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Housemates took a break from their task rehearsals to toast the good news delivered to Meryl and Munya about their children. Munya’s son, Malachi, has been discharged from the hospital. His health has improved and he weighed in at 1.79 kg’s when he left the medical facility.

Meryl broke down from tears of joy when she heard that her daughter, Akila, had developed her first tooth. She told the Housemates that Big Brother confirmed her maternal instincts – the whole week Meryl has been saying that she was sensing some change in her child’s growth.

Meanwhile in the Barn, during her Diary session, Sheila was handed her punishment for microphone infringement. She was instructed to walk 10 km’s within 24 hours and given a pedometer to measure her steps. Besides being busy with the task, Sheila told Big Brother that the Hugh Masekela autobiography she was reading had her thinking about what she wanted to do with her life. She said she wanted to concentrate on her music and also enter the film industry. When Big Brother asked her what it was she wanted presently, she struggled for words before telling Big Brother she would like to hear her mother’s voice “so badly”. Before leaving the Diary Session, Sheila apologised for breaking the rules and vowed to perform her punishment diligently.

During her Diary session, Lerato told Big Brother that she was trying to lose weight and since she quit smoking and was struggling to find a worthy replacement for her cravings, since chocolate was not helping her cause. Tatiana told Big Brother that she was very confident in her performance of the Task and confirmed that the Barnmates would do well. She mentioned that she thought Code, who has taken the lead role, is the strongest actor of them all.

Back in the House Big Brother upgraded Kaone’s punishment. He was initially punished for microphone infringement and since he hasn’t improved in this regard, he was punished again. Biggie told Kaone he would need to liquidise all his meals in the blender before eating them, this as punishment for repeatedly not wearing his microphone, or wearing it incorrectly! Now not only will he liquidise his food, he will also have to walk 15km’s in the next couple of days.

During her Diary session, Paloma admitted to Big Brother that she was struggling to get Jen to say she was famous in her country. She has a secret task of getting the Housemates to admit to being famous in their country. So far, she managed to get all other Housemate to admit to fame, except for Jen. She still has 24 more hours to come up with more subtle ways to convince get her to admit to it before claiming her special reward – Tatiana was given the same task in the Barn.

Paloma went on to tell Big Brother that she was nervous about Sunday evictions since she felt she was not ready to leave the game at this stage. Though she doesn’t know it yet, Paloma is up against Mwisho for this week’s Eviction.

Munya told Big Brother that there was no “I” in team and jokingly added that there was, however, “me” in that word. With that, he was referring to the balancing act that him and Uti had to do as co-directors in the performance of the Task. The two were seen disagreeing on a few occasions with regard to the execution of the task and placements of props.

Meanwhile Uti admitted to having a co-operative working arrangement with Munya. He said that all the Housemates were working very hard to make the Task a success. With regard to being a lead actor, Uti told Big Brother that it was exhausting having to be in each and every scene and remembering his lines. He further went on to tell Big Brother that he woke up better than he did yesterday.

Later in the day Meryl and Jen, who seem to be getting closer by the day, sat face to face on the lawn and Meryl broke down, revealing how she witnessed her father beating her mother. She mentioned how young she was at the time and had never told anyone or dealt with the issue till she opened up to Jen today.
Meryl mentioned how she hoped her daughter would not be affected by this, referring to her not having dealt with the effects it had on her growing up. Jen was supportive and also shared how her mother also went through physical abuse at the hands of her father. Jen mentioned how she could not tell her a lot of what had happened but would do so once they were both outside the house.

Meryl started crying and was comforted by Jen who said it was something that had happened in the past and her daughter would definitely not be affected by it. “Your father is not her dad,” Jen said. Meryl then told Jen how she feels she can always talk to Jen as opposed to other people in the house. “I cannot even talk to Mwisho like this,” she said. A little later though, Meryl fell into Mwisho’s arms and they hugged for a long time without saying a word to each other. Mwisho kissed her and told her everything would be fine.