganda, Cameroon, and not only Nigeria. I am happy that we work in Nigeria. Nigerians do appreciate me. I can say majority of my fans probably could be Nigerians. I feel like, that is our sister country so I don’t think that should be a problem”

Jackie was also asked if she was thinking about capturing her life story in a book, a trend that has become popular in Africa. She said ” ..that is a secret”



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