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Married to Jonas, Smash, Bunheads and other series premiere on DStv



Married to Jonas (Premiere): The Jonas Brothers made girls scream at their very sight whether at their concerts or just being spotted in public. Now they have grown and one member of this Grammy Award®-nominated and multi-chart topping group, Kevin is taking DStv audiences into his life with wife, Dani. Dani, the sweet, stylish and down-to-earth girl from New Jersey, said “yes” and tied the knot with Kevin in 2009.  The deeply-in-love young couple quickly entered a whole new world, balancing marriage, worldwide fame and coming of age.  Together they are working to manage the colliding points of view between Dani’s outspoken Italian family and the Hollywood life of the Jonas clan, including Kevin’s equally successful brothers Joe and Nick. Tune in from Sunday 28 October at 21:00 CAT and see how it is to be Married to Jonas. Body of Evidence: Have you ever wondered how some of the toughest and most puzzling crimes were solved? Body of Evidence gives an insight into how one of Americas leading forensic profilers, Dayle Hinman, solves cases that seem impossible to others. This riveting series gets inside the mind, life and career of this leading forensic profiler. The show is a mix of interviews with Hinman and the cast of characters with whom she works. It also includes stylised recreations, location and archive footage, and other real evidence from crime scenes. Viewers will come away with an enhanced understanding of how profilers work, and an appreciation of the sterling detective work done by one of the first criminal profilers to be trained under the FBI’s John Douglas. For more, Tune in every Friday at 22:00 CAT.  Smash: This is an innovative and provocative dramatic musical series that takes a look at the messy and compelling process that goes into the production of an original Broadway musical. It starts with a successful songwriting team, portrayed by Debra Messing and Christian Borle, who begin work on a new musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. Then comes a tenacious producer (Anjelica Huston) with something to prove. The excitement grows once casting of the title role begins. From there it’s a rollercoaster ride that will culminate on opening night when the audience will determine whether or not the show is a Smash. It will air on DStv from October 26 at 19:30 CAT. Bunheads (Premiere): An intriguing story about survival against all odds. This is a drama series about a former ballerina turned Vegas showgirl who decides to take a gamble on a new marriage and a fresh start in Paradise. Michelle Simms had a promising career as a classically-trained professional dancer but was drawn to the lights of Las Vegas. Now, with a dead-end job as a 30-something showgirl, she’s found the excitement of Sin City has lost its appeal, and her persistent suitor, Hubbell Flowers, is gaining it. With promises of a cushy life in his coastal town of Paradise in California, Hubbell convinces Michelle to marry him and move away. Once in Paradise, Michelle discovers that Hubbell forgot to mention that he lives with his mother, the strong-headed, imperious Fanny Flowers, who is not pleased that Hubbell has run off and married a stranger. Watch it on DStv from Friday 26 October at 19:30 CAT. M-Net Movies Action brings you the best action library titles and this month it is jam-packed with some great titles which DStv audiences can enjoy at 19:30 CAT daily. Some of these include fan favourites for Halloween in the high School Terror Fest Theme like Halloween: H20 ( 31 October) .  ]]>

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