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Mr Eazi still owes me money but I don’t like him so I won’t reach out to him- Pappy Kojo



Italy-based Ghanaian rapper, Pappy Kojo has shared more details on his recent attacks on Mr Eazi on social media.

Over the last couple of weeks, the “Koobi” rapper has made several Twitter posts indicating that Mr Eazi owes him money for his work on “Akwaaba Remix”.

The hit song “Akwaaba,” which belongs to Guilty Beatz, features vocals from Mr Eazi and Pappy Kojo.

Although the song has been out since 2020, Pappy Kojo states that he wasn’t given credit as one of the writers of the song. He has also not been given any compensation.


In a recent exclusive interview with Ameyaw TV, Pappy Kojo explains although he has taken to Twitter to express his grievances, he is not willing to reach out to Mr Eazi because he does “not like him.”

“Mr Eazi owes me money from music, Akwaaba Remix, he used my vocals on it and didn’t give me any credit. I realised that later and reached out to Guilty Beatz because the song belonged to him but I was told Mr Eazi handles those things but I don’t like him so I’m not going to reach out to him,” he explained.

Pappy Kojo also shared that emPawa, Mr Eazi’s company, has reached out to him but he’s not happy with what they’re proposing.


“Not very well, I’m not happy. What they’re proposing to me, I’m not happy about it. I’m talking to a lawyer and if there are other lawyers out there who are interested in this matter, I would love for us to work because it’s about time they start respecting us,” he stated.

Watch full interview below;

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