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Photos: Kanye West takes Coachella to church…. and his $50 ‘Church Socks’ and $225 Sweatshirt



Kanye West brought his “Sunday Service” to Coachella on the morning of Easter Sunday. Sadly after my heavy doze intake of my first Coachella experience on Saturday, and seeing Ye on the set of Kid Cudi, I didn’t have enough energy left in me to wake up early for his Sunday Service.

Many musicians, singers and dancers performed a set of spiritual songs, covers and songs by the rapper himself — including a new one called “Water” — for an audience of thousands from a hilltop on the festival grounds. While he rapped briefly on a couple of songs, West was generally the ringleader of the service.

To reach the site, Coachella attendees walked some distance from the festival’s parking section to a cordoned-off area of the campground. Across the field, patrons could purchase food and beverages. But most Kanye fans were interested in the ‘merch’ on sale.

West offered two types of socks — one black pair that read “Jesus Walks” and another cream colored pair that simply said, “Church Socks.” For $70, fans could purchase a cotton tee that read “Trust God” across the front and “Sunday Service At The Mountain” in a circular shape (like how the service was performed) across the back. There was also a $165 ivory crewneck that said “Holy Spirit,” a $225 distressed “Holy Spirit” sweatshirt and $195 sweatpants that said “Sunday Service” down the leg.

For the diehards who weren’t at Coachella and are dying to get their own church mech, West is offering all the pricey pieces — plus a few extras that didn’t appear to be for sale at the festival — available right now at his online shop.

Kanye West takes Coachella to church.... and his  $50 'Church Socks' and $225 Sweatshirt
Kanye West takes Coachella to church…. and his $50 ‘Church Socks’ and $225 Sweatshirt