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Neymar rape accuser charged with extortion in Brazil



Neymar Jr

Police in Sao Paulo on Tuesday, September 10, announced that they will bring extortion and slander charges against a Brazilian model who accused football star Neymar of rape.

Months ago, Brazilian Model Najila Trindade alleged that the Paris Saint Germain forward raped her in a hotel in Paris, France.

The lady who met Neymar on Instagram said he flew her from Brazil to France and made a reservation for her at the Hotel Sofitel Paris Arc Du Triomphe, where he allegedly raped her.

Brazil football star Neymar gives statement to police amid rape allegation

Last month, a judge dismissed the case, citing insufficient evidence.


Sao Paulo prosecutors said in a statement that investigators had found “indications of slanderous denunciation and extortion” in the woman’s accusation. The indicted both the model and her former partner Estivens Alves over claims the pair planned to defraud Neymar.


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Horror Film “Ratchet” Starring Rodney Perry and Shannon Brown Begins Production in Atlanta



Screenshot 2024 03 04 at 18.01.46

Green Company Pictures and The Green Brothers, renowned creators of the award-winning comedy series “The Urbans”, have started production on their feature slasher film ‘Ratchet’ in Atlanta, Georgia. The cast includes comedian Rodney Perry – (Madea’s Big Happy Family, Johnson Family Vacation, Coming 2 America), newcomer Cymia Telleria, Shannon Brown – (Think Like A Man, Vanguard, Monica: Love All Over Me), Monique Andress, Bo ‘Micadelic’ Mack, Ricquan Morris, and Koliano T. Jonez. Special effects makeup artist Midian Crosby – whose credits include The Walking Dead, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Stranger Things has signed on to the project which is slated for a theatrical release on October 11, 2024.

“We’re looking forward to everyone seeing this hip film full of guts and gore. The killer is gonna be like no other that you’ve seen. It’s going to be a bloody mess. Ratchet people beware.”-The Green Bros

“Ratchet” centers around a deranged psycho whose “love interest” is suspiciously murdered by a degenerate on Halloween… resulting in a hip, urban city being terrorized by a brutal, vengeful killer who targets anyone sharing the suspect’s characteristics, ratchet people beware.

About Green Company Pictures

Fresh off of the success of their 2023 comedy series “The Urbans” featuring Rodney Perry, Clifton Powell, Bern Nadette Stanis, and Donnell Rawlings, Green Company Pictures is raising the stakes with a new horror/slasher that is ramping up to be the most talked about release of 2024. With The Urbans having secured licensing deals with notable platforms such as BounceTV and FilmRise (also free on Tubi), the Green Bros. are planning an attack on the theatrical market with the release of “Ratchet” – a slick slasher thriller with a unique and entertaining premise. Follow @GreenCompanyPictures and @RatchetMovieOfficial.

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CircoLoco Announces 25th Anniversary Ibiza Season…Celebrating 25 Years as a Champion of the Global Underground



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Today, global party institution Circoloco has revealed the dates for its 25th anniversary Ibiza season, taking place April 29 – October 14 at DC-10.


Circoloco remains one of underground electronic music’s most important outfits. From its namesake party in Ibiza, spawned in 1999 as a Monday after-hours party, Circoloco has grown into a global music brand and veritable lifestyle, catalyzing cultural exchange with the most brilliant minds across art, fashion and entertainment. Its no-frills approach and forward-thinking lineups have perpetuated the underground spirit of its Balearic roots for 25 years.


Circoloco’s impact on culture far exceeds its four walls, with the world’s of fashion and celebrity colliding with dance culture. It’s where Ricardo Tisci first heard the Martinez Brothers before booking them to soundtrack Givenchy shows for years; where P Diddy fell in love with dance music before releasing his electronic record II II; Virgil Abloh was inspired to design a capsule collection for the brand; a place where household names and high society stars can lose themselves on its dancefloor. Circoloco’s dance floor has sparked collaborations with world renowned brands such as Off-White, Adidas, and most notably a partnership with Rockstar Games, which led to the founding of Circoloco Records, serving as a far-reaching fusion between the virtual and physical worlds of music and entertainment.


