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Mexican model-turned politician promises free breast enlargements if she wins election



Boobs for ballots is a thing!

OnlyFans model Rocio Pino, does solemnly swear to foot a round of free boob jobs if she’s elected to her dream job in Mexican parliament.

“[My] election promise is to guarantee free breast augmentation for all women,” Pino, 33, told the DailyStar.

As a candidate of the Progressive Social Networks party, she’s giving it her breast shot in a run for office in Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies.

And once appointed, Pino says she’ll give female cancer survivors first dibs on the gratis surgeries.

“Women who have undergone mastectomy [will be] given priority,” vowed the pregnant sex worker-turned-Mexican parliament hopeful.

Pino  better known as “la Grosera” or “the rude lady” on social media has built her run for Congress on the chest-pumping campaign: “t—s for every woman.”

Hooters-centric slogans like, “With me, your vote counts for two” and, “Because a woman with t—s is an empowered woman,” have given her a leg up on her political rivals online.

As a verified OnlyFans content creator, Pino charges her nearly 60,000 subscribers $144 a year for privileged peeks at her mountainous maracas and her bouncy bongo.

But on the campaign trail, she’s stripped naked, showing off her top and tail free of charge, in hopes of currying favors from her eye-bulging constituents.

The busty bombshell was initially drawn to the world of politics after volunteering in the relief efforts after the Chiapas earthquake of 2017, per her website.

Now as a politician, Pino wants to teach school-aged girls the signs of child abuse, sanction dead-beat dads and enforce laws that protect women from cybercrime.

When asked about her campaign pledges on Twitter Monday, the tattooed and nude mom-to-be doubled down on her vow to bless the chests.

“We are going to put Chichis on women,” Pino promised.

SOURCE: New York Post



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