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Meet GH Hottie for January, Stella Kafui Sabuki ..New Beginnings

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Meet GH Hottie for January, Stella Kafui Sabuki ..New Beginnings

Meet 24-year-old Stella Kafui Sabuki, our GH Hottie for January. She is a graduate of the Ghana Technology University, and she currently works with a Property Management company. She grew up mostly in Madina and Tema.

January signals new beginnings and for Stella it means trying not to repeat her wrongs doings and learning from them. “My 2017 resolutions are to stay focused and aim high. One thing I like about January is that, it always begins with a lot of positive vibes to work hard. I like that positive energy”


Height: 5.8

Weight: 82kg

Bust: 39

Waist: 33.5

Hip: 46

Relationship Status

Currently in a relationship

My Ambition

My ambition in life is to be happy and to be financially independent

What makes me sexy?

My definition of sexy is looking simple, always smiling. And having good food is sexy. What make me sexy is my smile, and my good sense of humour. 

How to be sexy

Be yourself

Drink lots of water and drink more cranberry juice

Take good care of yourself

Get enough rest

Work out regularly

My ideal sexy man

What I find sexy or attractive in my partner is, he’s business minded and very focused, he’s calm, which I admire so much because I’m the opposite.

A day in my life

A routine day for me is to wake up dress well to work, smile constantly, and get back home and back to sleep. Weekend I do more family and friends.


No special diets. I eat anything

Must-have trends

Trendiest fashion accessories at the moment for me is off shoulder tops and flashy phone cases

Casual of Formal?

I do both casual and formal

Shoes or sandals?


Shaving or waxing?


Natural or hair extension?


Piercing or tattooes?

Piercing all day

African print or Western clothing?

African and western. It depends on the occasion.

Favorite colour

White and gold

Favorite perfume

Lancôme (la vie est belle)

Favorite food

Banku with pepper and fried fish

Favorite makeup

Mary Kay, nude and Matte

Quick Make-up tips:

Using your correct skin shade of makeup and minimal makeup is always best when in doubt.

Roll-on deodorant or spray?


Cocoa butter or Vaseline?

Cocoa Butter

Beads or chains?


Nude photo shoot or covered up?

Covered up

Favourite colour of cloths

Orange, white, black.

Creative Director : @iamasephua
Photography @vineimagery

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