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Meet Kafui Prebbie, the Techaide CEO improving ICT education across Ghana



For developing countries, ICT is a rich investment and one man is leading the charge to ensure students across Ghana have access to practical and impactful ICT education.

Throughout the year, I have been following TECHAiDE and IMPLEMENTERS on their work in commissioning the ‘Yamoransa Model Labs’ across Ghana. Intrigued by their passion and dedication, I sat down for a conversation with the CEO, Kafui Prebbie.

Prestea Huni-Valley Municipality gets Yamoransa Model Lab

As founder and chief executive officer of TECHAiDE  (a technology social enterprise), Kafui Prebbie’s passion for ICT started in the early 2000s after winning the ‘Best ICT for Development Script’ and undergoing training in the maiden Youth Fellowship program in Johannesburg, South Africa.


Originally trained as Mathematics Educationist, Kafui has post-graduate education in Project Management, Corporate Governance, Human Resource Management, Statistics, and Finance.

Kafui being a dynamic and result-laden technology entrepreneur led to the development of two thriving technology products – EDULab & ASANKA by TECHAiDE to address ICT  educational needs. These technology products are the engine of the ‘Yamoransa Model Labs’.
With his passion, he also founded IMPLEMENTERS, a development management and education non-profit that focuses on enhancing brand experience through social development projects.

Speaking to AmeyawTV, the 2010 Clinton Global Initiative Fellow shared some challenges he’s experienced in achieving his goal of impacting ICT education in Ghana.

He said: “It has always been about identifying the right partners to do the work with. The vision we have is big so we tackle it from different aspects; the equipment, the content, to the training, and each of them requires strategic partnerships. It is finding these partnerships that bring the challenges.”


ICT for development (ICT4D) can have a huge impact on the lives of everyone involved, from the developers, implementors, sponsors, and the end-user. In Ghana, Kafui Prebbie is holding the front through his initiatives and work at TECHAiDE and IMPLEMENTERS.

Watch the full interview below.


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