From its humble beginnings in the late-90s as a free Monday morning party at the infamous Ibiza venue DC-10, founder Antonio Carbonaro has overseen the exponential rise and expansion of Circoloco into fashion, design and recording, and ultimately one of the most influential and iconic brands in club culture.


Individual lineups for the 2024 season will be announced in the coming months, but in true Circoloco fashion revelers can expect the unexpected. Past seasons have consistently seen the avant-garde join forces with Ibiza favorites seeing acts that rarely play on the island like Shygirl, Actress, and Romy share the stage with artists whom credit Circoloco as springboards for their career like Seth Troxler, Rampa, Peggy Gou and many more.


With shows spanning decades taking place in New York, Miami, London, Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, Rio de Janeiro, and Phuket to name a few, revellers on the White Isle this summer can expect Circoloco’s customary blend of unity, inclusivity, cutting edge sound, and exceptional curation.


Tickets on sale HERE.
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EXCLUSIVE: Producer alleges in new complaint that Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs was involved in shooting at recording studio




A music producer who is suing Sean “Diddy” Combs is doubling down on allegations that Combs and his son were involved in a shooting that happened at an L.A. recording studio in 2022, as well as allegations of harassment.

Combs was sued Feb. 26 by Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, a producer on his most recent album, who alleged Combs sexually harassed, drugged and threatened him while he traveled and lived with Combs from September 2022 to November 2023.

