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Meet GH Hunk for January, Calyx Cruise…New Beginnings

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Meet GH Hunk for January, Calyx Cruise…New Beginnings

Meet 26-year-old Calyx Cruise, our GH Hunk for January. He studied Psychology and Geography (a combined major) from the University of Ghana. He is currently a computer hardware and networking specialist, as well as an International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Strength and Conditioning certified coach.

Calyx Cruise grew up in Accra, Kanda Estates. He runs his fitness business online via, where he offers a variety of services including custom nutrition and workout plans, coaching and also blogging.

For Calyx Cruise, ‘new beginnings’ mean leaving the old behind and moving on. “The month of January reminds me of the need to sit up and work hard throughout the year. This month I hope to launch 3 fitness programs i.e. My Mass, shred and weight loss program.”


Height: 6’1

Weight: 87kg

Chest: 44

Waist: 31

Relationship Status

In a relationship

New Year’s Resolution

I want to spread my fitness business across Ghana and the globe at large. I also want to complete and get my community fitness center running. I want to become a record-breaking champion, and I Look forward to working with notable fitness brands to help further my fitness career.

My Ambitions

My ambition is to further my education in fitness as well as psychology and lift the name of Ghana through fitness, health and lifestyle.

What makes me sexy

To be sexy you should be interesting, appealing and funny. My humility, African musculature, skin tone and smile make me sexy.

How I stay sexy

Exercises regularly

Eat healthy and drink lots of water

Take multivitamins

Smile a lot

Dress good

My ideal sexy woman

Her sense and preservation of African norms and value must be good. Again her legs and skin. Command over her dialect and also the queen’s language.

A day in my life

My daily routine usually sees me waking up 5am,cooking my meals for the morning and then hitting the gym. The rest of the day sees me working on my fitness business and staying in touch with my clients.

My training regimen

I follow a structured workout plan but not to add boredom to the activity I like to stay unique with my workout so as to entertain fans and myself.

My diet

Nutrition is one thing that I am very conscious about as a fitness enthusiast. I develop my own diet plan to bulk or shred depending on the season I am in.

Funniest comment ever on Facebook

Urrmm the funniest thing I ever heard on Facebook was when a lady dropped a message saying she always feels like squirting when she sees my pictures. LOL

Must-have trends

Trendiest fashion accessories for me are dessert boots, headphones.

Casual or formal?


Leather or metallic watch?

Leather watch

Shoes or flip flops?


Shaving or waxing?


Tattoo or piercing?

No tattoos or piercings

African print or Western clothing?

Both western and African prints

Favourite colour

Sea blue

Favourite perfume


Favourite food

Rice balls (omotuo) with groundnut soup with salmon and goat meat

Suits or African wear?


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Boxer shorts or briefs?


Cufflinks or buttons?


Tie or no –tie?


Roll-on deodorant or spray?


Razor or shaving machine?

Shaving machine

Beer or vodka?

I don’t drink alcohol

Condom or raw?


Skinny jeans or baggy?

Skinny jeans

Tucked in or sagging?

Tucked in

Cocoa butter or Vaseline?

Cocoa butter

Beads or chains?


Nude photo shoot or covered up?

Covered up showing other parts of the body except genitals

Favourite colour of cloths?

Personally I don’t like bright colours as shirts, I like dull colours.

Creative Director : @iamasephua
Photography @vineimagery

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