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MTN Pulse Exposes Over 3000 Young Entrepreneurs To Business Finance Management To ‘Scale Up’



In partnership with Ahaspora Professionals Network, MTN Pulse Ghana hosted over 3000 young entrepreneurs at the fourth edition of ‘MTN Pulse Just Be Series’.

The event-themed, Profit Investment, Ramping up Profit & Looking for Business Financing, targeted young entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 – 30 years. The conversations among young entrepreneurs at the event highlighted key insights on expanding and sustaining a successful business in Ghana.

Caleb Kudah, Broadcast Journalist for Citi FM/TV was the moderator for the event. He brought his skills of blending humour and assertiveness to the discussions with three amazing entrepreneurs; Chara Esinam Allotey, CEO of The Mobile Bar; Teni Agana, Managing Director, Loozeele Initiative; and Bernard Kwadwo Amoafo popularly known as Kwadwo Sheldon, a Ghanaian Content Creator & Youtuber.

MTN Pulse Exposes Over 3000 Young Entrepreneurs To Business Finance Management To ‘Scale Up’

MTN Pulse Exposes Over 3000 Young Entrepreneurs To Business Finance Management To ‘Scale Up’

Chara Allotey, CEO of The Mobile Bar, started by describing how she followed her passion to make wealth out of it. In her delivery to the audience, she highlighted that she self-funded her business by saving money while still working a 9-5 job. It was during the same time she developed her business plan and got the support network to launch ‘The Mobile Bar’. Chara also mentioned the need to maximise the little resources you have to promote your brand.

Kwadwo Sheldon, YouTuber and Content Creator, also a panelist on the series created employment for himself by venturing into content creation. When asked how he started his business, Kwadwo said he created content using his phone. By doing this, he could earn up to USD$2,000 a month with 100K subscribers on Youtube. The success of his brand came through various experiments to discover what works, which also enhanced the quality of his content. In a nutshell, Kwadwo’s story is intriguing considering that he created wealth out of what we ‘waste’ time doing on social media.


The last panelist Teni Agana, Co-founder and Managing Director of Lozelee Initiative added to the discussion by emphasizing the need to solve problems from the roots. Entrepreneurship is problem-solving. She added that social capital is vital in creating a long-lasting brand. Moreover, while answering a question from the audience, Teni highlighted the need to invest in crafting winning proposals to increase the chance of securing financing for one’s business.

Caleb Kudah was very instrumental in adding richness to the discussion. One of the questions he answered was how one can stay relevant in this fast-paced world. He said one should “reinvent themselves, stay updated on current trends and have an ever-learning attitude.” His career path and achievements testify to this statement.

The fourth edition of MTN Pulse ‘Just Be Series reached 50 people in person and over 3000 viewers virtually. The hybrid event was streamed live on MTN Ghana and Ahaspora’s Facebook and Youtube channels. Post-event snippets are available on the Pulse section on myMTN App.

As a follow-up to the event, Ahaspora is organizing three virtual incubator sessions to provide participants with in-depth resources and tools that will help them thrive in entrepreneurship.


The MTN Pulse ‘Just Be’ series is an empowerment program targeted at young Ghanaian entrepreneurs, and it is part of MTN Ghana’s initiative to empower and groom the youth to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and business skills. The series aims to adequately prepare young Professionals and Entrepreneurs to learn from the discussions and post-session incubator program.

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