Producer accuses Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs of sexual harassment and assault
In the initial complaint, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, Jones also detailed a shooting at a “writers and producers camp” held at Chalice Recording Studio in Los Angeles on Sept. 12, 2022. In addition to Jones, he said Combs; Combs’ son, Justin; and Justin’s friend, identified as “G,” were there.
The details provided in that complaint, and an amended complaint filed Monday, however, differ from information about the shooting provided by the Los Angeles Police Department and Combs’ attorney, Shawn Holley.
The suit also alleges that Combs is part of a “RICO enterprise” and that he and others are involved in a “sex trafficking venture.” A RICO enterprise is when individuals or groups act together to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, which is meant to target organized crime. The complaint is the latest legal trouble for Combs, who has been hit with a number of recent lawsuits, including multiple allegations of sexual assault.
The original complaint includes Jones’ account that he heard multiple gunshots after a “heated conversation” in a nearby bathroom. When the bathroom door opened, Combs and his son walked out and Jones found G “lying on the restroom floor in a fetal position, holding his stomach and bleeding out of his leg/hip area,” the lawsuit said.
Jones said he brought the victim to the front of the studio, where an ambulance was waiting. The Los Angeles Fire Department has not responded to a request last week for more information about the shooting.
Jones alleged in the suit that Combs instructed him to tell police Combs had nothing to do with the shooting and that it occurred outside of the studio by a drive-by assailant. Jones maintained that G was not shot outside of Chalice.
Chalice Recording Studio did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday. It also did not respond to a previous request for comment last week.
The amended filing includes a message allegedly sent by Chalice to an unnamed person stating: “The shooting occurred a half a block away from Chalice and it was a result of a robbery. There are police reports corroborating this. Please wait for facts to come out before you start contributing to the defamation of our organization.”
The amended complaint also states, citing a media report, that Holley claimed the shooting happened several blocks away and that G went to the studio after he was shot.
But Jones’ original suit claims the LAPD was inside Chalice and “witnessed the blood in the restroom,” but still “went with the bogus claim” that the shooting took place outside of the studio.
Truck driver pulled to safety after crash leaves vehicle dangling over bridge across Ohio River
Included in the original filing are screenshots purportedly showing “the aftermath of the restroom where G was shot by either Mr. Combs or J. Combs.” NBC News has not been able to identify the red liquid depicted in the screenshots. Jones also claimed he has the clothing he wore the day of the shooting, which he says may have the DNA of the shooting victim.
The amended filing also includes a photo of Combs purportedly at the studio on the night in question. The filing states Combs and his son were not at the studio when the police arrived and alleges that Combs and his son “hid out” in another studio while police investigated and were the first to leave after officers departed.
Capt. Kelly Muniz said Saturday the LAPD would not comment on the pending civil suit or any of the specific allegations.
Attorneys and representatives for both Sean and Justin Combs did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday about the allegations in the amended complaint.
Representatives for Justin Combs on Feb. 27 denied the allegations filed in the original complaint, which they called “absurd” and “lies,” and said there would be “legal consequences for ALL defamatory statements made about the Combs family.”
Los Angeles police have said officers responded to a call of a possible shooting early on Sept. 12, 2022, on the 800 block of N. Highland Avenue — the same block as Chalice.
Police said the victim told them two people approached him while he was next to his vehicle, which was parked on the street, demanded his property and shot him in the torso after a struggle.
Two months later, police arrested three people and alleged they were responsible for a series of robberies throughout the city and possibly others. A police spokesman told NBC News that included the Sept. 12 shooting.
On Tuesday, Holley told NBC News that Los Angeles police confirmed the shooting did not happen at or near the studio, that Combs was not a suspect and that people involved are being prosecuted.
The LAPD did not specifically respond to the initial allegations detailed in the original complaint, but a source familiar with the investigation told NBC News that Combs was not involved in the investigation. NBC News has not confirmed whether Combs was interviewed.
In the original complaint, Jones alleged that Combs called Jones in August 2022 to request that Jones produce several songs on the R&B album “The Love Album: Off the Grid,” which was released in September 2023 and was nominated for a Grammy.
Jones alleged in the original complaint that over the course of their time living and working together, Combs sexually harassed and assaulted Jones multiple times. He said he was also forced to solicit sex workers and perform sex acts with them to please Combs.
In one alleged instance Jones said took place in February of last year, he said he woke up naked, dizzy and confused in bed with Combs and two sex workers, and that he believes Combs drugged him.
In the original complaint, Jones said he has hundreds of hours of video and audio to support his allegations of sexual harassment because Combs often required Jones to “record him constantly.” The video and audio of Combs, his staff and his guests allegedly shows them “engaging in serious illegal activity,” the suit said.
Holley, an attorney for Combs, on Feb. 26 called Jones’ allegations in the original filing “complete lies,” adding: “We will address these outlandish allegations in court and take all appropriate action against those who make them.”
In the suit filed Feb. 26, Jones described Combs as “forceful and demanding” and someone who does not take no for an answer. Jones alleged that Combs, being one of the most influential people in the music industry, leveraged his power to intimidate Jones, including by making threats that he would cause bodily harm to Jones if he did not comply with Combs’ demands.
“Mr. Combs consistently made it clear that he has immense power in the music industry and with law enforcement,” the lawsuit said.
In the amended complaint, Jones alleged that he learned last week that a private investigator, who he claims is linked to Combs, sought out, harassed and bribed a close friend “to provide dirt” on Jones.
Jones claimed the investigator attempted to bribe the friend to produce evidence to “paint Mr. Jones in a bad light.” The filing alleges Jones’ friend is now afraid for their safety and that of their family following the alleged communication.
Representatives for Combs did not immediately respond to a request for comment Monday about the private investigator allegation.
Jones also alleged in the Feb. 26  filing that he was not paid for his work on “The Love Album: Off the Grid,” despite being “under an implied work-for-hire agreement.” The lawsuit says Combs, Love Records, Motown Records and Universal Music Group benefited from his work, but that he was not compensated. Love Records, Motown Records and Universal Music Group did not respond to a previous request for comment.
In the amended complaint filed Monday, Jones said when he was recruited to work on “The Love Album,” he told the recruiter he wanted $20,000 per song, 4 royalty points, credit as a producer, credit for each instrument played on the songs, and the retention of his publishing rights.
Jones said he and the recruiter orally agreed to the terms. Combs guaranteed the terms were “accepted.” Because of this, Jones signed on to the project, the complaint states.
The amended complaint alleges Jones suffered losses including $220,000, 4 royalty points and producer credits for nine songs. He is seeking $30 million.
“Filing a lawsuit should never be the first option in a dispute. We can have an honest discussion to resolve the issues as I suggested, or we can follow the same plan Shawn Holley used that got her clients Danny Masterson and Tory Lanez convicted. Makes one wonder who is really managing this situation for Mr. Combs,” Jones’ attorney, Tyrone Blackburn, said Monday.
In a response to a request for comment on Feb. 26, Blackburn used a Latin phrase, “res ipsa loquitur,” which loosely translates as “the thing speaks for itself,” referring to the lawsuit.
In addition to Jones’ suit, four women filed separate lawsuits against Combs late last year, all accusing him of sexual assault.
The first was filed by singer Cassie, whose legal name is Casandra Ventura. In it, she said Combs physically abused her and forced her to have sex with male prostitutes while he masturbated and recorded it. The suit was settled the day after it was filed, but the settlement was “in no way an admission of wrongdoing,” an attorney for Combs said at the time.
Following Cassie’s lawsuit, two other women — Liza Gardner and Joie Dickerson-Neal — filed lawsuits against Combs alleging he sexually assaulted them.
Then, a woman identified only as Jane Doe in court documents, filed another lawsuit, alleging Combs and two other men gang-raped her when she was 17 and Combs was 34.
Those three cases against Combs are still pending. In Doe’s case, the court ruled Thursday she cannot remain anonymous if the case proceeds.
In a statement in December, Combs denied the allegations against him, saying “enough is enough,” and called the claims against him “sickening.”
“Let me be absolutely clear: I did not do any of the awful things being alleged. I will fight for my name, my family and for the truth,” he said in the statement at the time.
Diana Dasrath and Andrew Blankstein reported from Los Angeles, and Rebecca Cohen from New York City.
An amended complaint filed Monday adds new allegations to a lawsuit filed last week by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, who alleges Combs sexually harassed and threatened him. Combs’ lawyer has denied the initial allegations. story by Diana Dasrath, Andrew Blankstein and Rebecca Cohen
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SXSW Announces Opening Day Keynote Panel including Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, Katie Couric, Errin Haines, Brooke Shields, and Nancy Wang Yuen



