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Perez Musik releases soul-inspiring “Breakthrough” album



In a world where music is the universal language of the soul, one artiste has risen to become a beacon of inspiration and hope.

Renowned gospel musician, and the reigning Vocalist and Songwriter of the Year 2023, has set hearts on fire with his fourth studio album, aptly titled “Breakthrough.”

“Breakthrough” is a 13-track masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of gospel music.

The album features some of his greatest hits, including the soul-stirring “Blema Tesaa” and the uplifting “Hewale Lala.”


These songs have already touched countless lives, and now, they take their rightful place alongside new gems that will undoubtedly become classics in their own right.

What makes “Breakthrough” truly special are the collaborations that breathe life into each note. In a remarkable fusion of talent, M.O.G Music joins forces with the artist in the track “The Light,” illuminating the listener’s path with the divine.

Another standout moment is the heartwarming “Aseda (Thanksgiving),” featuring the enchanting vocals of Efe Grace, where gratitude flows freely like a river.

“Breakthrough” is not just an album; it’s a spiritual journey. Songs like “Noko Noko B3 (Nothing Impossible),” “Worship Anyway,” and “That’s Who You Are” are not just melodies but testimonies of faith, resilience, and unwavering devotion.


This album is a testament to the artiste’s unwavering dedication to uplifting souls, and it promises to be a source of strength and inspiration for all who listen.

Stream the album below

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