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Meet GH Hottie of June, Christabel Dzifa Atsutse



Meet 22-year old Christabel Dzifa Atsutse, our GH Hottie for the month of June, supported by Dark & Lovely- Crème 6. She grew up in Tema. Dzifa is currently a student of UPSA and an intern at Ronin Africa, an advertising agency). June represented a lot to her because for her, “ Its the month I finally finished my final paper which makes me a grandaunt of UPSA, I hope that the efforts I am making towards the beginning of my life as a student works put my life on the right track.” On why she participated in the GH Hottie contest, Dzifa comments: “I figured it was great initiative and could serve as a stepping-stone to branding myself. Giving up at the last minute when things don’t go your way doesn’t mean it’s over. Every second and every minute counts and every single effort counts!” Body stats Height – 5″6.5 Weight – 65kg Waist -28 Hips – 39 Bust – 33 Life ambition To become one of the greatest advertising gurus and entrepreneurs ever lived What makes me a hottie? An awesome and attractive personality combined with a simple sense of fashion. My personality! Yeah and also my features. 5 tips on how to be sexy or stay sexy Have an awesome personality, Simple fashion sense, Be nice to everyone (Don’t be over nice, it gets creepy, Smile a lot, Be confident Relationship status Dating What I find attractive in my partner His sense of humour and he is a Hunk as well A day in my life Well, before 31st May…it was wake up, go for lectures, breakfast (mostly waakye), back to class, go back to the hostel, lunch and cartoons, hang out with the boyfriend sometimes when he gets off work or with my pals (HotnXGh) nap, watch cartoons My workout plan Quite a lazy one. 50 sit ups, 50 squats Diet? I love food too much to be dieting Funniest comment about my body? Times when I was skinnier someone told me my butt looked plywood cos it flat If I could have a plastic surgery what would it be? No part, yet. Biggest asset I can get hyper when I want. My Make-up tips I do use make-up. Let’s see……..Ok 1.Never take your made up face to bed 2.Get the right shade of foundation and powder if not don’t use too much of it if it’s not your shade. 3.You don’t need to use make-up everyday sometimes your face needs to breathe 4.You don’t always need heavy make up sometimes-simple cuts it. 5. Your primer doesn’t really have to dry before you apply your foundation especially if you are using Milk of Magnesia  My fashion sense or style Sassy with a touch of nerdiness ( I wear glasses) Trendiest fashion accessories of the moment I think that would be a choker 5 fashion items I cannot live without Wrist beads Anklet Choker Sneakers Backpack Bonus: Baseball caps High heels or low platforms? High heels Real hair or hair extensions? African clothing or Western clothing? Both Favourite colour of clothing? I get to pick more than right? I like black, red, white, blue and pink. I don’t really have a favourite. Favourite fragrance/perfume? Argh, sorry I don’t have one Favourite food I have a menu of favourite foods, Yam and Kontomire stew, Fufu and palmut soup, Waakye, Jollof, Does Brukina count? Roll-on deodorant or spray? Spray Cocoa butter or Vaseline? Both Beads or chains Both]]>

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