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South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference and Festivals has announced the addition of  a final keynote panel for the 38th edition of its annual Conference, which celebrates the convergence of technology, film, television, and music. SXSW takes place March 8-16, 2024 in Austin, Texas.

The Keynote announced today, entitled Breaking Barriers, Shaping Narratives: How Women Lead On and Off the Screen, includes feminist and champion of human rights and gender equity, New York Times bestselling author, and co-founder of The Archewell Foundation and Archewell Productions Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex; Emmy Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Katie Couric; two-time Golden Globe Award-nominated actress, model, entrepreneur, and New York Times bestselling author Brooke Shields; and author, sociologist, pop culture expert, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant at Peoplism Nancy Wang Yuen. The Keynote Session will be moderated by host of The Amendment podcast and founding Mother and Editor-at-Large for The 19th News Errin Haines.

”Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, Katie Couric, Brooke Shields, Nancy Wang Yuen, and Errin Haines are the perfect finishing touch to eight days of remarkable Keynote Speakers,” said Hugh Forrest, Co-President and Chief Programming Officer. “We are so honored to host this distinguished group on International Women’s Day for a significant discussion on the importance of representation in media and entertainment.”

Newly-announced SXSW 2024 Keynote:

Breaking Barriers, Shaping Narratives: How Women Lead On and Off the Screen: Women’s representation in media and entertainment has come a long way, but there’s still much to be done, especially for women of color and mothers. Social media’s omnipresence has raised the stakes, creating an often dangerous environment which has led to serious mental health issues for teenage girls in particular. On International Women’s Day, we’ll hear from feminist and champion of human rights and gender equity, New York Times bestselling author, and co-founder of the Archwell Foundation and Archwell Productions Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, Emmy Award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author Katie Couric, host of The Amendmentpodcast and founding Mother and Editor-at-Large for The 19th News Errin Haines, two-time Golden Globe Award-nominated actress, model, entrepreneur, and New York Times bestselling author Brooke Shields, and author, sociologist, pop culture expert, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant at Peoplism Nancy Wang Yuen, all of whom are visionary female leaders at the forefront of news, media, entertainment, and philanthropy who are breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and working toward a healthier society on and off our screens.


SXSW’s previously announced Keynote Speakers include President, CEO, and Chair of AMD Lisa Su in conversation with futurist, TV news commentator, Board Director and Senior Fellow at the Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University, and host of The Moment with Ryan Patel Ryan Patel, Academy Award-winning writers and directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carneyof the six-time Grammy Award-winning band The Black Keys, five-time Olympic gold medalist, four-time FIBA Basketball World Cup gold medalist, four-time WNBA champion, two-time NCAA champion, 13-time WNBA All-Star, co-founder of A Touch More, and co-founder of TOGETHXR Sue Bird and co-founder and Chief Content Officer of TOGETHXR Jessica Robertson, author of national bestseller Unmasking AI: My Mission to Protect What is Human in a World of Machines and founder of the Algorithmic Justice League Dr. Joy Buolamwini, CEO of Block Party and co-founder of Project Include Tracy Chou and Head of Product Design at Block Party Deonne Castaneda, and co-founder and CEO of Patreon Jack Conte.

