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Mental health: How does a daily crossword puzzle help



While picking up a newspaper to solve the crossword problem might not be your cup of tea, it might be in your best interests to look for those puzzles, whether in the newspaper or elsewhere.

According to studies, people can gain benefits from solving crossword puzzles regularly. For instance, King’s College London and University of Exeter Medical School researchers discovered that those who routinely completed word puzzles displayed cognition levels comparable to those of someone 10 years younger than them. In addition, people performed better on tests of attention, reasoning, and memory, as well as other executive functions, the more frequently they completed word puzzles.

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Advantages of crossword puzzles on Mental Health

Crossword puzzles support brain function in humans. Although many people have this opinion, they have never been able to back it up with facts or reliable sources—until now, that is! But crossword puzzles have advantages for your health beyond just your brain. These are the top surprisingly beneficial health effects of crossword puzzles.


Slows memory loss and lessens dementia

Most people who inquire about the benefits of crossword puzzles for brain health want to know if they may improve memory. This study discovered that solving crossword puzzles later in life prevented memory loss in dementia patients by 2.5 years. The participants’ prior schooling had no bearing on the outcomes.

Researchers discovered in related studies that those already at risk for Alzheimer’s or dementia benefit significantly from these advantages. In other words, doing daily crossword puzzles may help if you have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Maintain memory, cognitive ability, and overall intellectual capacity

Researchers discovered in a different study that people who routinely complete crossword puzzles had brains 10 years younger than their chronological age. Researchers and scientists have also shown that crossword puzzle solvers who consistently push themselves will reap the most cognitive rewards from them. With crossword puzzles, you may push yourself even farther by:

  • Increasing the size and difficulty of the task regularly.
  • Time yourself while you complete the crossword.
  • Utilising fewer resources to aid in solving.
  • Solving crosswords in a foreign language.

Helps improve spelling and vocabulary

Crossword puzzles help both students and adults improve their vocabulary and spelling. A more extensive vocabulary can speed up your thinking and improve your abstract thinking ability. Tremendous professional success can also result from this type of mental improvement.

Crossword puzzles don’t just improve your vocabulary and spelling. Crossword puzzles can also enhance your trivial knowledge, which has similar cognitive advantages.


Improves interpersonal relationships

You can improve your social ties by having fun and engaging in discussions while working on crossword puzzles with friends and family. Social connections extend your life and enhance your quality of life. More importantly, social isolation negatively impacts health more than problems like smoking and obesity. So a crossword party with your friends could benefit your health.

Reduce anxiety, which elevates your mood

As a lone solver, there are still methods to gain from crosswords regarding emotional wellness. Exercises that are more mentally stimulating, for instance, may reduce anxiety. According to a study, anxiety sufferers performed better at tasks demanding focus, like crossword puzzles, than they did at things most people would consider to be more “relaxing.” This finding supports the notion that stress reduces anxiety by diverting anxiety toward a task requiring problem-solving.

Improves the ability to solve problems

To find the solution to a crossword puzzle, you must first solve a specific problem or clue. Someone who routinely completes crossword puzzles appears to be able to finish them more quickly than someone who has never had to use their brain’s problem-solving abilities. Your problem-solving skills should improve as you complete more crossword puzzles.

Enables the brain to produce dopamine and serotonin

Crossword puzzles are the way to go if you’ve been seeking a way to get a healthy dosage of those happy hormones flowing through your blood. You were probably under the impression that the only method was to work out and eat chocolate, but this is untrue!


Dopamine production increases in the brain while completing a crossword puzzle because of a sensation of accomplishment (almost like brain excitement). The human brain truly enjoys problem-solving. It’s constantly looking for solutions and ideas. So after finishing the crossword puzzle, you’ll experience a lovely rush of dopamine and serotonin that will make you happy and smiling.

Form of Mental Exercise

The majority of people spend much time improving their physical condition. To maintain our physical fitness, we exercise and watch what we eat. But what about our mental health? One component of the body that requires exercise is the brain. It will behave the same as the rest of the body if you don’t exercise it. Crossword puzzles are similar to brain-gym workouts.

Fights depression’s symptoms

Cortisol (the stress hormone) is released in the body due to depression, which affects the brain. Depression is challenging to overcome, and while medications can assist with the symptoms, many sufferers also need to make healthy lifestyle changes.

It is believed that depressive individuals who regularly engage in hobbies like crossword puzzles see a decrease in their sensations of hopelessness or listlessness. It might relate to a feeling of accomplishment.


The Bottom Line

On how many crossword puzzles are good for your health, not all scientists agree. However, according to many studies, Crosswords do, however, support human health and brain function to some extent. Additionally, while eating an apple a day won’t guarantee you won’t get sick, it also can’t hurt. Why not attempt one crossword a day, then? Or, even better, create crossword puzzles to further their mental health advantages of them.

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