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From Nigeria to Angola! Mariah Carey apologizes for performing for Angolan President Dos Santos



photo 1472786_788878727793404_972960053_n_zps8adee563.jpg Mariah Carey has being doing a lot of big gigs in Africa of late, after the media took her on for her performance at Acess Bank’s private end of year party in Nigeria, Maria is under fire–again–for performing for a country’s leader who is known to anger human rights groups and is often called a dictator. photo 996745_788878601126750_1597385711_n_zpsd2f8c916.jpg A few days ago, Mariah headed to Africa to do performances in Nigeria and Angola.  But it was her performance for the Angolan President Josè Eduardo Dos Santos last Sunday that has pissed off several human rights groups. The Human Rights Foundation claims Dos Santos has murdered many and exploited the country’s resources to his own gain.  And he reportedly used country resources to pay Mariah $1 million to perform a two-hour concert at an event for the Angolan Red Cross. Mariah was pictured smiling it up with the President and his family in pics posted by a publication’s Facebook page. After MiMi performed for Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi five years ago, she caught hell then as well and later apologized saying she was embarrassed to be “caught up in that mess”. photo 1524992_788876544460289_19492593_n_zps3420e221.jpg photo 1504060_788877191126891_685588974_n_zpsc50be78d.jpg photo 1471378_788878691126741_400874568_n_zps3a58c152.jpg photo 1525187_788879007793376_2032947796_n_zpsf70de4f0.jpg Maybe her heart was in the right place, but human rights groups aren’t feeling any part of this “heart” or all that cash.  Especially since she has yet to comment.   Photos: Platina Line’s FB


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