The SXSW Conference is organized into 24 programming tracks presented in a variety of session formats. Tracks for 2024 include 2050, Advertising & Brand Experience, Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, Creating Film & TV, Creator Economy, Culture, Design, Energy, Fashion & Beauty, Film & TV Industry, Food, Game Industry, Government & Civic Engagement, Health & MedTech, Music & Tech, Music Careers, Psychedelics, Sports, Startups, Tech Industry, Transportation, Workplace, and XR. More information about SXSW programming tracks and formats can be found here.

SXSW dedicates itself to helping creative people achieve their goals. Founded in 1987 in Austin, Texas, SXSW is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of tech, film and television, music, education, and culture. An essential destination for global professionals, the annual March event features sessions, music, and comedy showcases, film and television screenings, exhibitions, professional development, and a variety of networking opportunities. SXSW proves that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together. SXSW 2024 will take place March 8–16 in Austin. Learn more at To register for the event, please visit

SXSW 2024 is sponsored by Porsche, C4 Energy, Delta, Itau, Army, and The Austin Chronicle.

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Ghanaian-British singer, RAYE Makes History at BRIT Awards



Ghanian-British singer, RAYE Makes History at BRIT Awards

Last night, at the BRIT Awards, global sensation RAYE has made history by clinching an unprecedented 6 awards – the record for the most wins in a single year – marking a groundbreaking achievement for the independent singer-songwriter at Britain’s biggest night in music.

In addition to becoming the first female to ever win Songwriter of the Year, she also took home accolades for Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year (“Escapism.”), Best New Artist, and Best R&B Act. RAYE gave a career-defining performance at the ceremony, performing a medley of songs off her critically acclaimed debut album, My 21st Century Blues, including hits “Escapism.” and “Ice Cream Man.” Next, RAYE is set to make her first appearance at Coachella on April 13th and 20th.

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Taking the title of the most nominated artist in a single BRITs year, RAYE led the charge tonight with a record-breaking 7 nominations in total – a first by any artist since The BRITs began in 1977, eclipsing the record to date of six held by Gorillaz (2002), Craig David (2001) and Robbie Williams (1999). Her 6 award wins tonight places RAYE at the top of the BRITs leaderboard for having the most wins in one night, making BRIT Awards history by beating the previous record of four, held by Harry Styles (2023), Adele (2016) and Blur (1995).


RAYE said she was “so honored and blown away” to be receiving her first BRIT Award as Songwriter of the Year. “I will treasure this trophy very much,” the London-born musician added. “I am so grateful to be recognized as a songwriter as this is a craft I am so passionate about and have been since I started my journey as a musician, and I’m very grateful to those who voted for me to have this award.”

thumbnail? 6o7ko%2Fhqdefault
About RAYE

British singer-songwriter RAYE shines as one of the brightest stars in music today, boasting eight Top 20 UK singles, 5 Billion global Spotify streams, an Ivor Novello Award, and a track record of writing for the industry’s biggest names. Since her debut in 2014, RAYE has undergone a remarkable journey to stardom. Nominated for a record-breaking seven 2024 BRIT Awards – the most of any artist in one year – her long-awaited independent debut album My 21st Century Blues made an immediate impact. As a welcome result of her self-fulfilling work, RAYE unknowingly created the song that became synonymous with 2023.

The global smash “Escapism.” not only became the largest selling single by a female British artist in 2023, but it also earned RAYE her first UK #1 and entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the US where it’s since been certified Platinum. Following support tours with Lewis Capaldi, Kali Uchis, and SZA, RAYE performed 130 headline shows including a rousing set at Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage. Her career-defining turn at Royal Albert Hall – accompanied by a 50-person orchestra and gospel choir – received a televised BBC special for the ages with critics heralding RAYE as “the most talented artist since Adele and Amy Winehouse” (The Telegraph). This year, she gears up to perform her “My 21st Century Symphony” to a sold-out crowd of 20,000 at The O2 Arena prior to making her debut at Coachella.

