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Nollywood Actress Moyo Lawal Plans Legal Action Over Leaked Sex Tape



Nigerian actress Moyo Lawal has recently found herself at the center of controversy due to a leaked sex tape. The actress addressed this issue in an official statement posted on her Instagram account, expressing her outrage and determination to seek legal action.

In her statement, Moyo Lawal clarified that the explicit video in question was recorded with her ex-fiancé and was never intended for public consumption. She emphasized that its unauthorized distribution represents a gross violation of her privacy and trust. Moyo Lawal’s strong stance against this breach of her personal boundaries is evident as she vows to take legal action to address the matter.

The actress also revealed her commitment to maintaining a strict approach to her sexuality throughout her life. She mentioned that she had practiced celibacy for a few years, avoided dating frequently, and often chose solitude. Despite the unfortunate incident of her private video being leaked, she asserted her determination not to let it break her spirit.


See her statement below.

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