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My Controversies cost me a lot of deals- Shatta Wale reveals



Ghanaian Dancehall musician, Shatta Wale has revealed that his controversial nature has made him  miss out on a lot of opportunities.

According to the “On God” hitmaker, his reputation has suffered in the last couple of years, and his collaboration with Beyoncè ‘saved’ him from the hands of gatekeepers in the music industry who were fighting tirelessly against his success.

Speaking to Sammy Flex, the ‘Cash Out’ singer attests that but for the Beyoncè collaboration, his reputation would have sucked even deeper.


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“I’ve met companies that have told me, ‘Oh we wanted to sign you, but you had this problem and your media people said this and that so they said we should forget it,” he stated.

Shatta Wale states that even though these organisations think they were hurting just him by not giving him opportunities, the hurt was spread out to all the others who would have benefitted from the deals had he secured them.

“I keep telling people that don’t think you’re hurting me, but you are hurting all of us. When I make money, I bring it to the table, and we all enjoy it,” he said.


Shatta Wale added that it was about time pundits and the media stopped criticising him negatively and focus on the good.

“So, I think those things (uncontrolled negative criticism) have to stop,” he added.

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