In the last year, she has graced the cover of magazines such as GQ, Cosmopolitan, Wonderland, Bricks, Euphoria, Time Out and DIY and been featured in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Billboard, Pitchfork, V Magazine, NPR Music, People, Vulture, and many more. Globally, RAYE’s season of high profile television performances this year include The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Good Morning America, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Later… with Jools Holland, and The Graham Norton Show, in addition to a career-defining appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk concert series. RAYE has also been featured in Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS Shapewear collection campaign(alongside PinkPantheress, Ice Spice, and Nessa Barrett) and can currently be seen in H&M’s global Move campaign seen in 76 territories worldwide.

RAYE was born  in Tooting, London, to a Ghanaian-Swiss mother who is a mental health worker and an English father, originally from Yorkshire. Raye’s middle name ‘Agatha’ is also the name of her grandmother. As a child, she sang gospel songs in a church where her father was the musical director and her mother sang in the choir. Stay tuned for more to come from the 2024 iHeartRadio Music Award nominee, including her debut at Coachella on April 13 and 20, 2024.

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Emirates to restart daily Phnom Penh services via Singapore



gettyimages 154906270

 Emirates will bring back its daily Phnom Penh service starting from 1 May via Singapore, boosting the airline’s Southeast Asian connectivity to/from Dubai, and linking two trade and leisure centres in the region.    

Adnan Kazim, Emirates’ Deputy President, and Chief Commercial Officer commented: “The resumption of our Phnom Penh services demonstrates our commitment to strengthening our Southeast Asian network, as we continue to create more opportunities for travellers to explore diverse and culturally rich destinations, and help businesses and exporters of all sizes establish stronger trade connections.

We thank the Cambodian and Singaporean authorities for their support in establishing this new route. We look forward to re-introducing our customers to yet another vibrant destination on our network as they explore the world.” 

The service will be operated with a three-class Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Emirates’ flight EK348 will depart Dubai at 0230hrs and arrive in Singapore at 1405hrs. The flight will then depart Singapore at 1535hrs arriving in Phnom Penh at 1635hrs. Emirates’ return flight EK349 will leave Phnom Penh at 2050hrs and arrives in Singapore at 2350hrs. The flight will then depart Singapore at 0140hrs the next day arriving in Dubai at 0455hrs. All times are local.

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Phnom Penh’s linked schedule with Singapore is conveniently timed, providing optimal connecting opportunities to and from multiple cities in France, UK, Germany, Switzerland and the United States. Through this additional connection, Emirates will serve Singapore with four daily flights starting from 1 May.

Emirates SkyCargo will also offer cargo bellyhold capacity on the Boeing 777-300ER of more than 300 tonnes per week in and out of Phnom Penh. Main commodities exported from Phnom Penh include textiles, pharmaceuticals, and other high-value commodities.

The new Emirates services will offer 8 First Class private suites, 42 lie flat seats in Business Class and 310 spacious seats in Economy Class. Travellers will also be able to enjoy the airline’s award-winning service and industry-leading products across all classes, with regionally-inspired dishes and complimentary beverages and the airline’s ice inflight entertainment system which offers up to 6,500 channels of on-demand entertainment in over 40 languages, including movies, TV shows, and an extensive musical library along with games, audiobooks and podcasts.

Tickets can be booked online through or with both online and offline travel agents. 

A significant Southeast Asian hub


Located in Cambodia’s south-central region, Phnom Penh is the nation’s economic, industrial, as well as cultural centre and has seen rapid growth in its infrastructure and economy over the decades. This makes Phnom Penh one of the most popular Southeast Asian hubs for tourism and trade, with significant appeal to travellers from Europe and the Americas. The city is currently building a new international airport with plans to start operations in 2025, replacing the current Phnom Penh International Airport and improving Cambodia’s connectivity with the world.

Phnom Penh is widely known for its heritage sites and tourist attractions including the Royal Palace with the Silver Pagoda, and the National Museum. Through its daily services to Phnom Penh as well the unilateral agreement with Cambodia Air, Emirates will also facilitate convenient travel to the world-famous Angkor Wat temple complex near Siem Reap.

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